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Volume 31, Supplement 1 - Structural Racism and Discrimination: Impact on Minority Health and Health Disparities




Now is the Time to Incorporate the Construct of Structural Racism and Discrimination into Health Research
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):283-284;doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.283

Jennifer Alvidrez, Derrick C. Tabor

Racial Discrimination; Health Status Disparities; Minority Health

Structural Racism: A Call to Action for Health and Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):285-288; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.285

Naomi Priest, David R. Williams

Structural Racism; Health Disparities Research

Acknowledgment of the Legacy of Racism and Discrimination
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):289-292;doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.289

Eliseo J. Perez-Stable, Monica Webb Hooper

Structural Racism; Discrimination

Structural Racism: The Rules and Relations of Inequity
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):293-300; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.293

Gilbert C. Gee, Margaret T. Hicken

Racism; Inequity; Race/Ethnicity; Disparity; Social Determinants

Looking Back to Leap Forward: A Framework for Operationalizing the Structural Racism Construct in Minority and Immigrant Health Research
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):301-310; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.301

Alexis C. Dennis, Esther O. Chung, Evans K. Lodge, Rae Anne Martinez, Rachel E. Wilbur

Structural Racism; Structural Discrimination; Operationalization; Racial/ Ethnic, Health

Anti-Black Structural Racism Goes Online: A Conceptual Model for Racial Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1):311-318; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.311

Vanessa V. Volpe, Lori S. Hoggard, Henry A. Willis, Brendesha M. Tynes

Online Racism; Cyberracism; Black Americans; Racial Health Disparities; Technology

Political Economies of Acute Childhood Illnesses: Measuring Structural Racism as Mesolevel Mortgage Market Risks
Ethn Dis.2021;31(Suppl1):319-332; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.319

Alyasah Ali Sewell

Child Health; Neighborhood Effects; Racism; Health Disparities; Human Development; Chicago; Urban Health; Social Epidemiology

Spatial Variation in Very Preterm Birth to Hispanic Women Across the United States: The Role of Intensified Immigration Enforcement
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1): 333-344; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.333

Kaitlyn K. Stanhope, Shakira F. Suglia, Carol J.R. Hogue, Juan S. Leon, Dawn L. Comeau, Michael R. Kramer

Preterm birth; Immigration; Police; Spatial; Stress

Structural Racism and Immigrant Health: Exploring the Association Between Wage Theft, Mental Health, and Injury among Latino Day Laborers
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1): 345-356; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.345

Maria Eugenia Fernandez-Esquer, Lynn N. Ibekwe, Rosalia Guerrero-Luera, Yesmel A. King, Casey P. Durand, John S. Atkinson

Latino Immigrants; Day Laborers; Wage Theft; Injury; Structural Racism

Recommendations for Addressing Structural Racism in Implementation Science: A Call to the Field
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1): 357-364; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.357

Rachel C. Shelton, Prajakta Adsul, April Oh

Racism, Structural Racism, Health Equity, Health Disparities, Implementation Science

Rationale for the Design and Implementation of Interventions Addressing Institutional Racism at a Local Public Health Department
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1): 365-374; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.365

Ryan Duerme, Alan Dorsinville, Natasha McIntosh-Beckles, Stacey Wright-Woolcock

Racial Equity; Local Government; Critical Race Theory; Organizational Change; Racial Microaggression

Applying a Race(ism)-Conscious Adaptation of the CFIR Framework to Understand Implementation of a School-Based Equity-Oriented Intervention
Ethn Dis. 2021;31(Suppl 1): 375-388; doi:10.18865/ed.31.S1.375

Michele Allen, April Wilhelm, Luis Enrique Ortega, Shannon Pergament, Nicole Bates, Brooke Cunningham

School Connectedness; Implementation Science; Health Disparities


Volume 30, Supplement 2 - Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Older Adults into Research




Together We Make the Difference: National Strategy for Recruitment and Participation in Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Clinical Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):705-708; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.705

Cerise L Elliott

Recruitment; Alzheimer’s Research; Dementia Research; Study Participation

Perceived Impediments to Completed Brain Autopsies Among Diverse Older Adults Who Have Signed a Uniform Anatomical Gift Act for Brain Donation for Clinical Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):709-718; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.709

Crystal M. Glover, Raj C. Shah, David A. Bennett, Robert S. Wilson, Lisa L. Barnes

Older Adults; Health Equity; Brain Donation; Facilitators; Qualitative Focus Groups

Earning the Trust of African American Communities to Increase Representation in Dementia Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):719-734; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.719

Elena Portacolone, Nynikka R. Palmer, Peter Lichtenberg, Catherine M. Waters, Carl V. Hill, Sahru Keiser, Leah Vest, Marsha Maloof, Thi Tran, Paula Martinez, Javier Guerrero, Julene K. Johnson

Trust; Caregivers; Focus Groups; African Americans; Dementia; Aged

Evaluation of Recruitment of Older Adults of Color into a Community-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Wellness Pathway Program in Los Angeles County
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):735-744; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.735

Lia W. Marshall, Carmen A. Carrillo, Carmen E. Reyes, Carol Lee Thorpe, Laura Trejo, Catherine Sarkisian

Evidence-Based Practice; Chronic Disease; Aged; Senior Centers; Minority Health

Guidelines for Evaluating the Feasibility of Recruitment in Pilot Studies of Diverse Populations: An Overlooked but Important Component
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):745-754; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.745

Anita L. Stewart, Anna Maria Nápoles, Sorbarikor Piawah, Jasmine Santoyo-Olsson, Jeanne A. Teresi

Feasibility Studies; Pilot Projects; Minority Group; Health Disparities; Recruitment; Minority Recruitment

Building and Sustaining a Community Advisory Board of African American Older Adults as the Foundation for Volunteer Research Recruitment and Retention in Health Sciences.
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):755-764; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.755

Jamie Mitchell, Tam Perry, Vanessa Rorai, Joan Ilardo, Peter Lichtenberg, James Jackson

African American; Aging; Community-based Participatory Approach; Research Recruitment

Partnering with Middle Eastern/Arab American and Latino Immigrant Communities to Increase Participation in Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):765-774; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.765

Kristine J. Ajrouch, Irving E. Vega, Toni C. Antonucci, Wassim Tarraf, Noah J. Webster, Laura B. Zahodne

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia; Arab American; Communitybased Participatory Research: Health Disparities, Latino

Addressing Neurocognitive Disorders, Dementias, and Alzheimer’s Disease in Colonias of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: Establishing a Research Foundation Using Promotores
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2):775-780; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.775

Noe Garza, Marucela Uscamayta-Ayvar, Gladys E. Maestre

Community; Hispanic; Latinos; Dementia; Poverty; Promotores; Colonias

Lessons from my Elders on Recruitment and Retention into Health Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 2): 781-784; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S2.781

Nina T. Harawa

Older Adults; Racial Disparity; Black/African American; Ethics

Volume 30, Supplement 1 - Precision Medicine Approaches to Health Disparities Research




Preface: Precision Medicine Approaches to Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):129-134; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.129

Derek M. Griffith

Health Equity, Precision Medicine, Health Disparities, Precision Lifestyle Medicine

Foreword: NIMHD Transdisciplinary Collaborative Centers for Health Disparities Research Focused on Precision Medicine
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):135-136; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.135

Nishadi Rajapakse, Michael H. Sayre, Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable

Precision Medicine; Health Disparities; Health Equity;

Perspectives on Precision Health Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities and the Physicians That Serve Them
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):137-148; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.137

Lisa G. Rosas, Catherine Nasrallah, Van Ta Park, Jan J. Vasquez, Ysabel Duron, Owen Garrick, Riccesha Hattin, Mildred Cho, Sean P. David, JIll Evans, Rhonda McClinton-Brown, Christopher Martin

Precision Heath; Precision Medicine; Genetic Testing; Focus Groups; Health Disparities

Can Precision Medicine Actually Help People Like Me? African American and Hispanic Perspectives on the Benefits and Barriers of Precision Medicine
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):149-158; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.149

Vivian M. Yeh, Erin M. Bergner, Marino A. Bruce, Sunil Kripalani, Victoria B. Mitrani, Titilola A. Ogunsola, Consuelo H. Wilkins, Derek M. Griffith

Precision Medicine; Attitudes; Focus Group; African American; Hispanic

Why African Americans Say “No”: A Study of Pharmacogenomic Research Participation
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):159-166; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.159

Mohammed Nooruddin, Courtney Scherr, Paula Friedman, Ramesh Subrahmanyam, Jeff Banagan, Diana Moreno, Myurani Sathyanarayanan, Edith Nutescu, Tharani Jeyaram, Mary Harris, Honghong Zhang, Adriana Rodriguez, Mohammed Shaazuddin, Minoli Perera, Matthew Tuck

African Americans; Psychology; Pharmacogenomic Testing; Health Literacy; Health Knowledge; Health Attitudes; Health Practice/Ethnology; Research Participants

Participatory Genomic Testing Can Effectively Disseminate Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics Concepts within Federally Qualified Health Centers: A Feasibility Study
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):167-176; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.167

Amber Johnson, Stephen Broughton, Lisa Aponte-Soto, Karriem Watson, Carla Da Goia Pinto, Philip Empey, Steven Reis, Robert Winn, Mylynda Massart

Community-Based Participatory Research; Community Health Partnerships; Cardiovascular Disease; Pharmacogenomics; Genomics Research; Participatory Genomics Testing

Resiliency and Allostatic Load among Veterans at Risk for Adverse Prostate Cancer Outcomes
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):177-184; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.177

Chanita Hughes Halbert, Melanie Jefferson, Linda Ambrose, Susan Caulder, Stephen J. Savage

Resiliency; Sociodemographics; Allostatic Load; Male Veterans

Co-morbidities in a Retrospective Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patients
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):185-192; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.185

Melanie Jefferson, Richard R. Drake, Michael Lilly, Stephen J. Savage, Sarah Tucker Price, Chanita Hughes Halbert

Co-morbidities, Retrospective Cohort, Prostate Cancer

Toward Reducing Health Information Inequities in the Caribbean: Our Experience Building a Participatory Health Informatics Project
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):193-202; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.193

Karen Wang, Ian Hambleton, Erika Linnander, Luis Marenco, Saria Hassan, Mahima Kumara, Lyna E. Fredericks, Saida Harrigan, Trevor Hassell, II, Cynthia Brandt, Marcella Nunez-Smith

Community-Engaged Health Informatics; Caribbean; Precision Medicine, Data Sharing

Developing a “Tailor-Made” Precision Lifestyle Medicine Intervention for Weight Control among Middle-aged Latino Men
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):203-210; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.203

Derek M. Griffith, Emily C. Jaeger, Luis A. Valdez, Natasha Schaefer Solle, David O. Garcia, Leah R. Alexander

Latino; Men; Men’s Health; Precision Medicine; Obesity; Qualitative

A Protocol for the Study of Polymorphisms and Response to Metformin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Trinidad
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):211-216; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.211

Yuri Clement, Shamjeet Singh, Shastri Motilal, Rohan Maharaj, Marcella Nunez-Smith

Trinidad and Tobago; Metformin; ATM rs11212617; SLC22A1 rs594709; SLC47A1 rs2289669; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Machine Learning Methods for Precision Medicine Research Designed to Reduce Health Disparities: A Structured Tutorial
Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):217-228; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.217

Sanjay Basu, James H. Faghmous, Patrick Doupe

Machine Learning; Precision Medicine; Health Disparities; Gradient Boosting Machines; Random Forest; Deep Learning

Exploring Biologic Predictors of Response Disparities to Atypical Antipsychotics among Blacks: A Quasi-Systematic Review Ethn Dis. 2020;30(Suppl 1):229-240; doi:10.18865/ed.30.S1.229

Rebecca N. Jerome, Jill M. Pulley, Nila A. Sathe, Shanthi Krishnaswami, Alyssa B. Dickerson, Katherine J. Worley, Consuelo H. Wilkins

Atypical Antipsychotics; Schizophrenia; Blacks; Disparities; Pharmacogenetics


Volume 29, Supplement 3: Law, Genomic Medicine and Health Equity




How Can Law Support Development of Genomics and Precision Medicine to Advance Health Equity and Reduce Disparities?
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):623-628; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.623

Susan M. Wolf, Vence L. Bonham, Marino A. Bruce

Precision Medicine; Genomic Medicine; Health Disparities; Health Equity Law; Biomedical Ethics

Two Threats to Precision Medicine Equity
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):) 629-640; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.629

Dayna Bowen Matthew

Equity; Eugenics; Ecological Race; Racism

Ethical and Legal Considerations for the Inclusion of Underserved and Underrepresented Immigrant Populations in Precision Health and Genomic Research in the United States
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):641-650;doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.641

Jennifer K. Wagner

Bioethics; Emigrants; Immigrants; Genomic Research; Human Rights;Government Agencies; Vulnerable Populations

The Use of Racial Categories in Precision Medicine Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):651-658;doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.651

Shawneequa Callier

Genomics; Health Disparities; Precision Medicine; Racial Categories; Diversity and Inclusion

Access and Management: Indigenous Perspectives on Genomic Data Sharing
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):659-668;doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.659

Nanibaa' A. Garrison, Krysta S. Barton, Kathryn M. Porter, Thyvu Mai, Wylie Burke, Stephanie Russo Carroll

Genomic Data Sharing; Tribal Sovereignty

Can Precision Medicine Reduce the Burden of Diabetes?
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 3):669-674;doi:10.18865/ed.29.S3.669

Wylie Burke, Susan Brown Trinidad, David Schenck

Diabetes; Precision Medicine; Genetics; Social Determinants of Healthl determinants of health

Volume 29, Supplement 2 - Advancing Health Equity and Reducing Disparities with Collaborative Policy Research




Achieving Health Equity through Science, Policy, and Partnerships
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):317-320; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.317.

Monica Webb Hooper

Health Equity; Health Policy; Health Disparities; Academic-Community Partnerships; Health Care

Reducing Health Disparities to Promote Health Equity through Policy Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):321-322; doi: 10.18865/ed.29.S2.321

Eliseo J. Perez-Stable, Michael Sayre

Health Equity; Health Disparities

Leveraging Science to Advance Health Equity: A Regional Health Policy Research Center’s Approach
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):323-328; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.323

Kisha B. Holden, Jammie Hopkins, Allyson Belton, Klahe Butty, Derrick C. Tabor, David Satcher

Health Policy; Transdisciplinary Research; Health Equity; Health Disparities

Applying a Health Equity Lens to Evaluate and Inform Policy
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):329-342; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.329.

Megan D. Douglas, Robina Josiah Willock, Ebony Respress, Latrice Rollins, Derrick Tabor, Harry J. Heiman, Jammie Hopkins, Daniel E. Dawes, Kisha B. Holden

Health Equity; Transdisciplinary; Policy; Health Disparities

The Future of Health Equity in America: Addressing the Multiple, Intersecting Determinants of Health
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):343- 344; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.343

Daniel E. Dawes

Health Equity; Health Disparities; Social Determinants of Health; Minority Health; Affordable Care Act; Health Reform; Vulnerable Populations

Strategies for Achieving Health Equity: Concern about the Whole Plus Concern about the Hole
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):345-348; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.345

Camara P. Jones, Kisha B. Holden, Allyson Belton

Health Equity; Population Health; Citizenship; Gap Analysis

Tx ™: An Approach and Philosophy to Advance Translation to Transformation
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):349- 354; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.349

Tabia Henry Akintobi, Jammie Hopkins, Kisha B. Holden, David Hefner, Herman A. Taylor, Jr.

Translational Research; Health Equity; Health Disparities; Implementation Science

Addressing Health Disparities in Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):355-358; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.355

Andrea S. Videlefsky, Jeffrey M. Reznik, Janice T. Nodvin, Harry J. Heiman

Health Disparities; Developmental Disabilities; Adults

Improving Behavioral Health Equity through Cultural Competence Training of Health Care Providers
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):359-364; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.359

Brian McGregor, Allyson Belton, Tracey L. Henry, Glenda Wrenn, Kisha B. Holden

Cultural Competency; Integrated Care, Provider Education, Mental Health

Commentary: Collaborative Action on Child Equity: Lessons from the Field
Ethn Dis.2019;29(Suppl 2):365-370; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.365

LeRoy E. Reese, Glenda Wrenn, Shemeka Dawson, Sharon Rachel, Yvonne Kirkland

Parenting; Parent Leadership; Child Health; Socioemotional Health; Child Policy; Health Equity

Advancing Health Equity through Organizational Mentoring Policies at Minority-Serving Institutions
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2): 371- 376; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.371

Japera Johnson Hemming, Adriana Baez, Meldra Hall, Winston Thompson, Jonathan Stiles, Elizabeth Ofili

Mentorship; Organizational Policy; Workforce Diversity; Change Management

Health Policy Engagement Strategy for the Health Information Technology Policy Project of the Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):377-384; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.377

Tiffany Zellner Lawrence, Megan D. Douglas, Latrice Rollins, Robina Josiah Willock, Dexter L. Cooper, Richard A. Gooden, Sherilyn Francis, Dominic H. Mack

Health Policy; MACRA; Social Media; Evidence-Based Health Policy

A Participatory Evaluation Framework for the Implementation of a Transdisciplinary Center for Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2): 385-392; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.385

Latrice Rollins, Tiffany Zellner Lawrence, Tabia Henry Akintobi, Jammie Hopkins, Ananya Banerjee, Mario De La Rosa

Evaluation; Participatory Approach; Framework; Health Disparities; Health Policy; Health Equity; Transdisciplinary

Achieving Health Equity with e-Healthystrides©: Patient Perspectives of a Consumer Health Information Technology Application
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):393-404; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.393

Priscilla Pemu, Robina Josiah Willock, Ernest Alema-Mensah, Latrice Rollins, Michelle Brown, Bethany Saint Clair, Elizabeth Olorundare, Atuarra McCaslin, Tabia Henry Akintobi, Alexander Quarshie, Elizabeth Ofili

Health Information Technology; Diabetes; Self-Management

Health Policy Training for Health Equity Leaders
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):405-412; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.405

Harry J. Heiman, L Lerissa Smith, Ebony Respress, Carey Roth Bayer

Health Policy; Health Equity; Health Professional Training; Leadership; Public Health; Health In All Policies

Curriculum Mapping and Needs Assessment to Inform the Training of Health Policy Leaders
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):413-420; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.413

Carey Roth Bayer, Ebony Respress, Robina Joshiah Willock, Harry J. Heiman

Curriculum Mapping; Needs Assessment; Health Policy; Leadership; Education; Evaluation

Developing a Policy Brief on Child Mental Health Disparities to Promote Strategies for Advancing Equity among Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):421-426; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.421

Ashley M. Butler, Caryn R. R. Rodgers

Mental Health; Children; Disparities; African American; Hispanic/Latino; PolicyAmerican; Hispanic/Latino; policy; CPR-HE

Analyzing Factors of Breast Cancer Screening Adherence among Korean American Women Using Andersen’s Behavioral Model of Healthcare Services Utilization
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):427-434; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.427

Seok Won Jin, Hee Yun Lee, Jongwook Lee

Breast Cancer; Mammography; Korean American Women; Andersen’s Behavioral Model of Healthcare Services Utilization

Evaluating the Availability and Quality of HIV/AIDS Services and Supports for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2): 435-440; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.435

Andrew T. Roach, Franco Dispenza, Melissa Zeligman, Anne Stair, Breanna Kelly

HIV/AIDS; Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; Community-Based Participatory Research

Development of a Natural Language Processing Algorithm to Identify and Evaluate Transgender Patients in Electronic Health Record System
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 2):441-450. doi:10.18865/ed.29.S2.441

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, Keanan Gabriel Gottlieb, Lauren Brittany Beach, Shelby E. Monahan, Daniel Fabbri

Transgender; Natural Language Processing; Electronic Health Records; Utilization

Volume 29, Supplement 1 - Strategic Partnerships to Advance Health Equity




Strategic Partnerships to Advance Health Equity
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):53-56; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.53

George A. Mensah

Health Equity; Partnerships; Research Translation; Health Equity Research

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Strategic Vision Implementation for Health Equity Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):57-64; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.57

George A. Mensah, Catherine M. Stoney, Michelle M. Freemer, Sharon Smith, Michael M. Engelgau, Keith Hoots, James P. Kiley, David C. Goff

NHBLI; Health Equity; Implementation Science; Predictive Analytics

Eliminating the Sex and Gender Gap and Transforming the Cardiovascular Health of All Women
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):65-70; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.65

Nakela L. Cook

Cardiovascular Disease; Health Equity; Ethnicity; Sex

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Small Business Program
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):71-76; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.71

Eric W. Padmore, Matthew J. McMahon

SBIR; STTR; Small Business Program; Underrepresented groups; Entrepreneurship; Diversity

Building the Next Generation of Implementation Science Careers to Advance Health Equity
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):) 77-82; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.77

Cheryl Anne Boyce, Whitney Barfield, Jennifer Curry, Susan Shero, Mellissa Green Parker, Helen Cox, Jazmin Bustillo, LeShawndra N. Price

Implementation Science; Careers; Research Training; Health Equity; Health Disparities

Implementation Research Methodologies for Achieving Scientific Equity and Health Equity
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):83-92; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.83

Moira McNulty, J.D. Smith, Juan Villamar, Inger Burnett-Zeigler, Wouter Vermeer, Nanette Benbow, Carlos Gallo, Uri Wilensky, Arthur Hjorth, Brian Mustanski, John Schneider, C. Hendricks Brown

Implementation Science; Health Inequity; Community Partnerships

Promoting Health Equity through De-Implementation Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):93-96; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.93

Christian D. Helfrich, Christine W. Hartmann, Toral J. Parikh, David H. Au

De-implementation; Overuse; Equity; Patient Safety; Low-value Care

Partnerships to Improve Shared Decision Making for Patients with Hypertension: Health Equity Implications
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):97- 102; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.97

Aisha T. Langford, Stephen K. Williams, Melanie Applegate, Olugbenga Ogedegbe, Ronald S. Braithwaite

Hypertension; Patient Participation; Health Equity; Decision Making; Primary Health Care

Economics Dimensions of Health Inequities: The Role of Implementation Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):103-112; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.103

Michael M. Engelgau, Ping Zhang, Stephen Jan, Ajay Mahal

Health Inequities; Implementation Research; Economicsarch

Practice-Based Research Networks: Strategic Opportunities to Advance Implementation Research for Health Equity
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):113-118; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.113

John M. Westfall, Rebecca Roper, Anne Gaglioti, Donald E. Nease, Jr.

Practice-based Research; Practice-based Research Network; Health Equity; Primary Care

Building the Network of Minority Health Research Investigators: A Novel Program to Enhance Leadership and Success of Underrepresented Minorities in Biomedical Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):119-122; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.119

Shirley A. Blanchard, Rob Rivers, Winnie Martinez, Lawrence Agodoa

Network of Minority Health Research Investigators; Mentorship; Career Advancement; Underrepresented Minorities

Exploring Professional Development for New Investigators Underrepresented in the Federally Funded Biomedical Research Workforce
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):123-128; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.123

Japera Hemming, PhD, Kristin Eide, Eileen Harwood, Ratib Ali, Zhu Zhu, Jason Cutler

SPAHE; minority faculty groups; research grants; diversity; professional development; research resources

An Institutional Coordinated Plan for Effective Partnerships to Achieve Health Equity and Biomedical Workforce Diversity Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):129-134); doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.129

Jamboor K. Vishwanatha, Riyaz Basha, Maya Nair, Harlan P. Jones

Diversity; Underrepresented Minority; K-12; Faculty Development

The Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Translational Research Network: Building and Sustaining Capacity for Multi-Site Basic Biomedical, Clinical and Behavioral Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):135-144; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.135

Elizabeth O. Ofili, Paul B. Tchounwou, Emma Fernandez-Repollet, Richard Yanagihara, Tabia H. Akintobi, Jae E. Lee, Mohamad Malouhi, Solomon T. Garner, Traci T. Hayes, Almelida R. Baker, Andrew L. Dent, II, Muna Abdelrahim, Latrice Rollins, Sandra P. Chang, Angela Sy, Brenda Y. Hernandez, Pamela L. Bullard, Richard J. Noel, Jr., Bruce Shiramizu, Jerris R. Hedges, Marla J. Berry, Vincent C. Bond, Maria F. Lima, Noreen Mokuau, Robert A. Kirken, Marcia Cruz-Correa, Daniel F. Sarpong, Jaydutt Vadgama, Clayton Yates, Shafiq A. Kahn, Karam F. Soliman, George Perry, Mark Pezzano, Carlos Luciano, M. Edwina Barnett, Adebayo Oyekan, Deepak Kumar, Keith C. Norris

Minority-serving Institutions; Underrepresented; Health Inequities; Workforce Diversity

Strategic Opportunities for Leveraging Low-cost, High-impact Technological Innovations to Promote Cardiovascular Health in India
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):145- 152; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.145

Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Vamadevan S. Ajay, Nikhil Tandon

Innovations; Technology; Cardiovascular Diseases; Diabetes; Policy; Multi-disciplinary; India

The Transformative Potential of Strategic Partnerships to Form a Health Equity Network of the Americas
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):153-158; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.153

Michael A. Rodríguez, Michael G. Marmot, V. Nelly Salgado de Snyder, Luis A.C. Galvão, Ximena Avellaneda, Maria del Rocio Saenz, Anne M. Dubois, Eugenia Tarzibachi, Amy E. Ritterbusch, Arachu Castro, Alonzo Plough, Jody Heymann

Health Equity; Americas; Network; Social Determinants of Health; Latin America; Health Disparities; Intersectoral Partnerships

Global, Regional, National, and Subnational Big Data to Inform Health Equity Research: Perspectives from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1): 159-172; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.159

Ali H. Mokdad, George A. Mensah, Varsha Krish, Scott D. Glenn, Molly K. Miller-Petrie, Alan D. Lopez, Christopher J.L. Murray

Global Burden of Disease; Health Equity; Disparities; Mortality; Injuries; Risk Factors

Defining and Achieving Health Equity in Genomic Medicine
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):173-178; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.173

Sonya Jooma, Michael J. Hahn, Lucia A. Hindorff, Vence L. Bonham

Health Equity; Genetic Diversity; Genetic Testing; Genomic Medicine

The Emergence of Genomic Research in Africa and New Frameworks for Equity in Biomedical Research
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):179-186; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.179

Amy R. Bentley, Shawneequa Callier, Charles Rotimi

Africa; Genomics; Equity: H3Africa

Leveraging Implementation Science to Address Health Disparities in Genomic Medicine: Examples from the Field
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):187-192; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.187

Megan C. Roberts, George A. Mensah, Muin J. Khoury

Genomics; Genetic Disorders; Implementation Science; Public Health; Population Health; Best Practices; Translational Research; T4 Translation; Health Equity; Health Disparities

Uniting the Vision for Health Equity through Partnerships: The 2nd Annual Dr. Elijah Saunders & Dr. Levi Watkins Memorial Lecture
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):193-200; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.193

Eliseo J. Perez-Stable, Erik J. Rodriquez

Minority Health; Health Disparities

Social Networks and Physical Activity in Senior Housing: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1): 201-208; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.201

Noah J. Webster, Toni C. Antonucci, Neil B. Alexander

Social Relationships; Social Networks; Social Contagion; Senior Housing; Physical Activity

Abstracts Presented at the First Saunders-Watkins Leadership Workshop; May 22-23, 2017
Ethn Dis. 2019;29(Suppl 1):209-226; doi:10.18865/ed.29.S1.209

Health Equity; Abstracts; Saunders-Watkins Workshop


Volume 28, Supplement 2 - Advances in Community Partnered Participatory Research: Behavioral Health and Beyond




Editorial: Advances in Community Partnered Participatory Research
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):285-286; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.285

Keith C. Norris

Community Partnered Participatory Research; Behavioral Health

Editorial: Developments in Community Partnered Participatory Research for Behavioral Health
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):287-290; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.287

Kenneth B. Wells, Loretta Jones, Bonnie Zima, Carol Eisen

Community Partnered Participatory Research; Behavioral Health

Commentary: 25 Years of Community Partnered Participatory Research
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):291-294; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.291

Loretta Jones

Community Engagement; Community Based Participatory Research; Partnered Research; Under-resourced Communities; Research Ethics

The Community and Patient Partnered Research Network (CPPRN): Application of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research to Promote Behavioral Health Equity
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2): 295-302; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.295

Armen C. Arevian, Benjamin Springgate, Felica Jones, Sarah L. Starks, Bowen Chung, Ashley Wennerstrom, Loretta Jones, Sheryl H. Kataoka, Krystal Griffith, Olivia K. Sugarman, Pluscedia Williams, Catherine Haywood, Angela Kirkland, Diana Meyers, Ryan Pasternak, Rubinee Simmasalam, Lingqi Tang, Enrico Castillo, Anish Mahajan, Max Stevens, Kenneth B. Wells

Community Engagement; Research Network; PCORnet; Patient-Powered Research Network; Behavioral Health

Lessons on Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies for Pipeline to Proposal Awards
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):303- 310; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.303

Ashley Wennerstrom, Benjamin F. Springgate, Felica Jones, Diana Meyers, Norris Henderson, Anthony Brown, Anjali Niyogi, Dolfinette Martin, Jessie Smith, III, Angela L. Kirkland, Loretta Jones, Keith C. Norris

Community Partnered Participatory Research; Patient Centered Outcomes Research; PCORI; Community-Academic Partnership; Health Disparities Research

Commentary - Community Partner Experiences in CPPR: What Participation in Partnered Research Can Mean to Community and Patient Stakeholders
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):311-316; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.311

Joseph D. Mango, Krystal Griffith, Olivia Sugarman, Matthew Plaia, Antonella Santostefano, Jose Flores, Catherine Haywood, Andrea Jones, Angela Kirkland, Pluscedia Williams

Mental Health; Community; Academia; Partnership; Narrative; Commentary

Creating Safe Spaces: A Community Health Worker-Academic Partnered Approach to Addressing Intimate Partner Violence
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):317-324; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.317

Ashley Wennerstrom, Catherine Haywood, Maeve Wallace, Meredith Sugarman, Ashlee Walker, Trupania Bonner, Yana Sutton, Barbara Lacen Keller, Marva Lewis, Benjamin Springgate, Katherine Theall

Community Health Workers; Community Partnered Participatory Research; Intimate Partner Violence; Community Based Participatory Research; Health Disparities

Comparative Effectiveness of Coalitions Versus Technical Assistance for Depression Quality Improvement in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):325-338; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.325

Benjamin Springgate, Lingqi Tang, Michael Ong, Wayne Aoki, Bowen Chung, Elizabeth Dixon, Megan Dwight Johnson, Felica Jones, Craig Landry, Elizabeth Lizaola, Norma Mtume, Victoria K. Ngo, Esmerelda Pulido, Cathy Sherbourne, Aziza Lucas Wright, Yolanda Whittington, Pluscedia Williams, Lily Zhang, Jeanne Miranda, Thomas Belin, James Gilmore, Loretta Jones, Kenneth B. Wells

Depression; Quality Improvement; Chronic Conditions; Coalition Intervention

Community Partners in Care: 6- and 12-month Outcomes of Community Engagement versus Technical Assistance to Implement Depression Collaborative Care among Depressed Older Adults
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):339-348; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.339

Adriana Izquierdo, Michael Ong, Esmeralda Pulido, Kenneth B. Wells, Marina Berkman, Barbara Linski, Vivian Sauer, Jeanne Miranda

Community Partnered Participatory Research; Community Based Participatory Research; Depression Services; Minorities; Older Adults

12-Month Cost Outcomes of Community Engagement Versus Technical Assistance for Depression Quality Improvement: A Partnered, Cluster Randomized, Comparative-Effectiveness Trial
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):349-356; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.349

Bowen Chung, Michael Ong, Susan L Ettner, Michael McCreary, Felica Jones, James Gilmore, Victoria K. Ngo, Cathy Sherbourne, Lingqi Tang, Elizabeth Dixon, Paul Koegel, Jeanne Miranda, Kenneth B. Wells

Depression; Community-Based Participatory Research; Racial Disparities; Cost Analysis; Collaborative Care; Mental Health Services

Maintaining Internal Validity in Community Partnered Participatory Research: Experience from the Community Partners in Care Study
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):357-364; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.357

Thomas R. Belin, Andrea Jones, Lingqi Tang, Bowen Chung, Susan E. Stockdale, Felica Jones, Aziza Wright, Cathy D. Sherbourne, Judy Perlman, Esmeralda Pulido, Michael K. Ong, James Gilmore, Jeanne Miranda, Elizabeth Dixon, Loretta Jones, Kenneth B. Wells

Comparative Effectiveness Research; CPIC; CPPR; Randomization; Depression; Health Services

Growing a Community-Academic Partnership: Lessons Learned in Forming a Qualitative Interview Team for the Community Partners in Care Study
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):370; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.365

Gera L. Anderson, S. Megan Heller, Esmeralda Pulido, Pluscedia Williams, Alisa Orduna, Elizabeth Bromley, Juanita Booker-Vaughns

Community Partnered Participatory Research; Qualitative Interviewing; Teamwork; Depression; Community Partners in Care (CPIC)

Whole Person Care in Underresourced Communities: Stakeholder Priorities at Long-Term Follow-Up in Community Partners in Care
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):371-380; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.371

Dmitry Khodyakov, Mienah Zulfacar Sharif, Felica Jones, S. Megan Heller, Esmeralda Pulido, Kenneth B. Wells, Elizabeth Bromley

Depression; Mental Health; Social Needs; Health Needs

Commentary: Applying the Community Partners in Care Approach to the Opioid Crisis
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2): 381-388; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.381

Kenneth B. Wells, Katherine E. Watkins, Brian Hurley, Lingqi Tang, Felica Jones, James Gilmore

Opioid Use Disorder; Community Engagement; Coalitions

Stakeholder Perspectives on the Social Determinants of Mental Health in Community Coalitions
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):389-396; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.389

Sheryl H. Kataoka, Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Chantal Figueroa, Enrico G. Castillo, Elizabeth Bromley, Heather Patel, Kenneth B. Wells

Social Determinants; Mental Health Services; Minority Health; Qualitative Research

Community Partnering for Behavioral Health Equity: Public Agency and Community Leaders’ Views of its Promise and Challenge
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2): 397-406; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.397

Elizabeth Bromley, Chantal Figueroa, Enrico G. Castillo, Farbod Kadkhoda, Bowen Chung, Jeanne Miranda, Kumar Menon, Yolanda Whittington, Felica Jones, Kenneth B. Wells, Sheryl H. Kataoka

Community Partnering; Procedural Justice; Health Equity; Care Coordination; Behavioral Health

A Window of Opportunity: Visions and Strategies for Behavioral Health Policy Innovation
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):407-416; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.407

Chantal Figueroa, Enrico G. Castillo, Grayson Norquist, Kenneth B. Wells, Krystal Griffith, Farbod Kadkhoda, Felica Jones, Priscilla Shorter, Elizabeth Bromley

Behavioral Health Policy; Community Engagement; Social Determinants of Health

Applying a Trauma Informed School Systems Approach: Examples from School Community-Academic Partnerships
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2): 417-426; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.417

Sheryl H. Kataoka, Pamela Vona, Alejandra Acuna, Lisa Jaycox, Pia Escudero, Claudia Rojas, Erica Ramirez, Audra Langley, Bradley Stein

School-based Services; Traumatic Stress Disorder; Community Participation; Mental Health Services; Community

A Cross-Site Partnership to Examine Implementation and Sustainability of a School-Based Trauma Program
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):427-436; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.427

Pamela Vona, Shilpa Baweja, Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Gillian Pears, Audra Langley, Sheryl Kataoka

School-based Services; Traumatic Stress Disorder; Community Participation; Mental Health Services; Implementation

Voices from Minority Youth on Help-Seeking and Barriers to Mental Health Services: Partnering with School-Based Health Centers
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):437-444; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.437

Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Kacy Bonnet, Sophie Feller, Kathleen Nagaran, Maryjane Puffer, Sheryl Kataoka

Schools; Mental Health Services; Minority Health; Adolescents; School-based Health Centers; Qualitative Research

Development and Evaluation of Two Integrated Care Models for Children Using a Partnered Formative Evaluation Approach
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):445-456; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.445

Bonnie T. Zima, Michael McCreary, Kristen Kenan, Michelle Churchey-Mims, Hannah Chi, Madeline Brady, Jewel Davies, Vikki Rompala, Bennett Leventhal

Child Mental Health; Integrated Care; Formative Evaluation; Partnered Research

Development of a Telehealth-Coordinated Intervention to Improve Access to Community-Based Mental Health
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):457-466; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.457

Sandra Contreras, Lorena Porras-Javier, Bonnie T. Zima, Neelkamal Soares, Christine Park, Alpa Patel, Paul J. Chung, Tumaini R. Coker

Primary Care; Mental Health Care; Coordination; Collaboration; collaboration

Partnering with African American Churches to Create a Community Coalition for Mental Health
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):467- 474; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.467

Sidney H. Hankerson, Kenneth Wells, Martha Adams Sullivan, Joyce Johnson, Laura Smith, La'Shay Crayton, Faith Miller-Sethi, Clarencetine (Teena) Brooks, Alan Rule, Jaylaan Ahmad-Llewellyn, Doris Rhem, Xavier Porter, Raymond Croskey, Eugena Simpson, Charles Butler, Samuel Roberts, Alicia James, Loretta Jones

Community-based Participatory Research; Mental Health First Aid; Depression; African American; Black Church; Health Disparities

Engaging African American Veterans with Health Care Access Challenges in a Community Partnered Care Coordination Initiative: A Qualitative Needs Assessment
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):475-484; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.475

Adriana Izquierdo, Michael Ong, Felica Jones, Loretta Jones, David Ganz, Lisa Rubenstein

Veteran Engagement; African American; Care Coordination; Quality Improvement; Community-Partnered

An Assets-Based Approach to Co-Producing a Culturally Adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) with African Caribbeans Diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Their Families
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):485-492; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.485

Dawn Edge, Paul Grey

Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR); Health Disparities; Ethnicity; Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Minority Mental Health; African Caribbean

Participatory Technology Development to Enhance Community Resilience
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):493-502; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.493

Armen C. Arevian, Jennifer O’Hora, Felica Jones, Joseph Mango, Loretta Jones, Pluscedia Willians, Juanita Booker-Vaughns, Andrea Jones, Esmeralda Pulido, Dennishia Banner-Jackson, Kenneth B. Wells

Community Partnered Participatory Research; mHealth; Disparities; Technology Platform

Community Partnership in Precision Medicine: Themes from a Community Engagement Conference
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 2):503-510; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S2.503

Loretta Jones, Kenneth B. Wells, Henry J. Lin, Christina Wang, Audrey Kawaiopua Alo, Pluscedia Williams, Felica Jones, Patricia Dixon, Sophia Han, Domingo Pardo, Keith C. Norris, Andrea Jones, Aziza Wright, Kawen Young, Jerome L. Rotter

Community Engagement; Precision Medicine; Partnered Research; Underresourced Communities; Research Ethics

Volume 28, Supplement 1 - Applying Critical Race Theory in Health Equity Research




Editorial: Critical Race Theory: Why Should We Care about Applying It in our Research?
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):215-218; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.215.

Luisa N. Borrell

Critical Race Theory; Racism; Public Health Critical Race Praxis

Editorial: Critical Race Theory - We are all Others
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):219-222; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.219

Collins O. Airhihenbuwa, Chandra L. Ford

Prevention; Fundamental Causes; Health Disparities/Health Inequities; Health Equity; Social Determinants of Health

Commentary: Just What is Critical Race Theory and What’s it Doing in a Progressive Field like Public Health?
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):223-230; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.223

Chandra L. Ford, Collins O. Airhihenbuwa

Critical Race Theory; Racism; Public Health; Public Health Critical Race Praxis

Toward the Science and Practice of Anti-Racism: Launching a National Campaign Against Racism
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):231-234; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.231

Camara Phyllis Jones

Racism; Inequities; Health Disparities; Prevention; Intervention

Ensnared by Colorblindness: Discourse on Health Care Disparities
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):235-240; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.235

Brooke A. Cunningham, Andres S. M. Scarlato

Colorblindness; Critical Race Theory; Health Care Disparities; Health Care Personnel

“I think that’s all a lie…I think It’s genocide”: Applying a Critical Race Praxis to Youth Perceptions of Flint Water Contamination
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):241-246; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.241

Michael Muhammad, E. Hill De Loney, Cassandra L. Brooks, Shervin Assari, DeWaun Robinson, Cleopatra H. Caldwell

Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCR); Racism; Youth; Trauma; Flint Water Crisis

Commentary: The Invention of Aboriginal Diabetes: The Role of the Thrifty Gene Hypothesis in Canadian Health Care Provision
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):247-252; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.247

Travis Hay

Type 2 Diabetes; Genetics; Colonialism; Health Canada; Scientific Racism

The Intersectionality of Racial and Gender Discrimination among Teens Exposed to Dating Violence
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):253-260; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.253

Lynn Roberts, Mahader Tamene, Olivia R. Orta

Intersectionality; Teen Dating Violence; Racism; Sexism; Critical Race Theory

Anti-Racism Methods for Big Data Research: Lessons Learned from the HIV Testing, Linkage, & Retention in Care (HIV TLR) Study
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):261-266; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.261

Chandra L. Ford, PhD, MPH, Lois M. Takahashi, P. Paul Chandanabhumma, Maria Elena Ruiz, William E. Cunningham

Critical Race Theory; Health Services Research; Social Epidemiology; Methods; Electronic Medical Records; Big Data

Commentary: Can Critical Race Theory Enhance the Field of Public Health? A Student’s Perspective
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):267-270; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.267

Rebekah Israel Cross

Critical Race Theory; Racism; Public Health; Health Equity

Developing a Medical School Curriculum on Racism: Multidisciplinary, Multiracial Conversations Informed by Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP )
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):271-278; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.271

Rachel R. Hardeman, Diana Burgess, Katy Murphy, David J. Satin, Julie Nielsen, Teddie M. Potter, J'Mag Karbeah, Makeda Zulu-Gillespie, Antonia Apolinario-Wilcoxon, Christopher Reif, Brooke A. Cunningham

Racism; Public Health Critical Race Praxis; Multiracial Conversations; Medical Education

Commentary: Critical Race Theory Training to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: The Public Health Critical Race Praxis Institute
Ethn Dis. 2018;28(Suppl 1):279-284; doi:10.18865/ed.28.S1.279

James Butler, III, Craig S. Fryer, Mary A. Garza, Sandra C. Quinn, Stephen B. Thomas

Race; Racism; Critical Race Theory; Public Health Critical Race Praxis; Training


Volume 27, Supplement 1 – Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through Academic-Community Partnerships




Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through Academic-Community Partnerships
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):273-276; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.273

Luisa N. Borrell

Social Determinants of Health; Academic-Community Partnerships

Introduction: Impacting the Social Determinants of Health through a Regional Academic-Community Partnership: The Experience of the Mid-South Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):277-286; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.277

Mona N. Fouad, Theresa A. Wynn, Richard Scribner, Yu-Mei M. Schoenberger, Donna Antoine-Lavigne, Sequoya Eady, William A. Anderson, Lori Brand Bateman

Community-based Participatory Research; Social Determinants; Socioecological Model

Incentivizing Fruit and Vegetable Purchasers at Fresh Markets in Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):287-294; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.287

Rashida Ferdinand, Rosamar Torres, Jennifer Scott, Imran Saeed, Richard Scribner

Farmer’s Markets; Community Engagement; SNAP; Fruits; Vegetables

Farmers' Market Utilization among Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Recipients in New Orleans, Louisiana: Preliminary Findings
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):295-302; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.295

Henry Nuss, Meg Skizim, Hasheemah Afaneh, Lucio Miele, Melinda Sothern

Farmers’ Markets; SNAP; Smartphone; Social Marketing

Bikeshare Use in Urban Communities: Individual and Neighborhood Factors
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):303-312; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.303

Gabriela R. Oates, Bryant W. Hamby, Sejong Bae, Maria C. Norena, H. Olivia Hart, Mona N. Fouad

Bikeshare; Active Transportation; Urban; Social Determinants; Neighborhood Disadvantage

Translating the Birmingham Neighborhood Leaders Survey into Innovative Action through the Community Health Innovation Awards
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):313-320; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.313

Shauntice Allen, Alaina Pineda, Anthony C. Hood, Jessica F. Wakelee

Community Engagement; Innovation; Community Grants; Health Concerns; Urban Communities

Academic-Community Partnership Development to Enhance Program Outcomes in Underserved Communities: A Case Study
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):321-328; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.321

Meg Skizim, Nick Harris, Claudia Leonardi, Richard Scribner

Academic-Community Partnerships; Health Disparities; Social Determinants of Health

Examining Neighborhood Social Cohesion in the Context of Community-based Participatory Research: Descriptive Findings from an Academic-Community Partnership
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):329-336; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.329

Lori Brand Bateman, Mona N. Fouad, Bianca Hawk, Tiffany Osborne, Sejong Bae, Sequoya Eady, Joanice Thompson, Wendy Brantley, Lovie Crawford, Laura Heider, Yu-Mei M. Schoenberger

Social Cohesion; Communitybased Participatory Research; Academic- Community Partnerships; Social Determinants of Health

The Value of Social Network Analysis for Evaluating Academic-Community Partnerships and Collaborations for Social Determinants of Health Research
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):337-346; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.337

Candace Forbes Bright, Eboni Edmonson Haynes, Danny Patterson, Maria Pisu

Social Network Analysis; Academic-Community Partnerships; CBPR; Social Determinants of Health Research

Empowering One Community at a Time for Policy, System and Environmental Changes to Impact Obesity
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):347-354; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.347

Katrina Betancourt, Andrea Ridgway, Joy Rockenbach, Sequoya Eady, Joanice Thompson, Lori Brand Bateman, Mona N. Fouad, Yu-Mei M. Schoenberger

Coalition; Community-based Participatory Research; Social Determinants of Health; Obesity; Policy, Systems and Environments

Policy, System and Environmental Correlates of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in a Low-Income African American Population in the Southeast
Ethn Dis. 2017;27(Suppl 1):355-362; doi:10.18865/ed.27.S1.355

Lori Brand Bateman, LaToya J. O'Neal, Theolishia Smith, Yufeng Li, Theresa A. Wynn, Chen Dai, Mona N. Fouad

Policy; System; Environment; Fruit and Vegetable Consumption; Social Determinants; Socioecological Model


Volume 22, Supplement 1 – The 10th Anniversary Jackson Heart Study Scientific Conference




Foreword: The Jackson Heart Study


Susan B. Shurin, John Ruffin, Roderic Pettigrew

Heart Attack, Stroke, Health Disparities, Jackson Heart Study, Cardiovascular Disease, African Americans

Introduction: Jackson Heart Study--building a 21st century platform for discovery, service and training to address an American health priority

Ethn Dis. 2012 Summer;22(3 Suppl 1):S1-3- S1-6

Herman A. Taylor

Jackson Heart Study; Cardiovascular Disease; African Americans

Cardiovascular disease outcomes: priorities today, priorities tomorrow for research and community health

Ethn Dis.2012;22(3, Suppl 1):S1-7 - S1-12

Clyde W. Yancy

Cardiovascular Disease; Stroke; Health Disparities; Cultural Competency; Prevention

Panel Summary: Major cardiovascular disease outcomes: Priorities today, priorities tomorrow for research and community health

Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1): S1-13 - S1-14

Ervin Fox

Cardiovascular Disease; Stroke; Chronic Kidney Disease

The social context of cardiovascular disease: challenges and opportunities for the Jackson Heart Study

Ethn Dis. 2012; 22(3,Suppl 1):S1-15–S1-21

David R. Williams, Jacinta Leavell

Cardiovascular Disease; Risk Profile; Disparities; CVD Mortality; Jackson Heart Study

Panel Summary: Social, cultural and psychosocial determinants of cardiovascular disease / health

Ethn Dis. 2012(3, Suppl 1): S1-22 - S1-23.

Mario Sims

CVD Risk Factors; CVD, Stressors; Socioeconomic Status; Environment

The revolution in risk assessment and disease detection made possible with non-invasive imaging: implications for population science

Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1):S1-24 - S1-27

J. Jeffrey Carr

Jackson Heart Study; Biomedical Imaging; Cardiovascular Disease; Obesity; Coronary Artery Disease; Atherosclerosis; Pericardial Fat; Myocardial Fat

Panel Summary: The revolution in risk assessment and disease detection: Implications for population science

Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1): S1-28 - S1-29.

Jiankang Liu

Obesity; Diabetes; Liver Disease; Cardiovascular Disease

The impact of traditional risk factor development on the life course of cardiovascular diseases

Ethn Dis. 2012; 22(3, Suppl 1):S1-30–S1-34

Donald M. Lloyd-Jones

Cardiovascular Disease; Health Risk Factors; Coronary Heart Disease; Jackson Heart Study

Panel Summary: Cardiovascular disease: Health factors and risk factors— state of the science, emerging priorities, Part 1: hypertension, lipids, diabetes

Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1): S1-35.

Malcom Taylor

Lipids; Insulin Resistance; Body Mass Index; Visceral Adipose Tissue; Diabetes; Hypertension

CVD health factors and CVD risk factors: State of the science, emerging priorities, Part 2: Obesity prevention
Ethn Dis. 2012; 22[3, Suppl 1]:S1-36–S1-40


Robert H. Eckel

Obesity; Physical Activity; Nutrition; Prevention

Panel summary: CVD health factors and CVD risk factors: State of the science, emerging priorities, Part 2: Obesity, physical activity, nutrition

Ethn Dis. 2012;22 (3, Suppl 1): S1-41 - S1-42

Patricia Dubbert

Health Disparities; Nutrition; Obesity; Physical Activity

Genes and environments: moving toward personalized medicine in the context of health disparities

Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1):S1-43–S1-46


Rick Kittles

Genomics; Epigenomics; Genetic Ancestry

Panel Summary: What’s now and what’s new in genomics, epigenomics and cardiovascular disease?
Ethn Dis. 2012;22(3, Suppl 1):S1-47 - S1-48


James Wilson

Genomics; Epigenomics; Cardiovascular Disease

The Jackson Heart Study of the future

Ethn Dis. 2012; 22(3, Suppl 1):S1-49–S1-54


Herman A. Taylor, Jr.

Jackson Heart Study; Cardiovascular Disease; African Americans



Volume 21, Supplement 2 - Abstract Presentations from the 26th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations ISHIB2011




Understanding Cardiovascular Disease Across the Lifespan



Volume 21, Supplement 1 - Partnered Participatory Research to Build Community Capacity and Address Mental Health Disparities and Disasters




Partnered Participatory Research to Build Community Capacity and Address Mental Health Disparities and Disaster
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]: S1-1–S1-2)

Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH

Community-partnered Participatory Research, Community-based Participatory Research, Collaborative Care, Disaster, Mental Health

Partnered Participatory Research to Build Community Capacity and Address Mental Health Disparities and Disasters
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]: S1-3–S1-4)

Jeanne Miranda, PhD


The Missing Piece Meets the Big O: Disaster Mental Health Recovery and Community Resilience
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-5–S1-7)

Stacy Elmer, MA; Nicole Lurie, MD, MSPH

Mental Health, Disaster, Resilience

Community-Based Partnered Research: New Directions in Mental Health Services Research
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-8–S1-16)

Margarita Alegría, PhD; Yuting Wong, MA; Norah Mulvaney-Day, PhD; Anna Nillni, BA; Enola Proctor, PhD; Michael Nickel, BA; Loretta Jones, MA; Bonnie Green, PhD; Paul Koegel, PhD; Aziza Wright, MA; Kenneth B. Wells, MD

Community-Based Partnered Research, Mental Health, Disparities, Implementation, Dissemination

Commentary: Reaping the Benefits of Research Partnerships: Challenges and Opportunities
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-17–S1-19)

David Chambers, DPhil


Building Community Resilience through Mental Health Infrastructure and Training in Post-Katrina New Orleans
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-20–S1-29)

Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH; Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Diana Meyers, RN, BSN; Charles E. Allen, III, MSPH; Steven D. Vannoy, PhD, MPH; Wayne Bentham, MD; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH

Community-based Participatory Research, Collaborative Care, Disaster, Mental Health

Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing Collaborative Mental Health Care in Post-Katrina New Orleans
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-30–S1-37)

Wayne Bentham, MD; Steven D. Vannoy, PhD, MPH; Katrina Badger, MPH, MSW; Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH

Collaborative Care Model, Hurricane Katrina, Post-disaster, Implementation

Building Capacity for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Delivery for Depression in Disaster- Impacted Contexts
(EthnDis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-38–S1-44)

Victoria K. Ngo, PhD; Angela Centanni, LCSW; Eunice Wong, PhD; Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Jeanne Miranda, PhD

Evidence-based Practices, Capacity Building, Depression Care

Community-Based Participatory Development of a Community Health Worker Mental Health Outreach Role to Extend Collaborative Care in Post-Katrina New Orleans
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-45–S1-51)

Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Steven D. Vannoy, PhD, MPH; Charles E. Allen, III, MSPH; Diana Meyers, RN, BSN; Elizabeth O’Toole, MSPH; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH; Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH

Community Health Workers, Community-Based Participatory Research, Collaborative Care, Disaster, Mental Health

Community Perspectives on Post-Katrina Mental Health Recovery in New Orleans
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-52–S1-57)

Diana Meyers, RN, BSN; Charles E. Allen, III, MSPH; Donisha Dunn, MD; Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH

Mental Health, Community- Based Participatory Research, Disaster, Hurricane Katrina

The Partnered Research Center for Quality Care: Developing Infrastructure to Support Community-partnered Participatory Research in Mental Health
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-58–S1-70)

Elizabeth Lizaola, MPH; Ron Schraiber, MA; Joel Braslow, MD, PhD; Sheryl Kataoka, MD, MSHS; Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA

Community Based Participatory Research, Mental Health, Community-academic Partnership

Effects on School Outcomes in Low-Income Minority Youth: Preliminary Findings from a Community-Partnered Study of a School-based Trauma Intervention
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-71–S1-77)

Sheryl Kataoka, MD, MSHS; Lisa H. Jaycox, PhD; Marleen Wong, PhD; Erum Nadeem, PhD; Audra Langley, PhD; Lingqi Tang, PhD; Bradley D. Stein, MD, PhD

Grades, Trauma Intervention, Schools,CognitiveBehavioral Therapy, Violence

Partnered Evaluation of a Community Engagement Intervention: Use of a Kickoff Conference in a Randomized Trial for Depression Care Improvement in Underserved Communities (Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-78–S1-88)

Peter Mendel, PhD; Victoria K. Ngo, PhD; Elizabeth Dixon, RN, PhD; Susan Stockdale, PhD; Felica Jones; Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Andrea Jones; Zoe Masongsong, MS; Dmitry Khodyakov, PhD

Community Engagement, Community Conference, Community-Partnered Research, Collective Efficacy, Community Of Practice, Depression Care

Strengthening Families of Children with Developmental Concerns: Parent Perceptions of Developmental Screening and Services in Head Start
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-89–S1-93)

Bergen B. Nelson, MD, MSHS; Paul J. Chung, MD, MS; Helen M. DuPlessis, MD, MPH; Lilia Flores, MA; Gery W. Ryan, PhD; Sheryl H. Kataoka, MD, MS

Early Childhood Development, Developmental Screening, Early Intervention, Head Start Program, Preschool, Latino Families, Social-Emotional Development

Participatory and Social Media to Engage Youth: From the Obama Campaign to Public Health Practice
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1- 94–S1-99)

Jordi Goodman; Ashley Wennerstrom, MPH; Benjamin F. Springgate, MD, MPH

Social Media, Mental Health, Youth, Health Communication, Community Outreach

Project Overview of the Restoration Center Los Angeles: Steps to Wholeness – Mind, Body, and Spirit
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21 [Suppl 1]: S1-100–S1-106)

Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Eunice Wong, PhD; Paula Litt, MA; Reverend Ronald Wright; Delores A. Hill, LCSW; Felica Jones; Dennis Corbin, PhD; Ruthie Gray, BA; Kavita Patel, MD, MSHS; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH

African American, Cultural Competency, Depression, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Health Disparities, Community- based Participatory Research, Mental Health, Faith-based

Addressing Unmet Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs: A Partnered Planning Effort between Grassroots Community Agencies, Faith-based Organizations, Service Providers, and Academic Institutions
(Ethn Dis. 2011;21[Suppl 1]:S1-107–S1-113)

Eunice C. Wong, PhD; Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Gabriel Stover, MPA; Susan Stockdale, PhD; Felica Jones; Paula Litt, MA; Ruth S. Klap, PhD; Kavita Patel, MD, MSHS; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH

Community-based Participatory Research, Faith-based, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, African American




Volume 20, Supplement 2 - Creating Healthy African American Families




Foreword: Creating Healthy African American Families

Keith C. Norris, MD


The Healthy African American Families (HAAF) Project: From Community-based Participatory Research to Community-partnered Participatory Research
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20 [Suppl 2]:s2-1–s2-8)

Cynthia D. Ferré, MA; Loretta Jones, MA; Keith C. Norris, MD; Diane L. Rowley, MD, MPH

Community-based Participatory Research, Community-partnered Participatory Research, African American, Family

Story of Stone Soup: A Recipe to Improve Health Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2010; 20[Suppl 2]:s2-9–s2-14)

Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Loretta Jones, MA; Chrystene Terry, LCSW; Andrea Jones; Nell Forge, MPH, PhD; Keith C. Norris, MD

African American, Family, Community Partnered Participatory Research

Participation in Action: The Healthy African American Families Community Conference Model
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 2]:S2- 15–S2-20

Loretta Jones, MA; Barry E. Collins, PhD

African American, Research

Ethnographic Evaluation of a Research Partnership between Two African American Communities and a University
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20 [Suppl 2]: s2-21–s2-29)

Pauline E. Brooks, PhD

African American, Research, Ethnographic Research, Evaluation, Pregnant Women, Participatory Evaluation, Communitybased Research, Qualitative Research

The Healthy African American Families’ Risk Communications Initiative: Using Community Partnered Participatory Research to Address Preterm Birth at the Local Level
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 2]:S2-30–S2-35)

Loretta Jones, MA; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Aziza Wright, MEd; Neysa Dillon Brown, MSPH; Marsha Broussard, MPH; Vijaya Hogan, MPH, DrPH


One Hundred Intentional Acts of Kindness Toward a Pregnant Woman: Building Reproductive Social Capital in Los Angeles
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20 [Suppl 2]:s2-36–s2-40)

Loretta Jones, MA; Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Aziza Lucas-Wright, MEd; Neysa Dillon-Brown, MHS; Marsha Broussard, MPH; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Molly Maidenberg; Keith Norris, MD; Cynthia Ferre´, MA


Community Perspectives: Mixed-Methods Investigation of Culture, Stress, Resilience, and Health
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 2]:s2-41–s2-48)

Cleopatra M. Abdou, PhD; Christine Dunkel Schetter, PhD; Felica Jones; Danielle Roubinov, MA; Sid Tsai, BA; Loretta Jones, MA; Michael Lu, MD, MPH; Calvin Hobel, MD

Community, Culture, Stress, Resilience, Family, Health Disparities

Where Is the F in MCH? Father Involvement in African American Families
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 2]:s2-49–s2-61)

Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Melton J. Bond, PhD; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Maiteeny Pumpuang, MPH; Molly Maidenberg, MSW, MPH; Drew Jones, MPH; Craig Garfield, MD, MAPP; Diane L. Rowley, MD, MPH

African American Fathers, Maternal Health, Child Health, Family

Closing the Black-White Gap in Birth Outcomes: A Life-course Approach
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20 [Suppl 2]:s2-62–s2-76)

Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Milton Kotelchuck, PhD, MPH; Vijaya Hogan, DrPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Neal Halfon, MD, MPH

Life Course Perspective, Disparities, Birth Outcomes, Programming, Allostatic Load, Preconception Care, Prenatal Care, Quality, Father Involvement, Systems Integration, Social Capital, Maternity Leave, Childcare, Racism

A Roadmap for Authentic Community/Academic Engagement for Developing Effective Community Preterm Birth Education
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 2]:S2-77–S2-82)

Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Vijaya Hogan, DrPH

Community, Participatory Research, Preterm Birth, Risk Communications, African American

Volume 20, Supplement 1 - Research from the Eleventh RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities




Research from the Eleventh RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-1–S1-2)

Keith C. Norris, MD; Richard Yanagihara, MD; Paul B. Tchounwou, ScD


Peripheral Sensitization of Sensory Neurons
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-3–S1-6)

Victor V. Chaban, PhD, MSCR

DRG, Sensitization, ATP, Substance P, Calcium

Adhesion of Acinetobacter baumannii to Extracellular Proteins Detected by a Live Cell-protein Binding Assay
(Ethn Dis.2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-7–S1-11)

Shatha F. Dallo, PhD; James Denno, BA; Soonbae Hong, MS; Tao Weitao, MD, PhD

Acinetobacter baumannii, Infections, Bacterial Biofilms, Proteins, Adhesion

Potential Cancer-Fighting Ocimum Gratissimum (Og) Leaf Extracts: Increased Anti-Proliferation Activity of Partially Purified Fractions and Their Spectral Fingerprints
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-12–S1- 16)

Stephen I.N. Ekunwe, PhD; Melvanique S. Thomas, MS; Xuan Luo, MS; Hengshan Wang, PhD; Yong Chen, MSc; Xiaopu Zhang, MSc; Gregorio B. Begonia, PhD

Ocimum gratissimum (Og), Prostate Adenocarcinoma (PC-3) Cells, Antiproliferation Activity

Partial Immunity to Fasciola hepatica in Mice after Vaccination with FhSAP2 Delivered as Recombinant Protein or DNA Construct
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-17–S1-23)

Ana M. Espino, PhD; Adelaida Morales, MT; Bonnibel Delgado, BSc, MT; Francheska M. Rivera, MT; Olgary Figueroa, BSc; Erick Sua´rez, PhD

Fasciola hepatica, DNA-vaccination, FhSAP2

Cocaine-Induced Sex Differences in D1 Dopamine Receptor mRNA Levels after Acute Cocaine Administration
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-24–S1-27)

Eugene D. Festa, PhD; Kai-Yvonne Shivers, MA; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quin˜ones-Jenab, PhD

Cocaine, Sex Differences, Locomotor Behavior, Dopamine, mRNA

Glutamate Transporters are Differentially Expressed in the Hippocampus During the Early Stages of One-day Spatial Learning Task
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-28–S1-32)

Ada I. Fraticelli-Torres, MS; Fe´lix Matos-Ocasio, BS; Kenira J. Thompson, PhD

Hippocampus, Glutamate Transporters, GLAST, EAAC1, Glt-1

Optical Recording of Intracellular pH in Respiratory Chemoreceptors
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-33–S1-38)

Matthew J. Gdovin, PhD; Debora A. Zamora, PhD; C.R. Marutha Ravindran, PhD; James C. Leiter, MD

pH, Respiration, Carbon Dioxide, Chemoreceptors

Serotonergic Modulation of Respiratory Rhythmogenesis and Central Chemoreception
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-39–S1-44)

Matthew J. Gdovin, PhD; Debora A. Zamora, PhD; C.R. Marutha Ravindran, PhD; James C. Leiter, MD

Serotonin, Respiration, Carbon Dioxide, Chemoreceptors

Prediction of the Interaction of HIV-1 Integrase and Its Dicaffeoylquinic Acid Inhibitor through Molecular Modeling Approach
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-45– S1-49)

Zengjian Hu, PhD; Dagang Chen, MD; Lanxiang Dong, MD; W.M. Southerland, PhD

HIV-1 Integrase. Anti-AIDS Drug, Molecular Modeling, Dicaffeoylquinic Acids

Acute and Chronic Estradiol Replacements Differentially Alter Corticosterone and COX-mediated Responses to an Inflammatory Stimulus in Female Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-50–S1-54)

Tzipora Kuba, PhD; Deirtra Hunter, PhD; Luyi Zhou, BS; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quin˜ones-Jenab, PhD

Cyclooxygenase, COX-1, COX- 2, Pain, Inflammation, Formalin

Endogenous Gonadal Hormones Regulate Females’ Behavioral Responses to Formalin through Prostaglandin E2 Release
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-55–S1-59)

Tzipora Kuba, PhD; Deirtra Hunter, PhD; Luyi Zhou, BS; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quin˜ones-Jenab, PhD

Chronic, Pain, Sex, Differences, Hormones, Inflammation

Inhibition of DNA Methyltransferases and Histone Deacetylases Induces Bone Marrow-derived Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells to Differentiate into Endothelial Cells (EthnDis. 2010;20:[Suppl 1]:S1-60– S1-64)

Saswati Mahpatra, MS; Meri T. Firpo, PhD; Methode Bacanamwo, PhD

Bone Marrow Stem Cells, DNA Methylation, Histone Acetylation, Endothelial Cells, Differentiation

Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Induce Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity and Apoptosis in Normal Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-65–S1-72)

Anita Patlolla, PhD; Brionna Knighten, BS; Paul Tchounwou, ScD

Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes, Human Dermal Fibroblast, DNA, Annexin V, Cytotoxicity

Progesterone Does Not Affect Cocaine-induced Conditioned Place Preference or Locomotor Activity in Male Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20:[Suppl 1]:S1-73–S1-77)

Scott J. Russo, PhD; Wei Lun Sun, PhD; Ana Christina E. Minerley, PhD; Karen Weierstall, PhD; Arbi Nazarian, PhD; Eugene D. Festa, PhD; Tipyamol Niyomchai, PhD; Alaleh Akhavan, BS; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quiñones-Jenab, PhD

Reward, Sex Differences, Conditioned Place Preference, Progesterone

Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of Essential Oils
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-78–S1-82)

Mahmoud A. Saleh, PhD; Shavon Clark; Brooke Woodard; Suziat Ayomide Deolu-Sobogun

Terpenes, Free Radicals, Oxidative Damage, Reactive Oxygen Species

Acute Progesterone Treatment Impairs Spatial Working Memory in Intact Male and Female Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-83–S1-87)

Wei-Lun Sun, PhD; Victoria N. Luine, PhD; Luyi Zhou, BS; Hui-Bing Wu, PhD; Karen M. Weierstall, PhD; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quiñones-Jenab, PhD

Object Recognition, Spatial Memory, Non-spatial Memory, Gender Differences, Sex Differences

Sex Differences in Dopamine D2-like Receptor-mediated G-protein Activation in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex after Cocaine
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-88–S1-91)

Wei-Lun Sun, PhD; Eugene D. Festa, PhD; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quiñones-Jenab, PhD

Cocaine, Dopamine, G-protein, Cortex

Role of Selenoprotein P in Alzheimer’s Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-92–S1- 95)

Andrea S. Takemoto, BS; Marla J. Berry, PhD; Frederick P. Bellinger, PhD

Selenium, Selenoprotein P, Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyloid Beta, Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis

miRNA 26a Expression in a Novel Panel of African American Prostate Cancer Cell Lines
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]: S1-96–S1-100)

Shaniece C. Theodore, MS; Johng S. Rhim, MD; Timothy Turner, PhD; Clayton Yates, PhD

miRNA, African American Prostate Cancer

N-Acetyl-Cysteine Protects Against DNA Damage Associated with Lead Toxicity in HepG2 Cells
(Ethn Dis. 2010; 20[Suppl 1]:S1-101–S1-103)

Clement G. Yedjou, PhD; Christine K. Tchounwou, HS; Samuel Haile, BS; Falicia Edwards, MS; Paul B. Tchounwou, ScD

Lead, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, HepG2 Cells

MRI Volumetric Analysis Techniques, Including Hippocampus Extraction, Based on Data from the Honolulu Asia Aging Study (HAAS)
(Ethn Dis. 2010; 20[Suppl 1]:S1-104–S1-106)

Sajung Yun, PhD; Lon White, MD, MPH

MRI, Hippocampus Extraction, Honolulu Asia Aging Study

Prevalence of Depression Symptoms among Adolescents Aged 12–17 Years in California and the Role of Overweight as a Risk Factor
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-107–S1-115)

Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, PhD; Griselda Alvarez, MD; Senait Teklehaimanot, MPH; Nehzat Nikakhtar, MD; Mohsen Bazargan, PhD

Depression, Adolescents, Overweight

Efficacy of Two Cyclophosphamide Regimens for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis in Puerto Ricans: Low vs Standard Dose
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]: S1-116–S1-121)

Lesliane E. Castro-Santana, MD; Marilú Colón, MD; María J. Molina, MD; Vanessa E. Rodríguez, MD; Angel M. Mayor, MD, MS; Luis M. Vilá, MD

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Lupus Nephritis, Cyclophosphamide, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans

Changes in Developmental Factors and HIV Risk Behaviors among Early Adolescents in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-122–S1-126)

Diana M. Fernández Santos, EdD, MS; Wanda I. Figueroa-Cosme, MD; María de los A. Go´mez, PhD; Johanna Maysonet-Cruz, BSHE; Christine Miranda-Díaz, MPHE; Mario Sepúlveda-Santiago, MS; Eddy Rı´os-Olivares, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

HIV Risk Factors, Adolescents, Puerto Ricans

Mothers of Adolescent Girls: Comparing HIV Positive and HIV Negative Women
(Ethn Dis. 2010; 20[Suppl 1]:S1-127–S1-130)

Wanda I. Figueroa-Cosme, MD; Nanet M. López-Córdova, PsyD; Jose´ A. Capriles-Quiros, MD, MPH, MHSA

HIV+ Mothers, Adolescents, Sociodemographic Characteristics, Puerto Rican

United States Black:White Infant Mortality Disparities Are Not Inevitable: Identification of Community Resilience Independent of Socioeconomic Status
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1- 131–S1-135)

Yvonne W. Fry-Johnson, MD, MSCR; Robert Levine, MD; Diane Rowley, MD, MPH; Vincent Agboto, PhD; George Rust, MD, MPH

Infant Mortality, Socioeconomic Status, Resilience, Racial Disparity

Neonatal Regionalization through Telemedicine Using a Community-based Research and Education Core Facility
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]: S1-136–S1-140)

R. Whit Hall, MD; Julie Hall-Barrow, EdD; Edgar Garcia-Rill, PhD

Infant, Premature, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal, Regionalization, Telemedicine

Translational Leadership: New Approaches to Team Development
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[[Suppl 1]:S1-141–S1-145)

Rosanne C. Harrigan, EdD, MS; Lori M. Emery, MEd

Leadership, Translational Research, Collaboration, Interpersonal Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Coaching, Mentoring, Self Development

Maternal Factors and Disparities Associated with Oral Clefts (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-146–S1-149)

Kimberly D. Lebby, PhD; Fei Tan, PhD; C. Perry Brown, DrPH

Oral Clefts, Maternal Smoking, Maternal Diabetes, Maternal Alcohol Consumption, Disparities, Birth Defects

Importance of Capacity Assessment for an Early Staged-Research Network Designed to Eliminate Health Disparity: Lessons from RTRN
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-150–S1-154)

Jae Eun Lee, DrPH; James Perkins, PhD; M. Edwina Barnett, MD, PhD, MBA; Daniel Sarpong, PhD; Junghye Sung, MPH, ScD

Research Network, Capacity Assessment, Statistical Capacity Building, RTRN, RCMI

Recruitment of HIV Positive and Negative Women in Puerto Rico: The Experiences of a Research Team
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-155–S1-157)

Nanet M. Lopez-Cordova, PsyD; Wanda I. Figueroa-Cosme, MD; José A. Capriles, MD

Recruitment, HIV+/2 Women, Minority Research

The Effectiveness Evaluation of a Multimedia Hepatitis C Prevention Program for Hispanic HIV-infected Individuals
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20 [Suppl 1]:S1-158–S1-162)

Angel M. Mayor, MD; Diana M. Fernández, EdD; Héctor M. Colón, PhD; James C. Thomas, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

HCV/HIV Program Evaluation, HCV/HIV Multimedia Intervention

The Morbidity and Mortality Associated with Kidney Disease in an HIV-infected Cohort in Puerto Rico (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-163–S1-167)

Angel M. Mayor, MD; Mark Dworkin, MD; Luis Quesada, MD; Eddy Ríos-Olivares, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD, FACP

Kidney Disease, Hispanic, HIV

Body Mass Index Affects the Diagnosis and Progression of Prostate Cancer in Hispanics
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-168–S1-172)

Rosa Negrón, MS; Andrea Va´squez, MS; Mariely Nieves, MS; Lourdes Guerrios, MD; Margarita Irizarry-Ramírez, PhD

PSA, Prostate Cancer, Hispanics, BMI

Applying the Epidemiologic Problem Oriented Approach (EPOA) Methodology in Developing a Knowledge Base for the Modeling of HIV/AIDS
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-173–S1-177)

David Nganwa, DVM; Tsegaye Habtemariam, PhD; Berhanu Tameru, PhD; Gemechu Gerbi, MS; Asseged Bogale, DVM; Vinaida Robnett, MS; Wanda Wilson, BS

Epidemiologic Problem Oriented Approach, HIV/AIDS, Modeling

The Viability of Outercourse for HIV Prevention within the Puerto Rican Context
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-178–S1-184)

Lisa R. Norman, PhD

Culture, Outercourse, Puerto Rico, Latina, HIV prevention

Clinical and Sociodemographic Features of Puerto Ricans with Systemic Sclerosis (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-185–S1-190)

Grissel Ríos, MD; Angel M. Mayor, MD

Systemic Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Hispanics

Impact of Age on Clinical Manifestations and Outcome in Puerto Ricans with Rheumatoid Arthritis
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-191–S1-195)

Yesenia Santiago-Casas, MD; Tania C. González-Rivera, MD; Lesliane E. Castro-Santana, MD; Grissel Ríos, MD; David Martínez, MD; Vanessa E. Rodríguez, MD; Rafael González-Alcover, MD; Angel M. Mayor, MD, MS; Luis M. Vila´, MD

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Outcome, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans

Sex Differences in Perceived Weight-Based Stigmatization Among African Americans (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-196–S1-200)

Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, PhD; Susan M. Gross, PhD, MPH, RD; Lynnett M. Gray; Shijun Zhu, PhD; Dorothy C. Browne, MSW, MPH, DrPH

Weight Bias, Weight-based Stigmatization, Misperception of Weight, African American, Sex Differences

Web-Based Data Collection: An Effective Strategy for Increasing African Americans’ Participation in Health-Related Research
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-201–S1-206)

Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, PhD; Susan M. Gross, PhD, MPH, RD; Dorothy C. Browne, MSW, MPH, DrPH

Web-based Survey, African American Research Participation, College Health and Wellness

Assessing HIV/AIDS Intervention Strategies Using an Integrative Macro-Micro Level Computational Epidemiologic Modeling Approach
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1- 207–S1-210)

Berhanu Tameru, PhD; Tsegaye Habtemariam, PhD; David Nganwa, DVM; Gemechu Gerbi, MS; Asseged Bogale, DVM; Vinaida Robnett, MS; Wanda Wilson, BS

Computational Micro-Epidemiologic Modeling, Computational Macro-Epidemiologic Modeling, HIV/AIDS

Assessing Physician Workforce Using Insurance Claims Data and Focus Groups Compared to Benchmarks
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-211–S1-214)

Kelley Withy, MD, PhD; David Sakamoto, MD, MBA

Physician Workforce, Workforce Assessment, Benchmarking, Rural Health Care

Disparate Rates of Persistent Smoking and Drug Use During Pregnancy of Women of Hawaiian Ancestry (Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-215–S1-218)

Tricia E. Wright, MD; Elizabeth Tam, MD

Persistent Smoking, Native Hawaiians, Pregnancy, Drug Use, Health Disparities, Intrauterine Growth Restriction, Preterm Delivery, PRCEHD

Cross-talk Between MAPKs and PI-3K Pathways Alters the Functional Density of IK Channels in Hypertrophied Hearts
(Ethn Dis. 2010;20[Suppl 1]:S1-219–S1- 224)

Aiqiu Zhao, MD; Zikiar Alvin, BSc; Graham Laurence, MD, PhD; Chuanfu Li, PhD; Georges E. Haddad, PhD

MAPK, PI-3K, IK, Cardiac Hypertrophy




Volume 19, Supplement 6 - Community-Partnered Participatory Research: Strategies and Tactics for Improving Community Health




Preface: Community-Partnered Participatory Research: How We Can Work Together to Improve Community Health
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 6];S6-1–S6-2)

Loretta Jones, MA


Chapter 1. The Vision, Valley, and Victory of Community Engagement
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19 [Suppl 6]:S6-3–S6-7)

Loretta Jones, MA; Kenneth Wells, MD; Keith Norris, MD; Barbara Meade, MA; Paul Koegel, PhD

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 2. Begin Your Partnership: The Process of Engagement
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19 [Suppl 6]:S6-8–S6-16)

Loretta Jones, MA; Barbara Meade, MA; Nell Forge, PhD; Moraya Moini, MPH; Felica Jones; Chrystene Terry, BA; Keith Norris, MD

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 3: Develop a Vision
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19 [Suppl 6]: S6-17–S6-30)

Loretta Jones, MA; Barbara Meade, MA; Keith Norris, MD; Aziza Lucas-Wright, MEd; Felica Jones; Moraya Moini, MPH; Andrea Jones; Paul Koegel, PhD

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 4. Work Through the Valley: Plan (Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 6]:S6-31–S6-38)

Loretta Jones, MA; Barbara Meade, MA; Paul Koegel, PhD; Aziza Lucas-Wright, MEd; Angela Young-Brinn, MBA; Chrystene Terry, BA; Keith Norris, MD

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 5. Work Through the Valley: Do
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 6]:S6-39–S6-46)

Loretta Jones, MA; Kenneth Wells, MD; Barbara Meade, MA; Nell Forge, PhD; Aziza Lucas-Wright, MEd; Felica Jones; Angela Young-Brinn, MBA; Andrea Jones; Keith Norris, MD

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 6. Work Through the Valley: Evaluate
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 6]:S6- 47–S6-58)

Kenneth Wells, MD; Paul Koegel, PhD; Loretta Jones, MA; Barbara Meade, MA

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Chapter 7. Celebrate Victory
(Ethn Dis. 2009; 19[Suppl 6]:S6-59–S6-71)

Loretta Jones, MA; Kenneth Wells, MD; Barbara Meade, MA

Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Community Engagement, Community-Based Research, Action Research

Appendix 1. Please Share Your Know-How with Us! Appendix 2. About Healthy African American Families




Volume 19, Supplement 5 - Select Proceedings and Abstract Presentations from the 24th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Minority Populations - ISHIB2009




(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 5]:s5iii–s5iv)

Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA; Keith C. Norris, MD, FASN


Basic Principles of Effective Hypertension Therapeutics Ethn Dis. 2009;19 [Suppl 5]: s5-1–s5-2.

John M. Flack, MD, MPH, FAHA, FACP


Provider Factors Affecting Adherence: Cultural Competency and Sensitivity
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 5]:S5- 3–S5-7)

Debra J. Barksdale, PhD, FNP

Providers, Cultural Competency, Sensitivity, Adherence, Concordance, Discordance, ASKED, LEARN

Vitamin D and Chronic Kidney Disease
(Ethn Dis.2009; 19 [Suppl5]:s5- 8–s5-11)

Sandra Williams, MD; Karla Malatesta, BS; Keith Norris, MD

Vitamin D, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular

Abstract Presentations from the 24th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Minority Populations




Volume 19, Supplement 4 - ISHIB2008 Abstract Presentations as Presented at the 23rd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations. July 2008. New Orleans, Louisiana.




Abstract Presentations from the 23nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Minority Populations ISHIB2008




Volume 19, Supplement 3 - Research from the National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 2008 STEP UP High School Program with Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, University of California, San Francisco, University of Hawaii at Manoa




Foreword: NIDDK and the Minority Biomedical Pipeline - pi

Frances Ferguson, MD; Bonnie L. Halpern-Felsher, PhD; George Hui, PhD; Keith C. Norris, MD; Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD


PPAR-g and Leptin in Pulmonary Inflammation - p1

Student Researcher: Alexis M. Andrews


Is Food Insecurity Associated with Chronic Disease and Chronic Disease Control? - p3

Student Researcher: Ashley Terrell


Sex Differences in Motivation for Cocaine as a Function of Stage of Addiction - p7

Student Researcher: Jo Blount


Differential Expression of HDAC1 and HDAC2 in Human Endometrial and Enometriotic Cells - p9

Student Researcher: Camille C. Irizarry


Electronic Aggression as New Form of Violence in the Home: Radio Rap Sessions to Raise Awareness in Parent and in Youth - p11

Student Researcher: Melanie Johnson


The Role of Complexin in Neurotransmitter Release - p13

Student Researcher: Joel Fernandez


Shigellosis Outbreak and Its Effects on Subjects with Pre-existing Medical Conditions - p15

Student Researcher: Sergio Alessandro Luna


Normalization of Bcl-2 Family Members in Breast Cancer by Coenzyme Q10 - p17

Student Researcher: Lizbeth Pinto


Does BMI Impact Activity Level? - p19

Student Researcher: Kaci H. K. Rosehill


Metabolic Syndrome and Soft Drink Consumption - p21

Student Researcher: Javier R. Ruiz


Development and Testing of LAMP Assay for Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria - p23

Student Researcher: Andrew Ken Stridiron


Emergency Contraception Knowledge among Teens - p25

Student Researcher: Evelyn Urena


Smoking in the Movies in the 1940s - p28

Student Researcher: William Roeder


The Survey of Collecting Water Samples from Vital Water Sources for Evaluation of Water Pollution and Cleanliness - p30

Student Researcher: Anastasia Tuset


Evaluation of Alternatives for Wheat Germ Oil as an Enhancer for Melon Fruit Fly Liquid Larval Rearing Diet - p33

Student Researcher: Fasia Afuola


Lipitor vs. Simvastatin for Efficacy of Cardiovascular Event and Mortality Reduction - p35

Student Researcher: Rose Bamfo


Dose Response Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolic Syndrome - p38

Student Researcher: Jacqueline Estrada


Screening for Novel Mutations in the HPS1 and HPS3 Genes in Puerto Rican Patients Heterozygous for Founder Mutations - p40

Student Researcher: Nathalie Fuentes


Effects of Long-term Sustained Elevation of cGMP Levels and Stem Cell Implantation on Cell Death and Fibrosis in the Heart after Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Rat - p42

Student Researcher: Taveeona Harvey


Delivering E-Mail Obesity Messages to Women - p44

Student Researcher: Alison Johnson


The Role of Telephone Case Management after Scheduled Outpatient Visits for Pediatric Asthma - p46

Student Researcher: Andrea Martinez


Is there a Link between Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer? - p48

Student Researcher: Belinda Perez


Physiologic Testosterone Replacement in Women with Hypopituitarism - p50

Student Researcher: Kaneca Pompey


Impact of an Information Retrieval and Management Curriculum on Medical Student Citations - p52

Student Researcher: Amy Li


Diagnostic Tests for Mild Cushing's Syndrome - p54

Student Researcher: LaTiera Zachery


How Roadway Pollutants Affect Health - p56

Student Researcher: Fabio Coartney


Purification of Gpi8, a Subunit of GPI-transamidase, from Engineered E. coli - p58

Student Researcher: Chidi Akusobi


Mathematical Modeling of Glioma Proliferation and Diffusion - p60

Student Researcher: Mahlet Assefa


Tissue-specific Down Regulation of ABCC6 Expression in Beta thalassemia Mice - p63

Student Researcher: Chloe Edinger


Effect of Insulin on Mast Cell Physiology - p65

Student Researcher: Shekinah B. Eugenio


Selenium Intake Affects mRNA Levels for Key Mediators of CD4+ T Cell Activation - p67

Student Researcher: Allyson Fukuyama


Effects of Long Term Sustained Elevation of Cgmp Levels on Cell Death and Fibrosis in the Heart of a Rat Model of Type 2 Diabetes - p69

Student Researcher: Bethlehem Habte


Symptoms of Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease in Rats that Regularly Drink Alcohol - p71

Student Researcher: Sofia Infante


Pattern of Admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions: 2004-2007 - p73

Student Researcher: Kiara Johnson


Interactions of Helix 1 in Alpha Synuclein with SDS Micelles - p76

Student Researcher: Kelly Salazar


Cell Culture Forensics of Calu-3: A Human Lung Epithelial Cell Line - p78

Student Researcher: Amber Otton


Effects of Myostatin Propeptide Transgene on Muscle Mitochondrial Quantity - p80

Student Researcher: Donna Poscablo


Comparison of the Availability of Healthy Foods in Low Income and High Income Neighborhoods in Philadelphia - p82

Student Researcher: Derek Dale


Abstracts from the National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease 2008 STEP UP Program - p84



Other Research from the 2008 STEP UP Program - p89




Volume 19, Supplement 2 - Proceedings from the Global Summit on Cardio Renal Metabolic Syndrome in People of the African Diaspora





James W. Reed, MD, MACP, FACE


Metabolic Syndrome in Black People of the African Diaspora: The Paradox of Current Classification, Definition and Criteria
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19(Supp 2):S2- 1–S2-7)

Trudy Gaillard, RN, PhD; Dara Schuster, MD; Kwame Osei, MD

Metabolic Syndrome, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Insulin Resistance, African Diaspora

Metabolic Syndrome in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 2]:S2-8–S2-10)

Ayesha A. Motala, MD; Jean-Claude Mbanya, PhD; Kaushik L. Ramaiya, MMed, MBBS

Metabolic Syndrome, Sub- Sahara Africa, Insulin Resistance, Central Obesity

Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome in the African Diaspora: Rationale for Including Chronic Kidney Disease in Metabolic Syndrome Definition (Ethn Dis.2009;19[Suppl 2]:S2-11–S2-14)

Janice P. Lea, MD; Eddie L. Greene, MD; Susanne B. Nicholas, MD; Lawrence Agodoa, MD; Keith C. Norris,MD

Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Ethnic


Volume 19, Supplement 1 - Proceedings from Renal Disease in Minority Populations and Developing Nations A Satellite Meeting of the World Congress of Nephrology Petropolis, Brazil – April 25-27, 2007




Foreword - Global Approaches for Understanding the Disproportionate Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]: S1-1–S1-2)

David Pugsley, MD; Keith C. Norris, MD; Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, MD; Lawrence Agodoa, MD


The Latin American Dialysis and Transplant Registry: Report 2006
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-3-S1-6)

Ana Cusumano, MD, PhD; Guillermo Garcia Garcia, MD; Carlota Gonzalez Bedat, MD

Latin America, Renal Replacement Therapy, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Transplantation

End-stage Renal Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease in Brazil (Ethn Dis 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-7–S1-9)

Jocemir R. Lugon, MD

End-stage Renal Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Brazil

Current Status of Renal Replacement Therapy in Cuba 2006
(Ethn Dis. 2009; 19[Suppl 1]:S1-10–S1-12)

J.F. Pérez-Oliva, MD

End-stage Renal Disease, Incidence, Prevalence, Resources, Dialysis

End-stage Renal Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19 [Suppl 1]:S1-13–S1-15)

Saraladevi Naicker, FRCP, PhD

Chronic Kidney Disease, Endstage Renal Disease, Sub-Saharan Africa, Renal Replacement Therapy, Prevention Strategies

Organ Donation in the Middle East Countries
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-16–S1-17)

Faissal A.M. Shaheen, MD

Donation, Organ Transplantation, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan

Availability of Renal Replacement Therapy in Central and Eastern Europe
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1- 18–S1-22)

Boleslaw Rutkowski, MD, PhD, DrSc

Renal Replacement Therapy, Epidemiology

Dialysis Status in China: A Report from the Shanghai Dialysis Registry (2000–2005)
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-23–S1-26)

Qiang Yao, MD, PhD; Weiming Zhang, MD; Jiaqi Qian, MD

Dialysis, Registry, Shanghai

Current Status of End-stage Renal Disease Care in South Asia
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-27–S1-32)

Vivekanand Jha, MD, DM

End-stage Renal Disease, India, Pakistan, Healthcare Costs, Dialysis, Kidney Transplantation

End-stage Renal Disease in Indonesia: Treatment Development
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-33–S1-36)

Wiguno Prodjosudjadi, MD, PhD; A. Suhardjono, MD, PhD

End-stage Renal Disease, Incidence, Prevalence, Treatment Development

Leptospirosis: A Worldwide Resurgent Zoonosis and Important Cause of Acute Renal Failure and Death in Developing Nations
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-37–S1-41)

Luzia S. Cruz, MD; Roberto Vargas, MD, MPH; Antoˆnio Alberto Lopes, MD, MPH, PhD

Leptospirosis, Epidemiology, Renal Failure, Chemoprophylaxis

Snakebite Envenomation and Death in the Developing World
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-42–S1-46)

Luzia S. Cruz, MD; Roberto Vargas, MD, MPH; Antoˆnio Alberto Lopes, MD, MPH, PhD

Snakebite Envenomation, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Acute Renal Failure, Clinical Characteristics, Bothrops, Crotalus, Treatment

End-stage Renal Disease Due to Diabetes in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Disadvantaged Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2009; 19[Suppl 1]:S1-47–S1-51)

Antonio Alberto Lopes, MD, MPH, PhD

Renal Disease, Diabetes, Ethnicity

Anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-stage Renal Disease: Are There Unique Issues in Disadvantaged Populations?
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-52–S1-55)

Gregorio T. Obrador, MD, MPH

Anemia, Chronic Kidney Disease, End-stage Renal Disease

Barriers to a Functional Renal Transplant Program in Developing Countries
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-56–S1-59)

Ebun L. Bamgboye, MBBS, FWACP


Shortage of Healthcare Workers in Developing Countries—Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-60–S1- 64)

Saraladevi Naicker, FRCP, PhD; Jacob Plange-Rhule, FWACP, PhD; Roger C. Tutt, BA; John B. Eastwood, MD, FRCP

Migration, Shortage, Healthcare Workers, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

Cost-Effective Dialysis for the Developing World
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-65–S1-67)

Martin C. Gregory, BM, BCh, DPhil

Hemodialysis, Economical, Passive, Developing Countries

Role of the Primary Care Physician in Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Renal Damage
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-68–S1-72)

Alfonso M. Cueto-Manzano, MD; Laura Cortés-Sanabria, MD; Héctor R. Martı´nez-Ramı´rez, MD

Primary Healthcare Doctors, Early Nephropathy, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Mellitus

The Role of Government and Competing Priorities in Minority Populations and Developing Nations
(Ethn Dis. 2009 [Suppl 1];19:S1-73-S1-79)

Santos Depine, MD, MPH

Renal Health, Dialysis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Endothelial Injury

Urinary Screening Abnormalities in Antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected Outpatients and Implications for Management—A Single-center Study in South Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2009;19[Suppl 1]:S1-80-S1-85)

June Fabian, MD; Saraladevi Naicker, FRCP, PhD; Willem D.F. Venter, MD; Lee Baker, Dip Pharma; Sagren Naidoo, MD; Graham Paget, MD; Shoyab Wadee, MD

HIV, Antiretroviral Therapy, Urinary Screening, Proteinuria, Leukocyturia, Microscopic Hematuria, Kidney Disease

Risk Factors for the Development and Progression of Renal Diseases in Disadvantaged Populations: Role of the Renin-Angiotensin System Blockade
(Ethn Dis. 2009 [Suppl 1];19: S1-86–S1-89)

Ausilia Maione, MSc PharmChem; Giovanni F.M. Strippoli, MD, MPH, MM





Volume 18, Supplement 3 - Select Proceedings from the 22nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Minority Populations




Tobacco Use Assessment: What Exactly Is Your Patient Using and Why Is It Important to Know?
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18:S3-1–S3-6)

Linda S. Weglicki, PhD, RN

Tobacco Use Assessment, Cigar Smoking, Water Pipe Smoking

ISHIB2007 Abstract Presentations as Presented at the 22nd Annual International Interdiscliplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardviovascular Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations. June 2007. Orlando, Florida




Volume 18, Supplement 2 - Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI): Current Science




Foreword: Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI): Current Science

Sidney McNairy, PhD, DSc; Shelia McClure, PhD


Disruption of the p53-Mdm2 Complex by Nutlin-3 Reveals Different Cancer Cell Phenotypes
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-1–S2-8)

Nicoleta C. Arva, MD, PhD; Kathryn E. Talbott, MPH; Danielle R. Okoro, BS; Angelika Brekman, BS; Wei Gang Qiu, PhD; Jill Bargonetti, PhD

p53, Mdm2, SNP309, Phenotype, Nutlin-3

The Fused TrpEG from Streptomyces venezuelae is an Anthranilate Synthase, Not a 2-Amino-4- deoxyisochorismate (ADIC) Synthase
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-9–S2-13)

Meseret Ashenafi, PhD; Renee Carrington, BS; Alvin C. Collins, BS; W. Malcolm Byrnes, PhD

Anthranilate Synthase, TrpEG, Streptomyces venezuelae, 2-Amino-2-Deoxyisochorismate (ADIC) Synthase

HIV-1 Nef Protein Is Secreted into Vesicles That Can Fuse with Target Cells and Virions
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-14–S2-19)

Tamika D. Campbell, BS; Mahfuz Khan, MS; Ming-Bo Huang, MD; Vincent Craig Bond, PhD; Michael D. Powell, PhD

Nef, Exosome, HEK293 Cells, Jurkat Cells, Nef-GFP Fusion Protein

Visceral Sensory Neurons that Innervate Both Uterus and Colon Express Nociceptive TRPV1 and P2X3 Receptors in Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-20–S2-24)

Victor V. Chaban, PhD

DRG, Colon, Uterus, P2X3, TRPV1

Computing Differential Sample Size for Case-Control Studies of Gene-Environment Interaction
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-25–S2-29)

Jimmy Thomas Efird, PhD, MSc; Mi-Kyung Hong, MPH

Gene-Environment Effect Modification, Gene-Environment Interaction, Genotype Frequency, Odds Ratio

Apoptotic Peptides Derived from HIV-1 Nef Induce Lymphocyte Depletion in Mice (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-30–S2-37)

Ming-Bo Huang, MD; Cleve O. James, PhD; Michael D. Powell, PhD; Vincent C. Bond, PhD

HIV-1 Nef, Apoptotic Motifs, CD4+ or CD8+ T Lymphocytes, CXCR4, in vivo, Mouse

Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Skin from Melanoma Patients
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-38– S2-43)

Karen Hubbard, PhD; Mark L. Steinberg, PhD; Helene Hill, PhD; Irene Orlow, PhD

Mitochondrial DNA Deletions, Pigmentation, Skin Cancer Risk

The Expression of Growth Factors and Their Receptors in Retinal and Endothelial Cells Cocultured in the Rotating Bioreactor
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-44–S2-50)

Ravindra Kumar, PhD; Sandra Harris-Hooker, PhD; Gary L. Sanford, PhD

neovascularization, retinal cells, endothelial cells, co-culture and vascular endothelial growth factors

Coadministration of Estrogen and Progesterone Differentially Affects Locomotor Responses to Cocaine in Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-51–S2-53)

Tipyamol Niyomchai, PhD; Karen Weirstall, PhD; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quin˜ones-Jenab, PhD

Cocaine, Gonadal Hormones, Sex Differences

Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus and Correlation of Urinary Transforming Growth Factor-b1 with Blood Hemoglobin A1C in the Atascosa Diabetes Study
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2- 54–S2-59)

Marco A. Riojas, MS; Rosa E. Villanueva-Vedia, PhD; Rogelio Zamilpa, PhD; Xiao Chen, MS; Liem C. Du, MD; Clyde F. Phelix, PhD; Richard G. LeBaron, PhD

Cytokines, Diabetic Nephropathy, Hispanic, Glucose Tolerance

P-Glycoprotein Expression in HTLV-III Cells after Treatment with HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-60–S2-64)

Marı´a del C. Sánchez, MPH; Pablo Lo´pez, BS; Rosa Vélez, BS; Yasuhiro Yamamura, PhD

P-glycoprotein, HIV-1, HIV Protease Inhibitors, H9/HTLV IIIcc Cell Line

Bioluminescent Animal Models of Human Breast Cancer for Tumor Biomass Evaluation and Metastasis Detection
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-65–S2-69)

Liang Shan, MD, PhD; Songping Wang, PhD; Alexandru Korotcov, PhD; Rajagopalan Sridhar, PhD; Paul C. Wang, PhD

Bioluminescent Imaging, Luciferase, Animal Models, Breast Cancer

E-Cadherin Gene Alterations in Gastric Cancers in Different Ethnic Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-70– S2-74)

Mark L. Steinberg, PhD; Bor-Jang Hwang, MS; Laura Tang, MD; Manish A. Shah, MD

E Cadherin Alterations, Gastric Tumors, Ethnic Biomarkers

A New Procedure for the Quantitative Assessment of P-Glycoprotein Efflux Pump Associated with Human T Lymphocytes
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-75–S2-80)

Rosa Vélez, BS; María del C. Sánchez, MPH; Pablo Lopez, BS; Yasuhiro Yamamura, PhD

New Procedure, P-gp Efflux, Quantitative Assessment, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Effects of RU 486 and Tamoxifen on Cocaine-Induced Behavioral and Endocrinologic Activations in Male and Female Fischer Rats
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-81–S2-86)

Hui-Bing Katie Wu, PhD; Tipyamol Niyomchai, PhD; Eugene Festa, PhD; AnaChristina E. Minerly, PhD; Karen Weierstall, PhD; Deirtra Hunter, MA; Weilun Sun, MA; Jan Weiner, BA; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quinones-Jenab, PhD

Cocaine, Progesterone Receptor, Estrogen Receptor, Sex Differences

Cytotoxicity of Etidronic Acid to Human Breast Cancer Cells
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-87–S2-92)

Yanfei Zhou, PhD; Desta Beyene, PhD; Renshu Zhang, MD; Alemayehu Kassa, PhD; Ebrahim Ashayeri, MD; Rajagopalan Sridhar, PhD

Etidronic Acid, Breast Cancer, Cell Cycle, Cytotoxicity, Mutagenicity

Correlates of Readiness to Change Problem Drinking among a Sample of Problem Drinkers Receiving Care from an Inner-City Emergency Department
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-93–S2-98)

Fernando Antelo, MD; Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, PhD; Chizobam Ani, MD, MPH; Mohsen Bazargan, PhD

Readiness to change, Problem Drinking, Emergency Departments

Profile of Puerto Rican HIV/AIDS Patients with Early and Non-Early Initiation of Injection Drug Use
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-99– S2-104)

Doris V. Báez Feliciano, MS; María A. Go´mez, PhD; Diana M. Fernández-Santos, EdD; Rafael Quintana, MPH; Eddy Rios-Olivares, MPH, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

Early Initiation IDU, Puerto Ricans, HIV/AIDS, Psychosocial, Stress Factors

Correlates of Self-Diagnosis of Chronic Medical and Mental Health Conditions in Under-Served African American and Latino Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-105–S2-111)

Chizobam Ani, MD, MPH; Mohsen Bazargan, PhD; Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, PhD; Ronald M. Andersen, PhD; David W. Hindman, PhD; Richard S. Baker, MD

Medical Conditions, Health Perception, Health Care Utilization, Minority, Public Housing

Disparities in the Receipt of Cardiac Revascularization Procedures between Blacks and Whites: an Analysis of Secular Trends
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-112– S2-117)

C. Perry Brown, DrPH; Levi Ross, PhD; Ivette Lopez, PhD; Angela Thornton, PharmD; Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, PhD

Coronary Heart Disease, Cardiac Catheterization, Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Health Disparity

Comparison of Postdischarge Growth in Adequate for Gestational Age and Small for Gestational Age Very Low Birthweight Infants (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-118–S2-122)

Maribel Campos, MD; Gloria Reyes, MD; Lourdes Garcı´a, MD

Very Low Birthweight, Weight Gain, Small for Gestational Age, Developmental Delay, Catch-Up Growth

Differences among Male/Female Adolescents Participating in a School-Based Teenage Education Program (STEP) Focusing on HIV Prevention in India
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-123–S2-127)

Rosy Chhabra, PsyD; Carolyn Springer, PhD; Bruce Rapkin, PhD; Yusuf Merchant, MD

HIV, Prevention, Education Program, Gender Differences, Health Education

Changes in Profile and Colorectal Cancer Stage over 15 Years in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-128–S2-131)

Marinely Cruz-Amy, MD; Juan Serrano, MD; Ismael Labrador, MD; David Hernandez, MD; Diana M. Fernandez, MS, EdD; Rafael Quintana, MPH; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Screening, TNM Staging

Prevalence of Drug Resistance and Associated Mutations in HIV-Positive Puerto Ricans: Sex Variations
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-132– S2-136)

Luis A. Cubano, PhD; Lycely del C. Sepúlveda-Torres, PhD; Greychan Sosa, BS; Nawal Boukli, PhD; Rafaela Robles, EdD; José W. Rodriguez, PhD; Lourdes Guzmán, MT; Eddy Rı´os-Olivares, PhD

HIV, Resistance, Mutagenesis

Dysphagia and Lung Aspiration Secondary to Anterior Cervical Osteophytes: a Case Report and Review of the Literature
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-137–S2-140)

Wilfredo E. De Jesus-Monge, MD; Elsie I. Cruz-Cuevas, MD

Osteophyte, Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis, DISH, Ankylosing Spondylitis, AS

Can Lessons Learned from a Cuban Experience Improve Health Disparities in South Los Angeles?
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-141–S2-145)

Fred Dominguez, MD, MPH; Alex N. Ortega, PhD

Community Based Participatory Research, Health Disparities, Cuban Health System

Changes in HIV/AIDS Knowledge among Early Adolescents in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-146–S2-150)

Diana M. Fernández, EdD, MS; Wanda I. Figueroa, MD; María de los A. Gómez, PhD; Johanna Maysonet, BHEd; Eddy Rios Olivares, PhD, MPH; Robert F. Hunter, MD

HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Adolescents, Puerto Ricans

Association of Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Levels and Body Mass Index in Overweight Hispanics in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-151–S2-154)

Brunilda Figueroa, MS; Himilce Vélez, MS; Margarita Irizarry-Ramı´rez, PhD

Hypothyroidism, TSH, BMI, Hispanic

The Role of Translational Research in Addressing Health Disparities: a Conceptual Framework
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-155–S2-160)

Erik S. Fleming, BA; James Perkins, PhD; David Easa, MD; Jose G. Conde, MD, MPH; Richard S. Baker, MD; William M. Southerland, PhD; Robert Dottin, PhD; Julio E. Benabe, MD; Elizabeth O. Ofili, MD, MPH; Vincent C. Bond, PhD; Shelia A. McClure, PhD; Michael H. Sayre, PhD; Maureen J. Beanan, PhD; Keith C. Norris, MD

Translational Research, Health Disparities

Addressing Health Disparities through Multi-institutional, Multidisciplinary Collaboratories
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-161–S2-167)

Erik S. Fleming, BA; James Perkins, PhD; David Easa, MD; José G. Conde, MD, MPH; Richard S. Baker, MD; William M. Southerland, PhD; Robert Dottin, PhD; Julio E. Benabe, MD; Elizabeth O. Ofili, MD, MPH; Vincent C. Bond, PhD; Shelia A. McClure, PhD; Michael H. Sayre, PhD; Maureen J. Beanan, PhD; Keith C. Norris, MD

Translational Research, Health Disparities, Conceptual Framework

The Use of Folic Acid for the Prevention of Birth Defects in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-168–S2-171)

Lourdes García-Fragoso, MD; Inés García-García, MD; Cynthia E. Rivera, MPH, MT

Folic Acid, Birth Defects, Neural Tube Defects

A Study of Knowledge, Attitude, and Sensitivity about HIV/AIDS among School Teachers in Northwestern Himalayas
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-172–S2-174)

Shivnath Ghosh, PhD; Rosy Chhabra, PsyD; Carolyn Springer, PhD; Sunil Kumar Sharma, PhD

Teacher Training, HIV/AIDS, Attitudes, Knowledge, Comfort Level

HIV/AIDS Prevention Practices among Recent-Immigrant Jamaican Women
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-175–S2-178)

Marjorie Gillespie-Johnson, PhD

HIV/AIDS, Immigrants, Jamaican Women, Cultural Practices

A Church-Based Program on Prostate Cancer Screening for African American Men: Reducing Health Disparities (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-179–S2-184)

Baqar A. Husaini, PhD; Michelle C. Reece, MS; Janice S. Emerson, MS; Samuel Scales, MS; Pamela C. Hull, PhD; Robert S. Levine, MD

Prostate Cancer Screening, African American Men, Faith-Based, Community- Based Education, Informed Decision-Making, Culturally Appropriate, Health Disparities

Global-World HIV/AIDS Alliance (GHAA): Charting Healthy Pathways for Vulnerable Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-185–S2-188)

James Samuel Maddirala, PhD; Rachel V. Gumbi, PhD; James Perkins, PhD; Sebastian Ousepperampil, PhD; Pamela D. Moore, MPP, JD; Loretta Jones, MA; Sidney McNairy, PhD, DSc; Keith C. Norris, MD

GHAA (Global-World HIV/AIDS Alliance), HIV/AIDS

AIDS-Defining Neoplasm Prevalence in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Patients, before and after Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-189–S2-194)

Angel M. Mayor, MD; Marı´a A. Gómez, PhD; Eddy Ríos-Olivares, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

HIV Neoplasm Differences after HAART

The Feasibility and Acceptability of a Multimedia Hepatitis C Prevention Program for Hispanic HIV-Infected Persons (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-195–S2-199)

Angel M. Mayor, MD; Diana M. Fernández, EdD; Héctor M. Colón, PhD; James C. Thomas, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

HCV/HIV, Prevention, Multimedia, Intervention, Feasibility

Testosterone Plays a Limited Role in Cocaine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference and Locomotor Activity in Male Rats (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-200–S2-204)

AnaChristina E. Minerly, PhD; Scott J. Russo, PhD; Lynne M. Kemen, PhD; Arbi Nazarian, PhD; Hui Bing K. Wu, PhD; Karen M. Weierstall, PhD; Alaleh Akhavan, BA; Shirzad Jenab, PhD; Vanya Quinones-Jenab, PhD

Gender Differences, Reward, Castrated, Gonadal Hormones, Testosterone, Cocaine

Utilization of Health Services and Prescription Patterns among Lupus Patients Followed by Primary Care Physicians and Rheumatologists in Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-205–S2-210)

María J. Molina, MD; Angel M. Mayor, MD, MS; Alejandro E. Franco, MD; Carlos A. Morell, MS; Miguel A. López, BS; Luis M. Vila´, MD

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Healthcare Utilization, Prescription Pattern, Puerto Rico

Do African American Mothers Accurately Estimate Their Daughters’ Weight Category?
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-211–S2-214)

Sandra E. Moore, MD, MSc; Charlie L. Harris, PhD; Petra Watson, BS; Yolanda Wimberly, MD, MSc

Overweight, Health Beliefs, Perception of Health

Prevalence of Breastfeeding among a Multiethnic Population in Hawaii
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-215–S2-218)

Sylvia R. Pager, MD; James Davis, PhD; Rosanne Harrigan, EdD

Breastfeeding, Exclusive, Prevalence, Racial, Ethnic, Formula Feeding

Suicide Attempts among Puerto Rican Men and Women with HIV/AIDS: A Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-219–S2-224)

Rafael A. Quintana-Ortiz, MPH; María A. Gomez, PhD; Doris V. Báez Feliciano, MS; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

AIDS, Suicide Attempts, Trends and Risk Factors

Prevalence of Spondyloarthropathy in Puerto Rican Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-225–S2-229)

Vanessa E. Rodriguez, MD; Pablo J. Costas, MD; Maria Vazquez, MD; Gilberto Alvarez, MD; Gladys Perez-Kraft, MD; Consuelo Climent, MD; Cruz Maria Nazario, PhD

Spondyloarthopathy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Puerto Rican

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Status in Hispanic Women during the Menopause Transition (Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-230–S2-234)

Legier V. Rojas, PhD; Karen Nieves, MPH; Erick Suarez, PhD; Ana Patricia Ortiz, PhD, MPH; Amelia Rivera, PhD; Josefina Romaguera, MD, MPH

FSH, TSH, Puerto Rico, Menopause

Subjective and Objective Measures of Socioeconomic Status: Predictors of Cardiovascular Risk in College Students in Mumbai, India
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-235–S2-237)

Sonia Suchday, PhD; Rosy Chhabra, PsyD; Judith Wylie-Rosett, EdD; Maureen Almeida, MA, MPhil

Socioeconomic Status (SES), India, Class, Caste, Metabolic Syndrome

Concerns about HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection among Low-Risk and High-Risk Women, Puerto Rico
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2-238–S2-241)

Rosimar Torres, MD; Cibel M. Hilerio, PhD(c); Georgina Silva, MPHE; Nyrma Y. Ortiz, PhD(c); Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Lydia E. Santiago, PhD

HIV/AIDS, HIV/STI Risk Behaviors, Risk Reduction Counseling, Rapid HIV Test

Disparities in Vision Impairment among Adults in the United States
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18 [Suppl 2]:S2-242–S2-246)

Carmen J. Wilson, MD; George Rust, MD, MPH; Robert Levine, MD; Ernest Alema-Mensah, PhD

Vision, Impairment, Disparities, Race

Followup after an Emergency Department Visit for Asthma: Urban/Rural Patterns
(Ethn Dis. 2008;18[Suppl 2]:S2- 247–S2-251)

Kelley Withy, MD; James Davis, PhD

Rural, Health Disparities, Follow- Up Time, ED Visit, Asthma, Pediatric Differences, Hawaii


Volume 18, Supplement 1 - Research from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 2007 High School Student Summer Research Program




Foreword: Expanding the Minority Biomedical Pipeline—The Way Forward - pvi

Keith C. Norris, MD; Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD


Role of XPD, P53 and PTCH Genes Mutations in the Development of Early Onset Basal Cell Carcinoma - p1

Student Researchers: Anayris Cruz, Deborah Vázquez


Serum from Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Patients Alter the Structure of Elastic Fibers - p3

Student Researcher: Ailea Apana


Detecting and Managing Metabolic Syndrome: A Feasibility Study in a General Medicine Clinic - p6

Student Researcher: Alexandra De la Rosa, Elgin High School


Impact of an Information Retrieval and Management Curriculum on Medical Student Citations - p9

Student Researcher: Amy Li, Milpitas High School


Chloroquine: The Role It Plays in Oxidation - p11

Student Researcher: Antonio K. Jakes, Bedford Academy


Racial and Ethnic Differences in Diabetes Characteristics: The VA Pathways Study - p12

Student Researcher: Awa Seck, Garfield High School


A Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitor Ameliorates Inflammation Associated with Diabetic Nephropathy - p14

Student Researcher: Boriss Losso, Catholic High School


Can Ice-Binding Proteins Enhance Survival of Human Embryonic Kidney Cells after Freezing? - p16

Student Researcher: Brittany M. Brooks, Burke High School


Enzyme Activity and High-fat Diet: Citrate Synthase Activity in Myostatin Propeptide Transgenic and Wild-Type Mice - p18

Student Researcher: Cady Ching, Punahou School


Investigation of Protein Kinase C Activity in a Polycystic Kidney Disease Model - p20

Student Researcher: Calvin Simmons, Burke High School


The Role of Cilia In Regulation of Apical Ion Channels Activities in Collecting Duct Cells - p22

Student Researcher: Carlin D. Nelson, Burke High School


The Association Between Depression and Metabolic Control Among African Americans and Latino Men with Type 2 Diabetes - p24

Student Researcher: Caroline Farodolu, King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science


Acanthosis Nigricans in Hawaiian Children vs Non-Hawaiian Children - p26

Student Researchers: Chloe Edinger, Kamehameha Schools; Jessica Song, Baldwin High School


Classification of Cystic Fibrosis Isolates of P. aeruginosa Based on Temperature Sensitivity - p28

Student Researcher: Christine Z. Yu, Huntington High School


Reduction of Oxidative DNA Damage with N-acetylcysteine - p30

Student Researcher: Coralis Rodrı´guez, Thomas Armstrong Toro High School


Seasonal Changes in Bone Mineral Density in the Northern Red-Backed Vole: A Potential Model Organism for Disuse Osteoporosis - p32

Student Researcher: Don Young Chon, East Anchorage High School


How Roadway Pollutants Affect Health - p35

Student Researcher: Fabio Coartney, Lathrop High School


Interphase FISH Analysis of Bone Marrow Cells in Aplastic Anemia Patients Following Immunosupression Therapy - p37

Student Researcher: Helen Goldfrank, McLean High School


Endothelin-1 and Na+,K+ ATPase Gene Expression Is Upregulated in Adult Kidneys of a Novel Mouse Model of Heritable Renal Hypoplasia, Supporting Diagnosis of Chronic Renal Failure - p39

Student Researcher: Jade Beerman-Kapoi, Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus


Sexual Dysfunction in Hispanic and African American Women with Type 2 Diabetes - p41

Student Researcher: Jennifer Gutierrez, King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science


Mitochondria Transfer into Fibroblasts: Liposome-Mediated Transfer of Labeled Mitochondria into Cultured Cells - p43

Student Researcher: J. Shi, Auburn High School


Mentholated and Non-Mentholated Cigarettes Alter Transepithelial Electrical Resistance of Calu-3 Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells - p45

Student Researcher: Jorjana Alakayak, Mt. Edgecumbe High School


Effects of Post-Weaning ICV IL-6 on Food Intake and Body Weight - p47

Student Researcher: Josette Pierre, Saint Vincent Academy


Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes in the Urine of Rats that Regularly Drink Alcohol - p49

Student Researcher: Juan Aparicio, South Anchorage High School


Expression of MRF4 in Cranial Regions of Xenopus Laevis Embryos - p51

Student Researcher: Kathelyn Larson, Mt. Edgecumbe High School


Understanding the Role of Histone H2A Serine 122 in DNA Double Strand Break Repair - p53

Student Researcher: Kathleen Choi, Sitka, Alaska


Patient Satisfaction in an Academic Internal Medicine Clinic Compared to a Federally Qualified Health Center - p56

Student Researcher: Lauren Wilson, Academy of Business and Technology


Determining an Endogenous Control within Jurkat Cells for Evaluation of IMiD-1 Analogue - p58

Student Researcher: Lucas Ramcharran, Design and Architecture Senior High


El Proyecto Bienestar or The Well-Being Project - p60

Student Researchers: Rubicelia Perez, Mabton High School; Mariana C. Katzfey, Wapato High School


Calcium Signals in Rat Pancreatic INS-1 Beta Cells - p62

Student Researcher: Marifel Barbasa, James Campbell High School


Antiretroviral Protein Binding in Blood and Seminal Plasmas - p65

Student Researcher: Norieliz De Jesus Velazquez, Ponce High School


High Carbohydrate vs Low Carbohydrate: The Effect of Carbohydrates on the Glycemic Level of Persons with Type 2 Diabetes - p67

Student Researcher: Raul Castro, Martin High School


Atrial Fibrillation: Multi-detector CT Evaluation of Left Atrial Morphology - p69

Student Researcher: Richard A. Chiang, Saratoga High School


Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet vs Atkins Diet for Efficacy of Cholesterol Lowering - p71

Student Researcher: Rose Bamfo, Greenhills School


Effect of Flavor Variety on Alcohol Self-Administration in Long-Evans Rats - p74

Student Researcher: Sally May Enriquez, Juneau-Douglas High School


X-Linked Deletion Analysis in Chronic Granulomatous Disease - p77

Student Researcher: Sana Dastgheyb, McLean High School


Symptoms of Alcohol-Induced Liver and Heart Disease in Rats that Regularly Drink Alcohol - p79

Student Researcher: Sofia Infante, East Anchorage High School


Ethnic Differences in Vasomotor Symptoms and Blood Pressure During Menopause - p81

Student Researcher: Stacey Torigoe, Waiakea High School


Critical Factors in the Spread of Salmonellosis - p83

Student Researcher: Verónica Herrera, Martin High School


Noncompliance in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Enrolled in Local Diabetes Education Program - p85

Student Researcher: Vidal Ramirez, Martin High School


Abstracts: Research from The National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 2007 High School Student Summer Research Program



Abstracts in Development - Results Pending: Research from The National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 2007 High School Student Summer Research Program







Volume 17, Supplement 5 - Research from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 2006 High School Student Summer Research Program




Characterizing Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) - piv

Keith C. Norris, MD; Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD


Characterizing Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) - p1

Student Researcher: Abid Razvi, Winston Churchill High School, Washington, DC


The Prevalence of Type Two Diabetes in the Miami-Haitian Community - p3

Student Researcher: Adam Rosen, Miami Palmetto Senior High, Miami, Florida


The Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes Based on the Appropriate Process Measures - p5

Student Researcher: Darcielle Allen, Detroit School of the Arts, Detroit, Michigan


Diabetic Patient’s Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis Experience Reduced Symptoms of Gastroparesis when Insulin Is Added to the Dialysate - p7

Student Researcher: Beatrice Johnson, Northeastern High School


Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Type 2 Diabetes - p9

Student Researcher: Bernice Juarez, St. Matthias High School, South Gate, California


Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitor Counteracts Albuminuria in Diabetic Rats - p12

Student Researcher: Boriss Losso, Catholic High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


A Case Study: Analysis of the Mitochondrial tRNA-Ile Gene for a Mutation Linked to Renal Magnesium Wasting - p14

Student Researcher: Brittany M. Brooks, Burke High School, Charleston, South Carolina


The Validity and Reliability of the UIMS Physician Satisfaction Survey - p16

Student Researcher: Brittni Smith, Southfield Lathrup High School, Detroit, Michigan


The Association Between Depression and Metabolic Control Among African Americans and Latino Women With Type 2 Diabetes - p18

Student Researcher: Caroline Farodolu, King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, California


Health Assurance at Mexican Restaurants in the City of Laredo - p20

Student Researchers: Sandra Prado, Tulio Alvarado, Cesar Cardenas, Martin High School and Dr. Dennis D. Canta Health Science Magnet, Laredo, Texas


Influences of Religious Affiliation on Perceptions Toward HIV/AIDS - p22

Student Researchers: HoaVan (Peter) Le, Highline High School; Damarise Navarro, Shaunita Felder, Wapato High School; Seattle, Washington


Detecting and Managing Metabolic Syndrome - p24

Student Researcher: Alexandra De la Rosa, Elgin High School, Elgin, Illinois


Responses of Newborns to TLR Ligands - p26

Student Researcher: Donovan Dean-Dewberry, Federal Way High School; Seattle, Washington


The Effect of Strong Ions When Added to Whole Blood or Isolated Plasma - p28

Student Researcher: Don Young Chon, East Anchorage High School; Anchorage, Alaska


Do Rats that Frequently Drink Alcohol Deposit Fats in a Way that Increases Their Risk of Type 2 Diabetes? - p30

Student Researcher: Fung-Fung Lim, Bartlett High School; Anchorage, Alaska


Determinants of Long-Term Facilitation in Humans During Wakefulness and after Repeated Episodic Hypoxia - p33

Student Researchers: Monique Gaines,Mumford High School; LaShawnda Gayden, L’anse Cruese High School – North; Detroit, Michigan


ICX-550 Induces Programmed Cell Death in Malignant Cells - p35

Student Researcher: Tyler Pearson, George Washington Carver High School; Birmingham, Alabama


High-Copy Suppressor Screen to Identify Genes that Code for Proteins that Interact with Histone H2A during DNA Repair - p37

Student Researcher: Rhondel Venner, NIH/NIDDK/Drew High School Research Program, Anchorage, Alaska


Variants of PCSK9 Are Associated with Triglyceride Levels in the Old Order Amish - p39

Student Researcher: Samone Able, Ocean Lake High School; Virginia Beach, Virginia


Biological Markers in Children with Iron Deficiency - p41

Student Researcher: Sana Dastgheyb, McLean High School; McLean, Virginia


Blood Pressure, Vasomotor Symptoms, and Emotional Stress in Multiethnic Menopausal Women - p43

Student Researcher: Stacey Torigoe, Waiakea High School; Hilo, Hawaii


Determining the Pattern of Cementum Annuli and Relationship to Reproduction in Male Sea Otters - p45

Student Researcher: Josh Proper, Wasilla High School; Anchorage, Alaska


Acid-Buffering Capacity and Myoglobin Content in Hooded and Harp Seals - p48

Student Researcher: Juan Aparicio, South Anchorage High School; Anchorage, Alaska


I Chimeric Transducers to Mimic Oxygen Sensing in Bacteria - p50

Student Researcher: Korena Burgio, Seabury Hall High School


Educating Families about Cholesterol to Prevent Heart Disease - p54

Student Researcher: Lauren Ashley Lamb, Detroit Country Day High School; Detroit, Michigan


Monitoring Regulatory T-cell Activity with the FoxP3 Gene - p56

Student Researcher: Luana Ramcharran, Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, Florida


Seasonal Changes in the Reproductive Organs and Body Condition of Northern Redbacked Voles (Clethrionomys rutilus) - p58

Student Researcher: Lorena A. I. Nay, Kotzebue High School


Investigation of Minorities Awareness and Perceptions - p61

Student Researcher: Lauren Wilson, Academy of Business and Technology, Detroit, Michigan


Enhanced Myogeneis in Adult Muscle by Transgenic Expression of Myostatin Propeptide - p63

Student Researcher: Jing Eileena Li, Saint Francis High School, Honolulu, Hawaii


Commentary: A Model for Medical Research - p65

Student Researcher: Emmanuel Bamfo, Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Abstracts: 2006 High School Student Summer Research Program of the National Instititutes of Health, Nation Institute of Diabetes and Digestive, and Kidney Diseases and the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science - p67




Volume 17, Supplement 4 - Proceedings from the 21st Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Risk Factors in Ethnic Minority Populations




Identifying and Evaluating the Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adolescents
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17(Supp 4):S4-1–S4-6)

Elizabeth B. Rappaport, MD

Obesity, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Child, Adolescent, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes

Modifying Soul Food for the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet (DASH) Plan: Implications for Metabolic Syndrome (DASH of Soul)
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17(Supp 4):S4-7–S4-12)

Jenice Rankins, EdD; Jaleena Wortham, MS, RD; Linda L. Brown, MAg, RD

Soul Food, DASH Diet, African Americans

ISHIB2006 Abstract Presentations as Presented at the 21st Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations. June 2006. Atlanta, Georgia - p13




Volume 17, Supplement 3 - Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial National Conference on Health Issues in the Arab American Community




(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-1–S3-2)

Wael A. Sakr, MD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; May Darwish-Yassine, PhD

Arab American Health, Tobacco Control, Lifestyle Modifications, Public Health Risk Factors, Global Health, Mental Health, Cancer, HIV/AIDS

Highlights of Keynote Presentations
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-3–S3-5)

Adnan Hammad, PhD; May Darwish-Yassine, PhD; Wael A. Sakr, MD

Tobacco, Noncommunicable Diseases, Arab American

Overview: Tobacco and Health
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-6–S3-7)

David J.P. Bassett, PhD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN

Tobacco, Arab American Health, Cancer, Depression

Commentary on Tobacco: The World’s Leading Cause of Cancer
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-8–S3-9)

John R. Seffrin, PhD

Cancer, Tobacco

Commentary on the Global Epidemic of Tobacco, A Manufactured Disease. What it Looks Like Today and What’s to Come
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-10–S3-12)

Kenneth E. Warner, PhD

Tobacco, Cancer

Global Epidemiology and Health Hazards of Tobacco Use: Arab World Patterns
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-13–S3-15)

Omar Shafey, PhD, MPH

Tobacco, Arab World

A Review: Depression and Smoking
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-16–S3-18)

Cynthia L. Arfken, PhD

Depression, Smoking

Collaborative Research of Tobacco Use and Its Predictors in Arab and Non-Arab American 9th Graders
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-19–S3-21)

Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Thomas Templin, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD, MPH

Depression, Tobacco, Narghile, Smoking

Tobacco Use Patterns Among High School Students: Do Arab American Youth Differ?
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-22–S3-24)

Linda S. Weglicki, PhD, RN; Thomas Templin, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD, MPH; Mona Farroukh; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN

Smoking, Arab American Youth

Abstract: Patterns of Smoking Among Aleppo University Students
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-25)

Nizar Akil, MD


Abstract: Active and Passive Smoking During Pregnancy in Aleppo, Syria: Does It Affect the Outcome?
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-25)

Moujahed Hammami, MD; Maed Ramamdan, MD; Ali Sereo, MD


Overview: Life Style and Health Outcomes
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-26–S3-27)

May Darwish-Yassine, PhD; Linda Jaber, PharmD

Lifestyle, Health Outcomes, Infertility, Mental Health, Asthma, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

Managing Cardiovascular Risk Barriers to Optimal Health Outcomes in the Arab American Patient (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-28–S3-30)

Walid A. Harb, MD

Barriers, Health Outcomes, Cardiovascular Disease

Depression and Cardiovascular Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-31–S3-32)

Manuel E. Tancer, MD; Alireza Amirsadri, MD

Depression, Cardiovascular Disease

Male Infertility in Lebanon: A Case-Controlled Study
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-33–S3-38)

Loulou Kobeissi, DrPH; Marcia C. Inhorn, PhD

Male Reproductive Health, Infertility

Project Salaam: Assessing Mental Health Needs Among San Diego’s Greater Middle Eastern and East African Communities
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-39–S3-41)

Joachim O.F. Reimann, PhD; Dolores I. Rodriguez-Reimann, PhD; Mehboob Ghulan, MD; Mohammed F. Beylouni, PhD

Mental Health

The Use of Glucose-Lowering Agents and Aspirin Among Arab Americans with Diabetes (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-42–S3-45)

Helen D. Berlie, PharmD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Linda A. Jaber, PharmD

Diabetes, Glucose, Aspirin

Abstract: Asthma, Environmental Risk Factors, and Hypertension Among Arab Americans in the Metro Detroit Area
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-46)

Mary Johnson, PhD; Jerome Nriagu, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Kathryn Savoie, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD


Report: Interactive Panel Discussion on Health-Related Policy, Environmental Heath, and Chronic Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-47–S3-49)

David J.P. Bassett, PhD; May Darwish-Yassine, PhD

Environmental Health, Chronic Disease, Health Policy

Overview: Global Health from Arab and Developing World Perspectives
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-50)

Wael A. Sakr, MD; Nizar Akil, MD

Global Health, Public Health, Chronic Disease

Commentary: The Growing Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases in the Arab World
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-51–S3-52)

Sabri Belqacem, MPA, MD

Noncommunicable Diseases, Risk Factors

Global Health from the Arab and Developing World Perspectives
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-53–S3-54)

Hassen Ghannem, MD, MSc

Global Health, Arab World

Chronic Diseases and the Potential for Prevention in the Arab World: The Jordanian Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-55–S3-56)

Ali H. Mokdad, PhD

Chronic Disease, Arab

Overview: Integrated Health Care Delivery: Past, Present and Future. Assessment of Local Models of Integrating Physical and Mental Health Concerns
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-57–S3-58)

Wael Sakr, MD; Michael Massanari, MD, MS

Arab Medicine, Integrated Health Care

Integrated Care in the History of Arab Medicine – A Historical Perspective
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-59)

Samir Yahia, MD


Integrated Health Care Delivery – A Mandate for Systems Transformation
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-60–S3-61)

R. Michael Massanari, MD, MS


Integrating Mental and General Medical Health Care – The Henry Ford Health System Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-62–S3-63)

C. Edward Coffey, MD


The Oakwood Health Care System Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-64–S3-65)

Issam Khraizat, MD


Models of Health and Mental Health Integration: ACCESS Community Health and Research Center Model
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-66–S3-69)

Ibrahim Kira, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD


Overview: Mental Health
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-70–S3-71)

Julie Hakim Larson, PhD; Nancy Wrobel, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD

Mental Health, Arab American, Substance Abuse, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Torture Rehabilitation

Arab Americans in Publicly Financed Substance Abuse Treatment (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-72–S3-76)

Cynthia L. Arfken, MD; Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, PhD, MSW; Alison L. Koch, BS

Substance Abuse, Arab American

Medical Complaints of Iraqi American People Before and After the 1991 Gulf War
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-77–S3-78)

Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, PhD; Richard Lambert, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD

Iraq, Gulf War, Immigrant Health

The Physical and Mental Status of Iraqi Refugees and its Etiology
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-79–S3-82)

Ibrahim Kira, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Linda Lewandowski, PhD; Thomas Templin, PhD; Vidya Ramaswamy, PhD; Bulent Ozkan; Jamal Nohanesh

Iraq, Gulf War, Immigrant Health

Hope and Fostering the Well-Being of Refugees from Iraq
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-83–S3-84)

Julie Hakim Larson, PhD; Mohamed Farrag, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Talib Kafaji, EdD; Husam Abdulkhaleq, MA; Adnan Hammad, PhD

Iraq, Immigrant Health

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Approach in Treating Torture Survivors
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-85–S3-87)

Mohamed Farrag, PhD; Husam Abdulkhaleq, MA; Galaleldin Abdelkarim, MA, PhD; Rima Souidan, MSW; Haitham Safo, MA

Torture Survivors, Rehabilitation

Pre-Conference Workshop: Reducing the Cancer Burden in Arabs and Arab Americans
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-88–S3-91)

Amr Soliman, MD

Cancer, Arab American, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer

Post-Conference Workshop: HIV/AIDS in the Arab American Community: Breaking the Silence! Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-92–S3-93)

Adnan Hammad, PhD; Miguel Gomez, MA

HIV/AIDS, Arab Americans

Summary Report: Arab Americans and HIV/AIDS in Michigan
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-94–S3-95)

Loretta Davis-Satterla, MSA

Michigan, HIV/AIDS, Arab Americans

Summary Report: HIV/AIDS in the Arab World
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-96)

Sabri Belgacem, MPA, MD

HIV/AIDS, Arab Americans

Summary Report: HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-97–S3-99)

Nithya Mani, MPH

HIV/AIDS, Middle East, North Africa

Summary Report: Treating HIV/AIDS
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 3]:S3-100–S3-101)

Raida Rabah, MD

HIV/AIDS treatment

Volume 17, Supplement 2 - Proceedings from the Sixth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference and the Eleventh Annual HeLa Women’s Health Conference




Physician and Provider Education for Improving Health and Eliminating Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]: S2-1–S2-3)

George S. Rust, MD, MPH; Roland A. Pattillo, MD; Roland Matthews, MD; Anne M. Dubois, BA

Disparities, Primary Care, Women’s Health

Health Disparities and Women’s Reproductive Health
(Ethn Dis. 2007; 17[Suppl 2]:S2-4–S2-7)

Alicia Armstrong, MD, MHSCR; Yvonnne T. Maddox, PhD

Health Disparities, Women’s Reproductive Health, Leiomyoma, Birth Outcomes, Infant Mortality, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Leiomyomata Uteri

Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: Who Will Pay, Who Will Receive, When to Administer?
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-8–S2-13)

Debbie Saslow, PhD; Cosette M. Wheeler, PhD

Human Papillomavirus (HPV), HPV Vaccine, Cervical Cancer, Genital Precancers, Vaccine Financing, Cancer Disparities

Update on Micronutrients and Cervical Dysplasia
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2- 14–S2-17)

Chandrika Piyathilake, BDS, MPH, PhD

HPV, Folate, Cervix, Neoplasia

The Role of Diet in Breast and Prostate Cancer Survival
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-18–S2-22)

Hope R. Ferdowsian, MD, MPH; Neal D. Barnard, MD

Cancer, Survival, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Diet, Race, Ethnicity

Diabetes Update 2006: Urgency for New Approaches
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-23–S2-27)

James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD

Diabetes, Diabetes Management

Depression in Primary Care
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-28–S2-33)

Richard L. Elliott, MD, PhD

Depression, Primary Care, STAR*D, Treatment-Resistant Depression

Association Between Body Image Disparity and Culturally Specific Factors that Affect Weight in Black and White Women
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-34–S2-39)

Jamy D. Ard, MD, Lori F. Greene, MS, RD; Christie Z. Malpede, MA; Wendy K. Jefferson, BS

Body Image, African American, Women, Obesity, Culture

Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G: An Update
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-40–S2-45)

Gairy F. Hall, MD

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis E, Hepatitis G, Interferon, Ribavirin

Community-Associated Infections in Children—Update on Community-Associated Methicillin- Resistant Staphylococcus aureus for the Practitioner (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-46–S2-49)

Lilly Cheng Immergluck, MD

Resistant Bacteria, MRSA, Community- Acquired Infection, Pediatrics

International Perspectives on Health Disparities and Social Justice: The African Condition
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-50–S2-54)

Kwaku Danso, PhD, MPA

Health Disparities, Social Justice, Africa

Addressing Disparities in Cardiovascular Risk through Community-Based Interventions (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 2]:S2-55–S2-59)

Annette K. Low, MD; Karen B. Grothe, PhD; Taylor S. Wofford, BS; Marshall J. Bouldin, MD

Cardiovascular Risk, Health Disparities, African American, Mississippi

Abstract Presentations from the Sixth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference




Volume 17, Supplement 1 - Community-Based Participatory Research to Reduce Health Disparities Among Minority Elders: The Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research




The Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR): Community/Researcher Interaction and Relationships
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1-1– S1-2)

Sidney M. Stahl, PhD; Anneliese A. Hahn, MS

Community Research, Aging, Minority

Development of Community-Based Partnerships in Minority Aging Research
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1-3–S1-5)

Olveen Carrasquillo, MD, MPH; Letha A. Chadiha, PhD, MSW

Community-Based Participatory Research, Minority Groups, Ethnic groups, Health disparities, aging

The Influence of Community-Based Participatory Research Principles on the Likelihood of Participation in Health Research in American Indian Communities
(Ethn Dis. 2006;17[Suppl 1]:S1-6–S1-14)

Tim D. Noe, MDiv; Spero M. Manson, PhD; Calvin Croy, PhD; Helen McGough, MA, CIP; Jeffrey A. Henderson, MD, MPH; Dedra S. Buchwald, MD

Community based participatory research, American Indians and Alaska Natives, participation in health research

Effectiveness of Adult Vaccination Programs in Faith-Based Organizations
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1-15–S1-22)

Nicholas A. Daniels, MD, MPH; Teresa Juarbe, RN, PhD; Gina Moreno-John, MD, MPH; Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD

Church, Faith-Based, Racial/ Ethnic Disparities

Working Across Faith and Science to Improve the Health of African Americans (Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1-23–S1-26)

Marilyn A. Laken, PhD, RN; Sara Wilcox, PhD; Rosetta Swinton, BSN

Faith-based organizations, African Americans

Partnering with Community-Based Organizations: An Academic Institution’s Evolving Perspective
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1-27–S1-32)

Keith C. Norris, MD; Rebecca Brusuelas, BA; Loretta Jones, MS; Jeanne Miranda, PhD; Kenrik Duru, MD, MSHS; Carol M. Mangione, MD, MSHS

Community-Based Participatory Research, Healthcare, Elders

Mentoring in Community-Based Participatory Research: the RCMAR Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2007;17[Suppl 1]:S1- 33–S1-43)

Gina Moreno-John, MD, MPH; Candace Fleming, PhD; Marvella E. Ford, PhD; Peter Lichtenberg, PhD, ABPP; Carole M. Mangione, MD, MSPH; Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD; Barbara Tilley, PhD; Olivia GM. Washington, PhD, APRN, BC, NP, LPC; Olveen Carrasquillo, MD, MPH

Community Based Participatory Research, CBPR, Minority, Elderly, Mentoring






Volume 16, Supplement 5 - Research from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science High School Student Research Program—Summer 2005




Foreword: Expanding the Minority Biomedical Pipeline: The NIDDK National High School Student Summer Research Program
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16:S5-1–S5-2)

Keith C. Norris, MD; Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD


Effects of Enhanced Muscle Growth on Fatty Acid Uptake in Skeletal Muscle - p3

Student Researcher: Gitasree Borthakur


Polymorphisms in the Adiponectin Gene and Response to Pioglitazone - p5

Student Researcher: Morganna Bradley


Optimization of HPLC Quantization of the Protease Inhibitor, Atazanavir - p7

Student Researcher: Jennifer M. Cruz Reyes


A Method for Drug Delivery Using Magnetoliposomes - p9

Student Researcher: Jacquoi James


Using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry to Measure the Effects of Alcohol on the Composition of Rats’ Livers, Hearts, and Kidneys - p11

Student Researcher: Sydney R. Linder


Changes in GFAP Immunoreactivity Following Immunotoxic Lesions in the Rat Brain - p13

Student Researcher: Lizeth Martinez


Albuminuria and Kidney Disease in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia - p15

Student Researcher: David Moore


Decline of Skokomish Nation Spot Shrimp Catch in Low Dissolved Oxygen Waters of the Hood Canal, Puget Sound, State of Washington - p17

Student Researcher: Ho-Wan-Ut Peterson


Effect of Androgen Receptor Activation on Adipogenic and Myogenic Transcription Factor Expression in Mesenchymal Stem Cells - p18

Student Researcher: Armando Priego


Molecular Expression Profiles of Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Human Skin Diseases - p20

Student Researcher: Safiya Ransome


Are Home Remedies Related to Age, Culture, and Education? - p22

Student Researcher: Lykeysha Taylor


Association Between Breast Cancer and Diabetes - p23

Student Researcher: Erica Terrell


Depression, Health Beliefs, and Locus of Control: Relationships to Glycemic Control in Hispanics and African Americans with Diabetes - p25

Student Research: Cristina Valdovinos


Using Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, DXA, to Measure the Effect of Alcohol Abuse on the Bones and Fat Deposits of Long Evans Rats - p27

Student Researcher: Ryan Wilson


Abstracts: Summer 2005 Research Program of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and the Charles R. Drew School of Medicine and Science - p29




Volume 16, Supplement 4 - 20th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations. July 2005. San Juan, Puerto Rico




Racial (Black-White) Contrasts of Risk for Hypertensive Disease in Youth Have Implications for Preventive Care: The Bogalusa Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 4]: S4-2–S4-9)

Gerald Berenson, MD; Sathanur Srinivasan, PhD; Wei Chen, MD, PhD; Shengxu Li, MD; Dharmendrakumar Patel, MD, MPH; for the Bogalusa Heart Study Group

Black-White Contrasts, CV Risk Factors, Hypertension, Preventive Care

Role of Potassium Excretion and Percent Body Fat on Ethnic Differences in Plasma Aldosterone Levels
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 4]:S4-10–S4-14)

Jennifer Jones, PhD; Jung-Jun Park, PhD; Thomas Dowling, PhD; Dana Phares, PhD; Joon-Young Park, MS; Michael Brown, PhD

African Americans, K+ Excretion, Plasma Aldosterone

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Health Promottion with the Transcendental Meditation Program and Maharishi Consciousness-based Health Care
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 4]:S4-15–S4-26)

Robert H. Schneider, MD; Kenneth G. Walton, PhD; John W. Salerno, PhD; Sanford I. Nidich, EdD

Chronic Diseases, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Meditation

Exercise for the Inactive Hypertensive Patient
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 4]:S4-27–S4-34)

Robert Topp, PhD, RN; Karen L. Frost, PhD

Exercise, Physical Activity, Hypertension

Abstract Presentations as Presented a the 20th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations. July 2005. San Juan, Puerto Rico




Volume 16, Supplement 3 - Proceedings from the Fifth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference and the Tenth Annual HeLa Women’s Health Conference




Foreword: Improving Heatlh, Eliminating Disparities: The Fifth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-1–S3-3)

George S. Rust, MD, MPH

Disparities, Health Insurance, Women’s Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Infant Mortality, Immunizations, Mental Health, Prevention, Primary Care, Race, Poverty

Universal Health Care: A Regional Perspective—Why Not a ‘‘Georgia SecureCare’’?
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-4–S3-7)

Henry S. Kahn, MD

Financing, Government, Georgia, Healthcare Systems, Health Care, Models, Economic, National Health Insurance

Achieving Health Equity in America
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-8–S3-13)

David Satcher, MD, PhD; George Rust, MD, MPH

Health Equity, Health Disparities, Health Outcomes, Race, Poverty

Multicultural Medicine and Ensuring Good Health for All
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-14–S3-20)

Rubens J. Pamies, MD; Phyllis A. Nsiah-Kumi, MD

Multicultural Medicine, Health Equity, Health Disparities

Guiding Parents Through Behavioral Issues Affecting Their Child’s Health: The Primary Care Provider’s Role
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-21–S3- 28)

David A. Levine, MD

Behavior Problems, Developmental Delay, Developmental Screening, Developmental Surveillance, Early Intervention

A CRASH-Course in Cultural Competence
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-29–S3-36)

George Rust, MD, MPH; Kofi Kondwani, PhD; Ruben Martinez, PhD; Roberto Dansie, PhD; Winston Wong, MD, MS; Yvonne Fry-Johnson, MD; Rocio Del Milagro Woody, MSW; Elvan J. Daniels, MD; Janice Herbert- Carter, MD; Laura Aponte, LCSW; Harry Strothers, MD, MMM

Access to Care, African American, Asian, Attitudes and Health, Cross-Cultural Communications, Cultural Competence, Cultural Diversity, Effective Communication, Latino, Medical Education, Multi-Cultural, Physician-Patient Relationship, Racial and Ethnic Disparities, United States

Mental Health Integration: Rethinking Practitioner Roles in the Treatment of Depression: The Specialist, Primary Care Physicians, and the Practice Nurse
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-37–S3-43)

Brenda Reiss-Brennan, MS, APRN, CS; Pascal Briot; Wayne Cannon; Brent James

Depression, Mental Health Integration, Primary Care, Quality Improvement, Team Roles

Commentary: Accessing, Streamlining, and Delivering Healthcare for All
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-44–S3-46)

Based on presentation by David U. Himmelstein, MD


Commentary: Primary Care Leadership in the Public Policy Arena
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-47–S3-48)

Based on presentation by Senator (Ga) Don R. Thomas, MD

Health Policy, Primary Care

Commentary: Improving Health Care in the 21st Century: Focus on Medicaid
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-49–S3-51)

Based on presentation by The Honorable Newt Gingrich

Medicaid, Health Disparities, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare Spending

Commentary: Medicaid 101: History, Challenges, and Opportunities
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-52–S3-53)

Based on presentation by Warren A. Jones, MD

Medicaid, Medicare, State Plan, Children, Elderly

Commentary: Georgia Responds: A Medicaid Transformation Plan
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-54–S3-55)

Based on presentation by Abel C. Ortiz

Medicaid, Healthcare Insurance

Tenth Annual HELA Women's Health Conference: An Overview and Historical Perspective
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-56–S3-57)

Roland A. Pattillo, MD; Roland Matthews, MD

Women’s Health, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cancer, Depression, Child Health, Reproductive Health, Premature Delivery, Pregnancy

Prematurity—Infant Mortality: the Scourge Remains
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-58– S3-62)

Diane Ashton, MD, MPH


Disparities in Cervical Cancer Screening, Treatment and Outcomes
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-63–S3-66)

Michael L. Hicks, MD; O. W. Stephanie Yap, MD; Roland Mathews, MD; Groesbeck Parham, MD


Investigating and Linking Social Conditions of Minority Children and Adolescents with Emotional Well-Being
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-67–S3-70)

Margaret Beale Spencer, PhD; Suzanne Fegley, PhD; Davido Dupree, PhD


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Infant and Maternal Mortality
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-71–S3-76)

Ngozi F. Anachebe, MD, PharmD

Racial Disparities, Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, Pregnancy Outcomes

Commentary: Strengthening the Foundation to Eliminate Health Disparities for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Adults
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 3]:S3-77–S3-79)

Based on presentation by Joan Y. Reede, MD, MPH, MS



Volume 16, Supplement 2 - Renal Disease in Minority Populations and Developing Nations




(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-1)

Larry Agodoa, MD; Keith C. Norris, MD; Shahnaz Shahinfar, MD; Kowdle S. Prabhakar, MD, DNB; David Pugsley, MBChB

Renal Disease, Minority Populations

Incidence, Prevalence, and Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease in the Middle East
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-2–S2-4)

Omar Abboud, FRCP

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Incidence, Prevalence,Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Renal Transplantation, Middle East (ME)

End-Stage Renal Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-5– S2-9)

Ebun L. Bamgboye, FWACP


The Latin American Dialysis and Transplantation Registry (RLDT) Annual Report 2004
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-10–S2- 13)

Ana Cusumano, MD, PhD; Guillermo Garcia Garcia, MD; Cristina Di Gioia, MD; Osvaldo Hermida, MD; Carlos Lavorato, MD; on behalf of the Latin American Registry of Dialysis and Transplantation

Epidemiology, Renal Failure, Prevalence, Incidence, Kidney Transplantation

Incidence, Prevalence, Treatment and Cost of End-Stage Renal Disease in Indonesia
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-14–S2-16)

Wiguno Prodjosudjadi, MD, PhD

Incidence, prevalence, endstage renal disease, Indonesia

Explosion of Renal Replacement Therapy after the Implosion of the Soviet Empire
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-17–S2-19)

Boleslaw Rutkowski, MD; Eberhard Ritz, MD

Renal Replacement Therapy, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Renal Transplantation, Central and Eastern Europe

End-Stage Renal Disease in India and Pakistan: Incidence, Causes, and Management
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-20– S2-23)

Vinay Sakhuja, MD, DM; Harbir S. Kohli, MD, DM

Chronic Renal Failure, Dialysis, Transplantation, Renal Replacement Therapy

Kidney Disease Among the Indigenous Peoples of Oceania
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-24–S2-30)

E. Jennifer Weil, MD; Robert G. Nelson, MD, PhD

Kidney Disease, Indigenous, Oceania, Diabetic Nephropathy

Current Status of Hemodialysis Treatment in Beijing, China (Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-31–S2-34)

Li Zuo, MD; Mei Wang, MD for the Beijing Hemodialysis Quality Control and Improvement Center

Hemodialysis, Prevalence, Incidence, End Stage Renal Disease

Renal Disease: Environment, Race, or Genes?
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16 [Suppl 2]:S2-35– S2-39)

Sharon Adler, MD

Diabetic Nephropathy, Nephropathy Risk

Does Nephron Number Matter in the Development of Kidney Disease? (Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-40–S2-45)

Rebecca N. Douglas-Denton, BABScHons; Bridgette J. McNamara, BABScHons; Wendy E. Hoy, FRACP; Michael D. Hughson, MD; John F. Bertram, PhD

Human Nephron Number, Hypertension, Birth Weight

Renal Disease, the Metabolic Syndrome, and Cardiovascular Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-46–S2-51)

Wendy E. Hoy, MB BS, FRACP; Srinivas Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, MB BS, MPH; Stephen McDonald, MB BS, FRACP; Zhiqiang Wang, PhD

Australian Aborigines, Metabolic Syndrome, Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 Diabetes

Glomerulonephritis in the Tropics: Who Are the Culprits? (Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-52–S2-55)

Peter W. Mathieson, PhD, FRCP, FMedSci

Glomerulonephritis, Tropics, Infection, HIV, Malaria

HIV/AIDS—Dominant Player in Chronic Kidney Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-56–S2-60)

Saraladevi Naicker, FRCP, PhD; Thin Maung Han, FCP, MMed; June Fabian, FCP

HIV/AIDS, HIV-Associated Nephropathy (HIVAN), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Preventive Strategies

The Republic of Georgia High Blood Pressure Control Program
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-61–S2-65)

Vakhtang Y. Barbakadze, MD, PhD; Levan G. Koblianidze, MD; Nodar N. Kipshidze, MD, PhD; Clarence E. Grim, MS, MD, PhD; Carlene M. Grim, RN, MSN; Frederick Tavill, MD

Hypertension, Primary Care, Standardized Training

Determinants of Patient Survival in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus—Focusing on Lupus Nephritis (Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-66–S2-69)


Cyclophosphamide, Ethnicity, Lupus Nephritis, Mycophenolate Mofetil, Survival

Is Renal Replacement Therapy for All Possible in Developing Countries?
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-70–S2-72)

Raymundo Aviles-Gomez, MD; Victor Hugo Luquin-Arellano, MD; Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, MD; Margarita Ibarra-Hernandez, MD; Gregorio Briseño-Renteria, MD

Dialysis, Transplantation, Developing Nations, Renal Failure

Setting up Chronic Disease Programs: Perspectives from Aboriginal Australia
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16 [Suppl 2]:S2-73–S2-78)

Wendy E. Hoy, MB BS, FRACP; S. Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, MB BS, MPH; J. Smith, RN; S. Sharma, BSc (Nursing); R. Davey, RN; G. Gokel, RN

Australian Aborigines, Chronic Diseases, Renal Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Detection and Prevention Programs

Cost-Effective Management of Diabetes Mellitus
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 2]:S2-79–S2-84)

Ayesha A. Motala, FRCP; Fraser J. Pirie, MD, FCP; Sophia Rauff, FCP; Hajira B. Bacus, FCP

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Cost- Effective Management


Volume 16, Supplement 1 - The Community Health Improvement Collaborative: Building Community-Academic Partnerships to Reduce Disparities




(Ethn Dis. 2006; 16[Suppl 1]:S1-1–S1-2)

Keith C. Norris, MD


Building an Academic-Community Partnered Network for Clinical Services Research: The Community Health Improvement Collaborative (CHIC)
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-3–S1-17)

Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH; Anne Staunton, PhD, MPH; Keith C. Norris, MD; and the CHIC Council: Ricky Bluthenthal, PhD; Bowen Chung, MD; Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSHS; Loretta Jones, MA; Sheryl Kataoka, MD, MSHS; Paul Koegel, PhD; Jeanne Miranda, PhD; Carol M. Mangione, MD, MSPH; Kavita Patel, MD; Michael Rodriguez, MD, MSHS; Martin Shapiro, MD, PhD; Marleen Wong, MSW

Collaboration, Community Participatory Research, Health Improvement

Witness for Wellness: Preliminary Findings from a Community-Academic Participatory Research Mental Health Initiative
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-18–S1-34)

Ricky N. Bluthenthal, PhD; Loretta Jones, MA; Nicole Fackler-Lowrie, MHSA; Marcia Ellison, PhD; Theodore Booker; Felica Jones; Sharon McDaniel, RN, MSN, PMHNP; Moraya Moini, MPH; Kamau R. Williams, MS; Ruth Klap, PhD; Paul Koegel, PhD; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH

Community Capacity Building, Depression, Participatory Research

Innovative Approaches to Obtaining Community Feedback in the Witness for Wellness Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-35–S1-42)

Kavita K. Patel, MD; Paul Koegel, PhD; Ted Booker; Loretta Jones, MA; Kenneth Wells, MD, MPH

Assessment, Community, Delphi, Feedback, Participatory, Research

Supporting Wellness Through Policy and Advocacy: A Case History of a Working Group in a Community Partnership Initiative to Address Depression
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-43–S1-53)

Susan Stockdale, PhD; Kavita Patel, MD; Ruthie Gray, BA; Delores A. Hill, LCSW; Charla Franklin; Nisaa Madyun, RNC

Case Study, Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR), Depression

The Building Wellness Project: A Case History of Partnership, Power Sharing, and Compromise (Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-54–S1-66)

Drew Jones, MPH; Charla Franklin; Brittany T. Butler, BA; Pluscedia Williams, BA; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH; Michael A. Rodrı´guez, MD, MPH

Case Study, Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR), Compromise, Depression, Partnership, Power Sharing, Provider Resources

Talking Wellness: A Description of a Community-Academic Partnered Project to Engage an African-American Community around Depression through the Use of Poetry, Film, and Photography
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-67–S1- 78)

Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Charles Edward Corbett, BA; Barbara Boulet, MA; Janet R. Cummings, BA; Keisha Paxton, PhD; Sharon McDaniel, RN, MSN, PMHNP; Sequoia Olivia Mercier, RN, BSN; Charla Franklin; Eric Mercier; Loretta Jones, MA; Barry E. Collins, PhD; Paul Koegel, PhD; Naihua Duan, PhD; Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH; Deborah Glik, PhD; and the Talking Wellness Group of Witness for Wellness

African Americans, Community- Based Participatory Research, Health Communications, Health Disparities, Major Depression, Media Effects

Seeking Community Input to Improve Implementation of a Lifestyle Modification Program
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-79–S1-88)

Cristina Punzalan, MPH; Keisha C. Paxton, PhD; Heather Guentzel, MPH, MA; Ricky N. Bluthenthal, PhD; Anne D. Staunton, PhD; Gloria Mejia, MD; Leo Morales, MD, PhD; Jeanne Miranda, PhD

African American, Focus Group, Healthy Eating, Hispanic, Physical Activity, Qualitative Methodology, Women

A Community Participatory Research Partnership: The Development of a Faith-Based Intervention for Children Exposed to Violence
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-89–S1-97)

Sheryl H. Kataoka, MD; Susan Fuentes, RN; Vincent P. O’Donoghue; Patricia Castillo-Campos; Antonia Bonilla; Kristie Halsey, LCSW; Jorge L. Avila; Kenneth B. Wells, MD

Children, Community-Based Participatory Research, Faith-Based, Mental Health, Trauma

Community-Research Collaboration Between Researchers and Acupuncturists: Integrating a Participatory Research Approach in a Statewide Survey of Licensed Acupuncturists in California
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-98–S1-106)

Tony Kuo, MD, MSHS; Rebekah Christensen; Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH; Lisa Rubenstein, MD, MSPH; Adam Burke, PhD, MPH

Acupuncture, Community Participation, Mistrust, Oriental Medicine

Developing Systems Interventions in a School Setting: An Application of Community-Based Participatory Research for Mental Health
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-107–S1-117)

Norah E. Mulvaney-Day, PhD; Nancy Rappaport, MD; Margarita Alegrı´a, PhD; Leslie M. Codianne, MA

CBPR, Mental Health Services Research, School Mental Health, Special Ed (SPED)

Ethics of Clinical Research within a Community-Academic Partnered Participatory Framework
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-118–S1-135)

Donna T. Chen, MD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH

Clinical Research Ethics, Community- Based Participatory Research, Health Disparities

Assessing Organizational Readiness and Change in Community Intervention Research: Framework for Participatory Evaluation
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1- 136–S1-145)

Susan E. Stockdale, PhD; Peter Mendel, PhD; Loretta Jones, MA; William Arroyo, MD; Jim Gilmore, MBA

Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Organizational Capacity, Evaluation, Mental Health, Substance Abuse

Commentary: Challenges for the Field in Overcoming Disparities through a CBPR Approach
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-146–S1-148)

Nina Wallerstein, DrPH


Commentary: Building Partnerships Between Schools and Academic Partners to Achieve a Health- Related Research Agenda
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-149–S1-153)

Marleen Wong, PhD


Commentary: Community-Academic Partnership for Research to Improve Health in Communities: A Foundation Officer’s Perspective(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-154–S1-155)

Constance M. Pechura, PhD


Commentary: Community Partnered Research: Driving Sensemaking, Managing Knowledge, and Moving Mental Health Care to New Heights
(Ethn Dis. 2006;16[Suppl 1]:S1-156–S1-158)

Junius J. Gonzales, MD; Carmen Moten, PhD, MPH







Volume 15, Supplement 6 - The Jackson Heart Study: Study Methods and Initial Findings




The Jackson Heart Study: An Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-1–S6-3)

Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Jackson Heart Study, Longitudinal Study

Toward Resolution of Cardiovascular Health Disparities in African Americans: Design and Methods of the Jackson Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-4–S6-17)

Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH; James G. Wilson, MD; Daniel W. Jones, MD; Daniel F. Sarpong, PhD; Asoka Srinivasan, PhD; Robert J. Garrison, PhD; Cheryl Nelson, MPH; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Jackson Heart Study, Longitudinal Study, Methods

Recruiting African-American Research Participation in the Jackson Heart Study: Methods, Response Rates, and Sample Description
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-18–S6-29)

Sonja R. Fuqua, RNC, PhD; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD; Michael E. Andrew, PhD; Daniel F. Sarpong, PhD; Frances R. Henderson, RN, EdD; Margie F. Cunningham, MS; Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Jackson Heart Study, Longitudinal Study, Recruitment

Study Design for Genetic Analysis in the Jackson Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-30–S6-37)

James G. Wilson, MD; Charles N. Rotimi, PhD; Lynette Ekunwe, MPH; Charmaine D. M. Royal, PhD; Mary E. Crump, RN, MSN; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD; Michael W. Steffes, MD, PhD; Adebowale Adeyemo, MD; Jie Zhou, Pharm D; Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH; Cashell Jaquish, PhD

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Family Study, Genetics, Jackson Heart Study, Longitudinal Study

Sociocultural Methods in the Jackson Heart Study: Conceptual and Descriptive Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-38–S6- 48)

Thomas J. Payne, PhD; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD; Thomas H. Mosley, PhD; Patricia M. Dubbert, PhD; Mary Lou Guiterrez-Mohammed, PhD; Rosie L. Calvin, RN, DNS; Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH; David R. Williams, PhD

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Jackson Heart Study, Lifestyle, Risk Factors

Dietary Assessment in African Americans: Methods Used in the Jackson Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2005; 15[Suppl 6]:S6-49–S6-55)

Teresa Carithers, PhD; Patricia M. Dubbert, PhD; Errol Crook, MD; Brenda Davy, PhD; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD; Margaret L. Bogle, PhD; Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD; Katherine L. Tucker, PhD

African Americans, Calibration Study, Diet, Jackson Heart Study

Physical Activity Assessment Methods in the Jackson Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-56–S6- 61)

Patricia M. Dubbert, PhD; Teresa Carithers, PhD; Barbara E. Ainsworth, PhD, MPH; Herman A. Taylor Jr, MD, MPH; Gregory Wilson, MA; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD

Accelerometer, African Americans, Jackson Heart Study, Measurement, Pedometer, Physical Activity, Questionnaire

Cardiovascular Disease Event Classification in the Jackson Heart Study: Methods and Procedures
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-62–S6-70)

Emmanuel Keku, MD, MSPH; Wayne Rosamond, PhD; Herman A. Taylor, Jr, MD; Robert Garrison, PhD; Sharon B. Wyatt, RN, CANP, PhD; Michelle Richard, MS; Brenda Jenkins, MPH; Lisa Reeves, MS; Daniel Sarpong, PhD

African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease, Jackson Heart Study, Lifestyle, Risk Factors

Preparing African Americans for Careers in Health Care: The Jackson Heart Study
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 6]:S6-71–S6-75)

Asoka Srinivasan, PhD; James Brown, MA; Nimr Fahmy, PhD; Elizabeth Heitman, PhD; Madhu Singh, PhD; Moyses Szklo, PhD; Herman Taylor, MD, MPH; Wendy White, MPH

African Americans, Jackson Heart Study, Minority Investigators, Undergraduate Training


Volume 15, Supplement 5 - Proceedings from Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) 9th International Symposium on Health Disparities




(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 5]:S5-1–S5-2)

Sidney McNairy, Jr., PhD, DSc


A Profile of Chronic Mental and Physical Conditions Among African-American and Latino Children in Urban Public Housing
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 5]:S5-3–S5-9)

Mohsen Bazargan, PhD; José L. Calderón, MD; Kevin C. Heslin, PhD; Christina Mentes, PhD; Magda A. Shaheen, MD, PhD; Jennifer Ahdout, BS; Richard S. Baker, MD

ADHD, Depression, Asthma, Hearing, Vision, Minority, Public Housing

Attenuation of Exaggerated Exercise Blood Pressure Response in African-American Women by Regular Aerobic Physical Activity
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-10–S5-13)

Vernon Bond, EdD; Richard M. Millis, PhD; R. George Adams, MD; Luc M. Oke, MD, PhD; Larry Enweze, MD; Raymond Blakely, PhD; Marshall Banks, PhD; Terry Thompson, MD; Thomas Obisesan, MD; Jennifer C. Sween, BS

Exercise, African-American Women, Blood Pressure

The Relationship of Racism to Appraisals and Coping in a Community Sample
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-14–S5-19)

Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD; Shola Thompson; Nisha Brady; Risa Appel, PhD; Andrea Cassells, MPH; Jonathan N. Tobin, PhD; Monica Sweeney, MD

Racism, Appraisals, Coping, Ethnicity-Related Stress

Multi-Cultural Surveillance for Ectopic Pregnancy: California 1991–2000 (Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-20–S5-24)

Jose L. Calderón, MD; Magda Shaheen, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Senait Teklehaimenot, MPH; Paul L. Robinson, PhD; Richard S. Baker, MD

Multi-Cultural, Ectopic Pregnancy, Health Disparities, Women’s Health

A Comparison of the Sociodemographic, Risk-Behavior, and Substance-Abuse Profile of Young vs Older HIV-Infected Puerto Rican Patients
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5- 25–S5-29)

Diana M. Fernández, MS; María de los A. Gómez, PhD; Wanda Figueroa, MD; Miriam Velázquez, MS; Doris V. Báez, MS; Eddy Ríos-Olivares, PhD, MS; Robert F. Hunter, MD, FACP

HIV/AIDS, Early Infection, Puerto Ricans

Racial Differences in Institutionalization after Hip Fractures: California Hospital Discharge Data
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-30–S5-33)

Kalpana Ganesan, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Senait Teklehaimenot, MPH; Keith Norris, MD

Racial Differences, Hip Fracture, Extended Care Facilities

College-Age, African-American Males’ Misperceptions about Weight Status, Body Size, and Shape
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-34–S5-38)

Susan M. Gross, PhD; Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, PhD; Dorothy C. Browne, DrPH

Body Image, Weight Perception, Weight Status

Oral Health Disparities and Periodontal Disease in Asian and Pacific Island Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-39–S5-46)

Rosanne C. Harrigan, EdD; David Easa, MD; Claude LeSaux, PhD; Lynnae Millar, MD; Lynette E. Kagihara, DDS; T. Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD; Mark H. K. Greer, DMD; James D. Beck, PhD; Steven Offenbacher, DDS, PhD

Collaborative Research, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Hawaii, Oral Health Disparities, Interdisciplinary Research Network

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Adherence Among Women Living with HIV
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-47–S5-50)

Cibel M. Hilerio, MS; José Martı´nez, Ph.D.; Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Rosimar Torres, MD

HIV/AIDS, Adherence, Women, PTSD

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Do Racial/Ethnic Disparities Exist in Brain Injury Severity, Mortality, or Medical Disposition?
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-51–S5-56)

Ivory Howard, MPH; Jill G. Joseph, MD, PhD; JoAnne E. Natale, MD, PhD

Children, Racial/Ethnic Disparities, Traumatic Brain Injury

Mortality Trends of HIV-Infected Patients After the Introduction of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: Analysis of a Cohort of 3,322 HIV-Infected Persons
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-57– S5-62)

Angel M. Mayor, MD; María A. Gómez, PhD; Eddy Ríos-Oliveras, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD

HAART, HIV/AIDS, Mortality Trends, Puerto Rico

Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease: Race, Hypotension, and Immunogenetics
(Ethn Dis. 2005; 15 [Suppl 5]:S5-63–S5-66)

Zuber D. Mulla, MSPH, PhD; Shawn G. Gibbs, PhD

African Americans, European Continental Ancestry Group, HLA-DQ Antigens/ Genetics, HLA-DR Antigens/Genetics, Hypotension, Streptococcus Pyogenes

Identifying Nonrandom Occurrences of Simple Sequence Repeats in Genomic DNA Sequences (Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-67–S5-70)

Wilfred Ndifon; Asamoah Nkwanta, PhD; Dwayne Hill, PhD

DNA, Simple Sequence Repeats

An Overview of Obesity and Diabetes in the Diverse Populations of the Pacific (Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-71–S5-80)

May Okihiro, MD; Rosanne Harrigan, EdD, MS, APRN-Rx

Diabetes, Ethnicity, Obesity, Pacific Islander

The Hemotoxicity of Para-Substituted Aniline Analogs in Dog and Rat Erythrocytes: a Species Comparison
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-81–S5-87)

Elissa T. Purnell, PhD; Harpal Singh, PhD

Dog Erythrocytes, Hemotoxicity, Methemoglobin, Para-Substituted Aniline Analogs, Rat Erythrocytes

Expression of IQ-Motif Genes in Human Cells and ASPM Domain Structure
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-88–S5-91)

Allen Rhoads, BS, PhD; Hilaire Kenguele, BS, MS

ASPM, Human Cells, IQ Motif, Microtubule Binding Region, Multidomain Architecture, RT-PCR

HIV Infection and Risk Behavior of Hispanic Farm Workers at the West Texas-Mexico Border
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-92–S5-96)

Armando Varela-Ramirez, PhD; Adrian Mejia, BS; David Garcia, BS; Julia Bader, PhD; Renato J. Aguilera, PhD

AIDS, Hispanic, HIV, Migrant Workers, Risk Behavior

The Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D Among US Adults: Data from the NHANES III (Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-97–S5-101)

Ashraf Zadshir, MD; Naureen Tareen, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Keith Norris, MD; David Martins, MD

Hypovitaminosis D, Minority, Vitamin D

The Impact of Routine Vitamin Supplementation on Serum Levels of 25 (OH) D3 Among the General Adult Population and Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-102–S5-106)

Naureen Tareen, MD; David Martins, MD; Ashraf Zadshir, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Keith C. Norris, MD

Vitamin D, Chronic Kidney Disease, Vitamin D Supplementation

The Research Subjects Advocate at Minority Clinical Research Centers: An Added Resource for Protection of Human Subjects
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-107–S5-110)

David Easa, MD; Keith Norris, MD; Zoë Hammatt, Esq, MPhil; Kari Kim, BA, CIP; Esther Hernandez, RN, BSN; Kambrie Kato; Venkataraman Balaraman, MD; Tammy Ho, MBA; Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD

Research Subject Advocate, Research Participant Safety, Minority Populations, Health Disparities Research, Clinical Research, Human Subjects

Improving Hawaiian and Filipino Involvement in Clinical Research Opportunities: Qualitative Findings from Hawai’i
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-111–S5-119)

Lisa X. Gollin, PhD; Rosanne C. Harrigan, APRN-Rx, EdD, MS; Jose´ L. Calderón, MD; John Perez; David Easa, MD

Asian Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, Filipino, Clinical Trial Participation, Translational Research, Medical Research, Health Disparities

Morehouse Community Physicians Network (CPN) Hypertension Registry: Patterns of Care and Opportunities for Targeted Medical Education
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-120–S5-123)

Priscilla Igho-Pemu, MD, MS; Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS; Adefisayo Oduwole, MD; Rigobert Lapu-Bula, MD, PhD; Robert Mayberry, PhD; Chamberlain Obialo, MD; Gary H. Gibbons, MD; Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH

Hypertension, Outcomes, Physician Education, Quality Improvement, Disparities

The Community Physicians’ Network (CPN): An Academic-Community Partnership to Eliminate Healthcare Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-124–S5-127)

Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH; Priscilla Igho-Pemu, MD, MS; Rigobert Lapu-Bula, MD, PhD; Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS; Chamberlain Obialo, MD; Clifford Thomas, MD; Anekwe Onwanyi, MD; Adefisayo Oduwole, MD; Folake Ojutalayo, MD, MPH; Priscilla Johnson, PhD, MSN; Frederick Murphy, MSPH; Robert Mayberry, PhD; Gregory Strayhorn, MD, PhD

Practice-Based Research, Quality Improvement

An Empowerment Intervention for Women Living with HIV and Its Adaptation for Women with a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Ethn Dis. 2005;15 [Suppl 5]:S5-128–S5-132)

Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Lydia E. Santiago, PhD; Cibel Hilerio, MA, PhDc; Georgamaly Estronza, MS; Therese Falk, MPHE

Adherence, Antiretroviral Therapy, Breast Cancer, Empowerment, HIV, Women

Volume 15, Supplement 4 - Research from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Disease, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science High School Student Research Program—Summer 2004




The Need for Health Professionals and Scientists from Underrepresented Minority and Disadvantaged Communities - p1

Keith C. Norris, MD; Lawrence Y. Agodoa, MD


Phytic Acid (Inositol Hexaphosphate): Screening for Low Phytic Acid Concentration in Pea Seeds for Increased Bioavailability in Humans - p3

Student Researchers: Misa Nguyen; Timothy Patuwo


Testosterone Inhibits Adipogenic Transcription Factors PPAR-g2 and C/EBP-a Through TCF4 Transcription Factor - p5

Student Researchers: Charles L. McNeal; Marcus I. Raymond


Determining the Structure of Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 Using X-Ray Crystallograph - p7

Student Researcher: Hyowoun Jyung


QuantiFERON-TB: An Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Procedure that Aids in the Detection of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection - p10

Student Researcher: Elana Cooper


Determination of the Extinction Coef®cient for N-Substituted Glycines Using Ultra Violet Spectroscopy - p12

Student Researchers: Rachel S. Kessy; Yoriel Marcano


Pulmonary Hypertension in Chuvash Polycythemia - p15

Student Researcher: Raha Dastgheyb


Renal Oxidative Stress in Chronic Alcohol-Induced Hypertension - p17

Student Researcher: Ricardo J. Carrero


Using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry to Measure Limb and Digestive Organ Composition in Laboratory Rats - p20

Student Researcher: Ryan Wilson


Survival of the Fittest: Antibiotic Resistance in the Environment - p22

Student Researcher: Safiya Ransome


Treatment of Ballast Water Using Acoustic Cavitation Techniques Coupled with Advanced Oxidants - p24

Student Researcher: Seraj Helu


Genetic Variants in the Gene Encoding PRKCI and Susceptibility to Diabetic Nephropathy in Pima Indians - p26

Student Researcher: Shahil Rais


Employment of a PCR-Based Monitoring System to Detect Bacteria and Fungi from Indoor Air Samples at Indoor Work Places: A Pilot Study in Ponce, Puerto Rico - p29

Student Researchers: Sir Thomas Hayes; Silkia López


The Effect of the Number of Animals and Environmental Conditions on the Gaseous Microclimate of Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia) Nests - p31

Student Researcher: Thecla T. Ulroan


Breath Ethanol and Acetone as Indicators of Serum Glucose Levels: An Initial Report - p32

Student Researcher: Winston Hu


Depression, Health Beliefs, and Locus of Control - p35

Student Researchers: Cristina Valdovinos; Cynthia Gonzalez


Creatine Supplementation for Teenagers - p37

Student Researcher: Jason Mahuna


The Role of AlgB Gene on the Alginate Production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa - p39

Student Researcher: Jennifer Yu


Improving the Quality of Life of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Patients through Penile Implants - p41

Student Researcher: Jessica Gheiler


Identi®cation of PIST PDZ Domain Interactors - p43

Student Researcher: Jim Y. Chen


Measuring Changes in Organ Composition Using Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry: Potential for Rodent Studies on Alcoholism - p45

Student Researcher: Jolene Jackinsky


Is It All in the Head? The Psychological Effects of Chronic Pain and the Effectiveness of Modern Therapies - p47

Student Researcher: Julene Fleurmond


Using the Cow Pea Mosaic Virus (CPMV) as a Bio-Imaging Tool - p49

Student Researcher: Kimberly McIntee


Effect of Procainamide on the Oxidation of Hydrogen Peroxide - p51

Student Researcher: Larhondé Sealey


Effect of Western-Style Diet on Blood Glucose Levels in Werner De®cient Mice - p55

Student Researcher: Latasha Stelly


The Downstart Program: A Hospital-Based Weight-Loss Program - p58

Student Researcher: Laurel Macey


Hyperglycemic Ischemia Increases the Production of Superoxide Free Radicals and Decreases the Level of Antioxidative Selenoprotein P - p60

Student Researchers: Marcia Ann Tagavilla


Computer Model for Gas Diffusion from Nests of Burrowing Animals - p62

Student Researcher: Melissa Datta


Investigation of PAXIP1L as a Candidate Gene for Diabetic Nephropathy - p64

Student Researcher: Morganna Bradley


Does Skin Cancer Discriminate? What Role Does Skin Pigment Play in the Development of Melanoma Skin Cancer? - p66

Student Researcher: Myriam Alexandre


Genetics of Diabetes: Assessment of a Genetic Variant in the Glucose Transporter 2 (SLC2A2) Gene and Susceptibility to Diabetic Nephropathy in Pima Indians - p67

Student Researcher: Naina Bagrodia


The Impact of Diabetes on Flathead Reservation Native Americans - p70

Student Researcher: Paige Anderson


Craniosynostosis: The Evaluation of Bmp Signaling in Mus musculus in Skull Formation and Suture Induction - p72

Student Researcher: Paul Maliakkal


Regulation of Epithelial Calcium Channels by Protein Kinases - p75

Student Researcher: Peilong Cong


Native American Strong Body Initiative - p77

Student Researcher: Rachel L. Patneaude


Association of Polyomavirus JC with Colon Cancer - p78

Student Researcher: Aileen Duran


The Importance in Determining the Level of Albuminuria in Sickle Cell Patients - p80

Student Researcher: Andy Zorrilla


Organizational Barriers to Chronic Illness Care - p81

Student Researcher: Ashley Heath


Comparison of Gene Expression in the Kidneys of Male and Female Mice Using the DNA MicroArray Mgu74Av2 - p82

Student Researcher: Ashwin Mudaliar


A Review: Pseudo-Trigger Digits - p84

Student Researcher: Auset Mitchell


Molecular Technique for Gender Identification in the Hawaiian Goose (Branta sandvicensis) - p85

Student Researcher: Blaine Vierra


Aberrant Crypt Foci (ACF) in DMH Reactivated Rat Model of Colitis - p87

Student Researchers: Christine Santana; Cariluz Santiago


Depression, Health Beliefs, and Locus of Control: Relationship to Glycemic Control in Hispanic and African Americans with Diabetes - p89

Student Researcher: Cristina Valdovinos


Ef®cacy of Therapies Targeted at Treating Patients with Membranous Glomerulonephritis - p91

Student Researcher: David X. Zhuo


Compartmentalizing Tanker Truck Safety Design: Minimizing the Potential for Fires from Collisions - p94

Student Researcher: Diamond F. Pearson


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Studies of Lipoteichoic Acid Adhesion on Biomaterials - p96

Student Researcher: Earlanna Cravatt


Doxycycline Inhibits Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) Production by Neonatal Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells - p98

Student Researchers: E’Lana Shuford-Hopkins; Arlene Bulger, BS


Globin-Coupled Sensors from the Thermophile Anoxybacillus flavithermus Show Absorption Spectra Similar to Myoglobin - p100

Student Researchers: Elizabeth S. Nakasone and Xuehua Wan


Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) - p103

Student Researcher: Ephraim Simon


Embryonic Retinal Progenitor Cells are Heterogeneic with Respect to Proneural Transcription Factor Expression - p105

Student Researcher: Gabrielle Griffin


Fresh Fruits for Cardiovascular Disease: Effects of Fruit Juices on the Expression of CD36 and LDL-R in Human Monocytic Cells, U937 - p107

Student Researcher: Hezhi Gan


Comparison of Normal Gut Microflora of Washington Hatchery Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kitsutch) to Previously Reported Gut Microflora of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) - p109

Student Researcher: Ho-Wan-Ut ‘‘Haila’’ Peterson


Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (FHC) Medicine: The Cloning and Study of Two Novel Mutations in the Regulatory Light Chain (RLC) of Myosin that Cause Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (FHC) - p111

Student Researchers: Islamiyat N. Adebisi; Rosemarie Ma


A Method for Drug Delivery Using Magnetoliposomes - p113

Student Researcher: Jacquoi James


Microbial Degradation for Bioremediation - p116

Student Researcher: Jandi Iha


Abstracts - p118




Volume 15, Supplement 3 - Achieving Immunizations for All: Proceedings from a Symposium on Eliminating Adult Immunization Disparities




Adult Immunization Disparities: A Challenge for the Public Health/Primary Care Partnership
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 3]: S3-1-S3-3)

David Satcher, MD, PhD

Health Disparities, Immunization, Influenza, Prevention, Primary Care, Public Health

Who's Getting Shots and Who's Not: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Immunization Coverage
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 3]:S3-4-S3-6)

Pascale Wortley, MD, MPH

Disparities, Immunization, Influenza, Pneumococcal

When Insurance Is Not Enough: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Immunizations for the Medicare Population
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15:[Suppl 3]:S3-7-S3-12)

James R. Farris, MD

Disparities, Immunization, Influenza, Insurance, Medicare, Quality Improvement

Race, Culture, and Trust: Why Should I Take a Shot if I'm Not Sick?
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 3]:S3-13-S3-16)

Miriam Burnett, MD, MPH, MDiv; Inginia Genao, MD; Winston F. Wong, MD, MS

Culture, Hispanic, Immunization, Race, Trust

Best-Practice Models That Work: The CDC's Racial and Ethnic Adult Disparities Immunization Initiative (READII) Programs
(Ethn Dis. 2005; 15[Suppl 3]:S3-17-S3-20)

Tamara J. Kicera; Marilyn Douglas, RN; Fernando A. Guerra, MD, MPH

Adult Immunization, Disparities, Model Programs, READII

Re-Engineering the Primary Care Practice to Eliminate Adult Immunization Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 3]:S3- 21-S3-26)

George Rust, MD, MPH; Harry S. Strothers, III, MD, MMM; Richard K. Zimmerman, MD, MPH

Health Disparities, Immunizations, Influenza, Primary Care, Quality Improvement

Summary: Take-Home Points from the Eliminating Adult Immunization Disparities Symposium
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 3]:S3-27-S3-28)

George Rust, MD, MPH



Volume 15, Supplement 2 - Fourth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference




Improving Health, Eliminating Disparities: Finding Solutions for Better Health Care for All Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-1 - S2-4)

Michael Heisler, MD, MPH; George Rust, MD, MPH; Roland Pattillo, MD; Anne M. Dubois

Cancer, Disparities, Environmental Health, Heart Disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Infectious Disease, Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Prevention, Primary Care, Stroke, Tobacco Use, Women's Health

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer Stage, Treatment, and Survival in the United
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-5 - S2-9) States

Christopher Li, MD

Breast Carcinoma, Ethnicity, Race, Stage, Survival, Treatment

Smoking Cessation: What Works in Primary Care Settings
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-10 - S2-13)

Linda L. Pederson, PhD; Daniel Blumenthal, MD, MPH

Care, Smoking Cessation

Community Health Advisors Effectively Promote Cancer Screening
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-14 - S2-16)

Michelle Y. Martin, PhD

Advisor, Cancer, Community, Health, Screening

Utilization of Services Among Elderly Cancer Patients - Relationship to Age, Symptoms, Physical Functioning, Comorbidity and Survival Status
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-17 - S2-22)

Margo E. Kurtz, PhD; J.C. Kurtz, PhD; Charles W. Given, PhD; Barbara A. Given, PhD, RN


Improving Cardiovascular Health Outcomes Through the Use of Evidence-Based Medicine
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-23 - S2-26)

Janice Douglas, MD

AASK, ALLHAT, CKD, Hypertension, JNC 7, LIFE, Metabolic Syndrome, Proteinuria, VALUE

Health Care and Civil Rights: An Introduction
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-27 - S2-30)

Joel Teitelbaum, JD, LLM

Civil Rights, Health Care, Healthcare Discrimination, Health Law

Racial Disparities and Site of Care
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-31 - S2-33)

Peter B. Bach, MD, MAPP

Racial Disparities, Physician Bias, Healthcare Inequities

Post Menopausal Hormone Therapy Today
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-34 - S2-39)

Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD

HRT, Menopause, Quality of Life, Vasomotor Symptoms

The Ebony Sex Survey and the Sex Lives of African-American Women: A Call to Healthcare Providers
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-40 - S2-44)

Hope E. Ashby, PhD

African-American Women, Sexual Behavior, Sexuality

Interstitial Lung Disease: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-45 - S2-48)

Rafael L. Perez, MD

Anti-fibrotic Therapy, Granulomatous Inflammation, Immunosuppressive Therapy, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Restrictive Lung Impairment

Metro Atlanta Responds to West Nile Virus: A Coordinated Public Health Response
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-49 - S2-51)

Juanette Willis

Atlanta, Coordination, Mosquito Control, Surveillance, West Nile Virus

The Hepatitis C Crisis
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-52 - S2-57)

Tina M. St. John, MD; Lorren Sandt

Antibodies, Chronic Hepatitis C, Hepatitis C, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Transplantation

Surgeons General Colloquim. Major Health Policy Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Nation
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-58 - S2-61)



2004 American Cancer Society Report: Addressing Disparities

Primary Care for the 21st Century

Providing Compassionate Primary Care

Assessing Pennsylvania's Changing Nurse Workforce
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-62 - S2-67)

Harmon J. Eyre, MD

Marilyn Gaston, MD

Yvette Williams, MD, MPH

Calvin B. Johnson, MD, MPH


Improving Quality of Care by Translating Research into Culturally Competent Practice

Improving the Quality of Public Health Services
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-68 - S2-73)

Judy Ann Bigby, MD

Virginia A. Caine, MD


How We Really Serve All People, or Do We?

Meeting Healthy People 2010 Goals: Aetna's Response to the Industry Challenge
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-74 - S2-77)

Evelyn Schmidt, MD, MPH

Melissa Welch, MD, MPH


Improving Health, Eliminating Disparities: Visions for the 21st Century
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-78 - S2-80)

Julie L. Gerberding, MD


Abstracts Presented at the Fourth Annual Primary Care and Prevention Conference
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 2]:S2-81-S2-85)




Volume 15, Supplement 1 - Proceedings of the Third Biennial National Conference on Health Issues in the Arab-American Community




(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-vii-S1-viii)

Editors: Wael A. Sakr, MD; Adnan Hammad, PhD Co-Editors: David J. P. Bassett, PhD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN Associate Editors: May Darwish-Yassine, PhD; Carlos J. Gonsalves, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD;Linda Jaber, PharmD; Maryjean Schenk, MD, MPH


Cancer and Women's Health - Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-1)

Editors: May Darwish-Yassine, PhD; Wael A. Sakr, MD


Cancer and Women's Health - The Problem of Cancer: Lung Cancer as a Paradigm-Keynote Address Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-2)

John C. Ruckdeschel, MD


Cancer and Women's Health - Cancer Databases in the Arab World
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-3-S1-4)

Inas A. El-Attar, PhD


Cancer and Women's Health - Cancer Epidemiology in Arab Americans and Arabs Outside the Middle East
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-5-S1-8)

May Darwish-Yassine, PhD; Diane Wing, MPH


Cancer and Women's Health - An Update on Recent Cancer Trends in Lebanon
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-9-S1-10)

Nagi S. El Saghir, MD


Cancer and Women's Health - Breast Cancer in Lebanon. Increased Age-Adjusted Incidence Rates in Younger-Aged Groups at Presentation: Implications for Screening and for Arab-American Ethnic Groups
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-11-S1-12)

Nagi S. El Saghir, MD; A. Shamseddine, MD; F. Geara; et al.


Cancer and Women's Health - Childhood Cancer Among Arab Americans in Southeast Michigan
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-13-S1-14)

Hadi Sawaf, MD; Adonis Lorenzana, MD; George Dombi, PhD; Merlin Hamre, MD; Kendra Schwartz, MD


Cancer and Women's Health - Measurement of the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Arab-American Adults Toward Cancer Screening and Early Detection: Development of a Survey Instrument
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-15-S1-16)

Hasan Al-Omran, PhD, RN


Cancer and Women's Health - Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-17)



Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-18-S1-19)

Editors: Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Linda Jaber, PharmD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Trends of Body Mass Index (BMI) by Age and Sex Percentile Among Arab-American Fifth Graders in Southeastern Michigan Schools
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-20-S1-22)

Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD; Farid Shamo, MD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Are Ethnicity Based: A Study of Women of Different Ethnic Backgrounds in Southeastern Michigan
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-23-S1-25)

Wael Hatahet, PhD; Thomas V. Fungwe, PhD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome in Arab Americans: A Community-Based Sample
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-26-S1-29)

Linda A. Jaber, PharmD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Cardiovascular Risk Factors in an Arab-American Population in Southeastern Michigan
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-29)

Adnan Hammad, PhD; William H. Herman, MD, MPH; Linda A. Jaber, PharmD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - The Epidemiology of Diabetes and Its Risk Factors Among Chaldean Americans
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-30-S1-31)

Suha Al-Oballi Kridli, PhD; William H. Herman, MD, MPH; Morton Brown, PhD; Haifa Fakhouri, PhD; Linda A. Jaber, PharmD


Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes - Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-32)



Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-33-S1-34)

Editors: David J. P. Bassett, PhD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Science and the Community: A Collaborative Model for Integration of Research Within the Community
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-35-S1-38)

Linda S. Weglicki, PhD, MSN; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Adnan Hammad, PhD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Environmental Impacts on Arab Americans in Metropolitan Detroit
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-39-S1-40)

Adnan S. Hammad, PhD; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Environmental Justice and Environmental Health: Focus Group Assessments of the Perceptions of Arab Americans in Metro Detroit
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-41-S1-42)

Kathryn L. Savoie, PhD; Sue Ann Savas, MSW; Adnan S. Hammad, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc; Sawsan Abdulrahim, MPH


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Environmental Disease Burden in Arab-American Communities in the Detroit Area: Prevalence and Severity
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-43-S1-46)

Mary Johnson, BA, MS; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc; Kathryn Savoie, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Costs of Environmentally Attributable Diseases in the Arab-American Community in the Detroit Area
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-47-S1-48)

Lauren M. Zajac, BS; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc; Kathryn Savoie, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes About Environmental Diseases Among Arab-American Communities in the Detroit Area
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-49-S1-51)

Adnan Hammad, PhD; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc; Kathryn Savoie, PhD; Mary Johnson BA, MS; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Community-Based Participatory Research of Environmental Factors on Arab Americans in Metropolitan Detroit: Progress Report
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-52-S1-53)

Adnan S. Hammad, PhD; Jerome O. Nriagu, PhD, DSc


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Arab-American Youth Tobacco Program
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-54-S1-56)

Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Predictors of Tobacco Use Among Lebanese, Yemeni, and Iraqi Adolescents, 14-18 Years of Age
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-57-S1-59)

Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Thomas Templin, PhD; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Omar Baker, PhD, RN; Anahid Kulwicki, DNSc, RN; Hasan Al-Omran, PhD, RN; Ibrahim Al- Faouri, MSN; Frank Thompson, MA; Mona Dakroub, BA; Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - A Comparison of Psychosocial Factors and Tobacco Use Among Arab and Arab-American Adolescents: Preliminary Findings
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-60-S1-61)

Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Thomas Templin, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Anahid Kulwicki, DSc, RN; Ibrahim Al-Faouri, PhD; Hasan Al-Omran, PhD, RN; Omar Baker, PhD, RN; Mona Dakroub, BA; Frank Thompson, MA


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Culturally Sensitive Smoking Cessation Intervention Program Redesign for Arab-American Youth
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-62-S1-64)

Ibrahim Al-Faouri, PhD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Anahid Kulwicki, DNSc, RN; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Omar Baker, PhD, RN; Hasan Al-Omran, PhD, RN; Mona Dakroub, BA


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Trends in Tobacco Use Among Arab/Arab-American Adolescents: Preliminary Findings
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-65-S1-68)

Thomas Templin, PhD; Virginia Hill Rice, PhD, RN; Hesham Gadelrab, MA; Linda Weglicki, PhD, RN; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Anahid Kulwicki, DSc, RN; Hasan Al-Omran, PhD, RN; Ibrahim Al-Faouri, MSN; Omar Baker, PhD, RN; Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Frank Thompson, MA; Mona Dakroub, BA; Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Relationship of Parental Tobacco Use, Peer Influence, Self-Esteem, and Tobacco Use Among Yemeni-American Adolescents: Mid-Range Theory Testing
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-69-S1-71)

Omar Baker, PhD, RN


Environmental Health, Tobacco Use and Its Control - Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-72)



Public Health in the Arab World - Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-73)

Editors: Maryjean Schenk, MD, MPH; Adnan Hammad, PhD


Public Health in the Arab World - Health and Disease in a Changing Arab World 2000/2025/2050: Global, Environmental, and Climate Change and Emerging Diseases
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-74-S1-75)

Mustafa Khogali, MD


Public Health in the Arab World - Major Health Problems in North Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-76)

Sabri Belgacem, DHS


Public Health in the Arab World - Major Health Issues in Jordan
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-77-S1-82)

Saad Hijazi, MD, PhD


Public Health in the Arab World - The Health Status of the Palestinian Arab Community in Israel in Relation to the Jewish Community of Israel
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-83)

Khaled Suleiman, MD; Basel Ghattas, PhD; Cameel Makhoul, PhD


Public Health in the Arab World - Palestinian Health System After Three Years of the Intifada - Survival, Development, or Both?
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-84-S1-85)

Husseini Rafiq, PhD


Public Health in the Arab World - Mental Health Situation in Morocco: Problems and Perspectives
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-86-S1-87)

Driss Moussaoui, MD


Public Health in the Arab World - Status of Nursing in the Arab World
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-88-S1-89)

Raghda Shukri, BSc, MPH, DrPH


Public Health in the Arab World - Advancing the Health of Arab Americans: Key Points to Obtaining Resources and Establishing Programs Focused on Special Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-90-S1-92)

Michele Forzley, JD, MPH


Public Health in the Arab World - Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-93)



Mental Health - Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-94)

Editor: Carlos J. Gonsalves, PhD


Mental Health - Refugee Hurdles, Caretaker Challenges, and Mutual Openings-Keynote Speaker
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-96)

Carlos J. Gonsalves, PhD


Mental Health - The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Approach in Treating Torture Survivors
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-97-S1-98)

M. Farrag, PhD, LP; Hussam Abdel-khaleq, MA, LPC; Alya Kazak, BS


Mental Health - ``Each One Is a Doctor for Herself'': Ramadan Fasting Among Pregnant Muslim Women in the United States
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-99-S1-103)

Trinka Robinson, MS, CNM; Jeanne Raisler, DrPH, CNM


Mental Health - The Effects of Stigma Consciousness on Mental Health
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-104)

Ibrahim A. Kira, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD; Adeeb Simaan, MD, PhD


Mental Health - The Aftermath of the Persian Gulf War: Mental Health Issues Among Iraqi-American Veterans
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-105)

Hikmet Jamil, MD, PhD; Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, PhD; Richard Lambert, PhD


Mental Health - Depression and Medical Health Complaints in a Group of Arab-American Women
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-106-S1-107)

Sharifa Aboumediene, MD; Mohamed Farrag, PhD, LP; Mona Dakroub, AS


Mental Health - Reactions of Arab-American Groups to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S108)

M. F. Farrag, PhD; Adnan Hammad, PhD


Mental Health - Social Relations and Mental Health Among Arab-American Elders
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-109)

Kristine J. Ajrouch, PhD


Mental Health - High-Effort Active Coping and Health Outcomes Among Older Arab Immigrants
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-110)

Sawsan Abdulrahim, MPH; Kristine Ajrouch, PhD


Mental Health - Examination of the Impact of Acculturation, Stress, and Religiosity on Mental Health Variables for Second-Generation Arab Americans
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-111-S1-112)

Mona M. Amer, MA; Joseph D. Hovey, PhD


Mental Health - Summary
(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-113)



(Ethn Dis. 2005;15[Suppl 1]:S1-114)

Wael A. Sakr, MD; Adnan Hammad, PhD






Volume 14, Supplement 1 - Community-Based Interventions to Eliminate Disparities in Health: Lessons Learned from the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH 2010) Program




Translating Research Findings to People: Protecting the Health of All Communities
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-1-S1-4)

Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS; James S. Marks, MD, MPH; Julie Louise Gerberding, MD


Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH 2010): An Overview
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-5-S1-8)

Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS; Pattie Tucker, DrPH; Levator Brown, BA; Cyntia Crocker, BA; Nkenge Jack, MPH; Annie Latimer, MSA; Youlian Liao, MD; Thijuanie Lockhart; Sara McNary, MPH; Michael Sells, MS; Virginia Bales Harris, MPH


Health Status among REACH 2010 Communities, 2001-2002
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-9-S1-13)

Youlian Liao, MD; Pattie Tucker, DrPH, RN; Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS


Exploring Access to Cancer Control Services for Asian-American and Pacific Islander Communities in Southern California
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S14-1-S1-19)

Sora Park Tanjasiri, MPH, DrPH; Jacqueline H. Tran; Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, RN, MN, PhD; Mary Anne Foo, MPH; Heng L. Foong; Susan W. Lee; Tu-Uyen Ngoc Nguyen, MPH, PhD; Jordan Rickles, MPP; Jennifer S. Wang

Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Breast Cancer, Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer, Culturally Competent, Geographic Access, GIS Mapping, Language Access, Limited English Proficient

The Boston Haitian HIV Prevention Coalition Formative Evaluation: A Participatory Approach to Community Self-Assessment
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-20-S1-26)

Anna Madison, PhD; Richard Hung, PhD; Eustache Jean-Louis, MPH, MD

Action Research, Haitian Community Health, Health Disparities, HIV Prevention Intervention, Immigrant Health, Participatory Evaluation

Reducing Disparities among African-American and Latino Residents of Detroit: The Essential Role of Community Planning Focus Groups
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-27-S1-37)

Edith C. Kieffer, PhD; Sharla K. Willis, DrPH; Angela M. Odoms-Young, PhD; J. Ricardo Guzman, MSW, MPH; Alex J. Allen, MSA; Jackie Two Feathers, MPH; Jimena Loveluck, MSW

African American, Community Health Planning, Diabetes, Dietary Practices, Disparities, Focus Groups, Health Care, Latino, Physical Activity

Exploring Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes, Diabetes Care, and Lifestyle Behaviors: The Nashville REACH 2010 Community Baseline Survey
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-38-S1-45)

Stephania T. Miller, PhD; David G. Schlundt, PhD; Celia Larson, PhD; Ronald Reid; James W. Pichert, PhD; Margaret Hargreaves, PhD; Anne Brown, ANPc; Linda McClellan, MPH; Michelle Marrs, EdM

Access to Healthcare, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Disparities, Health Disparities, Lifestyle Behaviors, Nashville REACH 2010

Overcoming Historical and Institutional Distrust: Key Elements in Developing and Sustaining the Community Mobilization Against HIV in the Boston Haitian Community
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-46-S1-53)

Nesly Metayer, Doctorate, EDM candidate; Eustache Jean-Louis, MD, MPH; Anna Madison, PhD


The Development of a Community Action Plan to Reduce Breast and Cervical Cancer Disparities Between African-American and White Women
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-54-S1-62)

Mona N. Fouad, MD, MPH; M. Christine Nagy, PhD; Rhoda E. Johnson, PhD; Theresa A. Wynn, Phd; Edward E. Partridge, MD; Mark Dignan, PhD

African-American Women, Breast and Cervical Cancer, Community-Based Models, Early Detection, Health Disparities

Intermediate Outcomes of a Tribal Community Public Health Infrastructure Assessment
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-63-S1-71)

Kevin C. English, RPh, MPH; Nina Wallerstein, DrPH; Michelle Chino, PhD; Carolyn E. Finster, MSHA; Alvin Rafelito, BS; Sarah Adelky; Marianna Kennedy, MSW, MPA, MPH

American Indians/Alaskan Natives, Capacity Building, Community Assessment

Using Focus Groups to Understand Health-Related Practices and Perceptions of African Americans: Nashville REACH 2010 Preliminary Findings
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-72-S1-78)

Stephania T. Miller, PhD; Christina Mushi, MPH, Nasar U. Ahmed, PhD; Celia Larson, PhD; Linda McClellan, MPH; Michelle Marrs, EdM

Access to Health Care, African Americans, Cardiovascular Disease Disparities, Diabetes Disparities, Focus Groups, Health Practices, Lifestyle Behaviors, Nashville REACH 2010

A Qualitative Assessment of Charlotte REACH: An Ecological Perspective for Decreasing CVD and Diabetes Among African Americans
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-79-S1-84)

Rita DeBate, PhD; Marcus Plescia, MD; Dennis Joyner, MPH; LaPronda Spann, BS

Ecology Model, Focus Groups, Health Disparities, REACH 2010

A Community-Based Approach to Diabetes Control in Multiple Cultural Groups
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-85-S1-94)

Cheza Collier Garvin, PhD; Allen Cheadle, PhD; Noel Chrisman, PhD; Roxana Chen, MPH; Emily Brunson, BA

Diabetes Management, Multicultural Interventions, Quantitative and Qualitative Community-based Research

Wellness within REACH: Mind, Body, and Soul: A No-Cost Physical Activity program for African Americans in Portland, Oregon to Combat Cardiovascular Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-95-S1-103)

Corliss McKeever, MSW; Collaine Faddis, MPH; Nancy Koroloff, PhD; Jessica Henn, MPH

African Americans, Capacity Building, Cardiovascular Disease, Change among Change Agents, Community Collaboration, Disparity, Physical Activity, Racism's Impact on Health

A Birth Records Analysis of the Maternal Infant Health Advocate Service Program: A Paraprofessional Intervention Aimed at Addressing Infant Mortality in African Americans
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S104-1-S1-109)

Haslyn E.R. Hunte, MPH, MPIA; Tonya M. Turner, BBA; Harld A. Pollack, PhD; E. Yvonne Lewis, BA

Birth Outcome, Community Based Program, Infant Health, Infant Health Risk Factors, Maternal Health

Eliminating Disparities in HIV DIsease: Community Mobilization to Prevent HIV Transmission among Black and HIspanic Young Adults in Broward County, Florida
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-110-S1-118)

William W. Darrow, PhD; Julie E. Montanea, MPH; Paula B. Fernandez, PhD; Ula F. Zucker, BA; Dionne P. Stephens, PhD; Hugh Gladwin, PhD

African Continental Ancestry Group, Community Health Planning, Cultural Diversity, Ethnic Groups, Health Disparities, Hispanic Americans, HIV Prevention, Minority Groups, Social Behavior

Practice-Based Interventions to Improve Health Care for Latinos with Diabetes
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-119-S1-123)

G. Dean Clegborn, EdD; Meeta Nguyen, MD, MPH; Blair Roberts, MD, MPH; Gilda Duran, MS; Trinidad Tellez, MD; Migna Alecon

Community-Based Interventions, Diabetes, Disparities, Latinos

Increasing Vietnamese-American Physicians' Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and Pap Testing: Impact of Continuing Medical Education Programs
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-124-S1-128)

Ky Q. Lai, MD, MPH; Tung T. Nguyen, MD; Jeremiah Mock, MSc, PhD; Stephen J. McPhee, MD; Hiep Trong Doan, MD; Tanh H. Pham, MD

Cervical Cancer, Continuing Medical Education, Pap Tests, Screening, Vietnamese, REACH 2010

People with Diabetes: Knowledge, Perceptions, and Applications of Recommendations for Diabetes Management
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-129-S1-134)

Marilyn Givens King, DNSc, RN; Carolyn Jenkins, DrPH, APRN-BC-ADM, RD, FAAN; Charles Hossler, MSN, RN, PhD Student; Barbara Carlson, MLIS; Gayenell Magwood, MSN, RN, CCTC, PhD Student; Katherine Hendrix, PhD

REACH 2010, Diabetes, Survey

Community Empowerment to Reduce Childhood Immunization Disparities in New York City
(Ethn Dis. 2004; S1-135-S1-142)

Sally Findley, PhD; Matilde Irigoyen, MD; Martha Sanchez, BA; Letty Guzman, BA; Miriam Mejia, BA; Michelle Sajous, BA; Deborah Levine, ACSW; Frank Chimkin, MBA, MSW; Shaofu Chen, MD, PhD

Immunization, Community Based Programs





Volume 13, Supplement 3 - The Second Annual Primary Care Conference




Programming To Eliminate Health Disparities Among Ethnic Minority Populations: An Introduction to Proceedings
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-1-S3-5)

Michael Heisler, MD, MPH; Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, MPH; George Rust, MD, MPH; Anne M. Dubois, BA

Primary Care, Prevention, Public Health, Health Disparities, Adult Health, Maternal-Child-Youth Health, Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Mental Health, Behavioral and Social Health, Women's Health, Stroke, Asthma

Are Health Disparties on the Public Health Agenda? Where?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-6-S3-8)

George A. Mensah, MD; Charlene M. J. Hanson, EdD, MSN; Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH; Julius Richmond, MD; Elena V. Rios, MD, MSPH; David Satcher, MD, PhD


Beyond Rhetoric: What We Need to Know to Eliminate Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-9-S3-11)

Kaytura Felix Aaron, MD; Francis D. Chesley, Jr., MD

Racial/Ethnic Disparities; National Healthcare Disparities Report; Quality of Care

Public Health and Primary Care: Challenges and Opportunities for Partnerships
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-12-S3-13)

Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH


HRSA's Role in Improving Community Health: Creative Solutions that Work
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-14-S3-16)

Elizabeth M. Duke, PhD


The Georgia Cancer Coalition
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-17-S3-18)

Nancy M. Paris


The Atlanta Community Food Bank: Strategic Lessons for Eliminating Health Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-19-S3-21)

Bill Bolling


Southeastern Partnership to Eliminate Health Disparities
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-22-S3-23)

Ann Rosewater, MA


Taking Charge: Making Partnerships Work for Better Health Outcomes
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-24-S3-27)

James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD


Diabetes, Obesity, and the Politics of Health: What Are the Real Causes of this Epidemic? What Is Its Impact? What Will It Take to Turn the Tide?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-28-S3-29)

Frank Vinicor, MD, MPH


Obesity: Clinical Impact and Interventions that Work: An Update
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-30-S3-31)

Bonita Falkner, MD


Diabetes: Update on Management and Treatment
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-32-S3-33)

Lawrence S. Phillips, MD


Early Diagnosis and Treatment in Lung Cancer: Can the Primary Care Provider Make a Difference?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-34-S3-37)

Eric L. Flenaugh, MD


Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-38-S3-41)

Judith Volcy, DO


Colon Cancer: Update on Treatment. Are Outcome Disparities Real?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-42-S3-45)

Kenny Frontin, MD


Heart Disease in Women
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-46-S3-47)

Joel A. Halverson, MA


Hormone Replacement Therapy: Where Do We Go from Here?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-48-S3-49)

Mary E. Jackson, MD


Gynecology in the Generalist's Office
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-50-S3-51)

Laverne G. Mensah, MD


Update: The Paul Coverdell Georgia Stroke Registry Pilot Prototype
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-52-S3-53)

Michael R. Frankel, MD


Dementia: New Theories, New Treatments
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-54-S3-55)

LaRoy P. Penix, MD


Depression: The Common Denominator-How Can We Help?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-56-S3-57)

Thomas H. Bornemann, EdD, MSW


Responding to Bioterrorism
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-58-S3-62)

Scott F. Wetterhall, MD, MPH

Bioterrorism, Infectious Disesase

Strategies for Community Participation in Diabetes Prevention: A Detroit Experience
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-63-S3-66)

Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS

African American, Screening, Chronic Diseases, Partnerships

Best Science'' for the Reduction of Disparities in Cancer
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-67-S3-72)

Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, MPH

Cancer, Cancer Prevention

Strategies for Community Participation in Cancer Prevention
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-73-S3-75)

Groesbeck Parham, MD; Claudia Hardy, MPH; Freddie White-Johnson, MPPA

Cancer, Cancer Prevention

Prostate Cancer: To Screen or Not to Screen?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-76-S3-81)

Nabih R. Asal, PhD

Prostate Cancer, Screening

A Clinician's Guide to the Medical Consequences of Smoking and Evidence-Based Strategies for Tobacco Cessation
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-82-S3-88)

Elizabeth S. Safran, MD, MPH; Victor M. Nwiloh, MD; Lee S. Caplan, MD, PhD; Eric L. Flenaugh, MD; Samuel M. Aguayo, MD

Tobacco Control, Tobacco Cessation, Cancer

Mental Health Issues in Disasters and Terrorist Attacks
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-89-S3-93)

William E. Schlenger, PhD; Nancy E. Jernigan, MD

Disasters, Terrorism, Mental Health, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Reorganizing Health Systems to Promote Best Practice Medical Care, Patient Self-Management, and Family-Centered Care for Childhood Asthma
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-94-S3-98)

Daniel Hyman, MD

Asthma, Patient Self-Management, Health Systems

Middle School Internships for At-Risk Youth: A Proven Intervention
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-99-S3-101) - file damaged - not available

Stephen A. Rollin, EdD; Isabelle Potts, JD; Cheryl Kaiser-Ulrey; Alia Haque Creason


Teen Sex, Teen Pregnancy, and Teen Sexual Risky Behaviors
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-102-S3-103)

Michele Ozumba


Family/Domestic Violence: How to Intervene? How to Prevent?
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-104-S3-105)

Tenagne Haile-Mariam, MD


The Role of Primary Care Professionals in Nurturing Healthy Families and Healthy Communities
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-106-S3-107)

Regina A. Benjamin, MD, MBA


Bacterial Vaginosis and Other Maternal Infections: Treatable Causes of the Black-White Gap
(Ethn Dis. 2003; 13[Suppl3]:S3-108-S3-111)

Yvonne W. Fry, MD

Bacterial Vaginosis, Low Birth Weight, Preterm Delivery


Volume 13, Supplement 2 - World Congress on Cardiovascular Health: Preventing the Global Pandemic in Developing Countries




A World Congress on Cardiovascular Health in Sub-Saharan Africa: Much Ado aboutSomething!
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-1 - S2-3)

George A. Mensah, MD

Cardiovascular Health, Sub-Sarharan Africa

A Heart-Healthy and "Stroke-Free'' World Through Policy Development, Systems Change, and Environmental Supports: A 2020 Vision for Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-4 - S2-12)

George A. Mensah, MD

Heart Disease, Stroke, Risk Factors, Non-communicable Diseases, Developing Countries, Sub-Saharan Africa, Policy Development, Systems Change, Environmental Support

Capacity Building for an Integrated Noncommunicable Disease Risk Factor Surveillance System in Developing Countries
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-13 - S2-18)

Timothy Armstrong, PhD; Ruth Bonita, PhD, MDhc

Noncommunicable Disease (NCD), Surveillance, Risk Factors, Surveys, Developing Countries

Public Health Surveillance for Disease Prevention: Lessons from The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-19 - S2-23)

Ali H. Mokdad, PhD; Virginia S. Bales, MPH; Kurt J. Greenlund, PhD; George A. Mensah, MD

Public Health, Surveillance, Behavior Risk Factors

The Public Health Workforce in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-24 - S2-30)

Robert Beaglehole, DSc; David Sanders, MRCP; Mario Dal Poz, PhD

Sub-Saharan Africa, Health Crisis, Public Health Workforce, Public Health Training

A Two-Week Workshop to Promote Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs in Countries with Limited Resources
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-31 - S2-34)

Pascal Bovet, MD, MPH; Jean-Pierre Gervasoni, MD, MSc; Fred Paccaud, MD, MSc

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

The Role of Professional Education in Building Capacity for Health Promotion in the Global South: A Case Study from Norway
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-35 - S2-39)

Maurice B. Mittelmark, MA, PhD

Education, Health Promotion, Capacity Building

Research Capacity Development for CVD Prevention: The Role of Partnerships
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-40 - S2-44)

Thomas C. Nchinda, MD, DTPH

CVD Prevention

Transdisciplinary Approaches to Building the Capacity of the Public Health Workforce
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-45 - S2-47)

Alyson Taub, EdD, CHES

Transdisciplinary, Public Health Workforce, CVD, Sub-Saharan Africa

High Blood Pressure: The Foundation for Epidemic Cardiovascular Disease in African Populations
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-48 - S2-52)

Richard S. Cooper, MD; Albert G. B. Amoah, MD, PhD; George A. Mensah, MD

Hypertension, Sub-Saharan Africa, Stroke

Genetic Epidemiology of Hypertension: An Update on the African Diaspora
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-53 - S2-66)

Harold I. Daniel, MD, PhD; Charles N. Rotimi, PhD

Primary Hypertension, Africa, Descent, Genetics

Challenges for the Management of Hypertension in Low-Resource Settings
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-67 - S2-70)

Shanthi Mendis, MD, FRCP

Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Improving Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management in Africa: Issues to Consider for the 21st Century
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-71 - S2-76)

Ernest C. Madu, MD; Kelly D. Richardson, MSW; Obinna H. Ozigbo, MD; Dainia S. Baugh, MD

Africa, Cardiovascular Care,Trends, Prevention, 21st Century, Innovations, Epidemiologic Transition, Disease Burden,Noncommunicable Diseases, CVD

Population Aging and Implications for Epidemic Cardiovascular Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-77 - S2-80)

Suzanne M. Smith, MD; George A. Mensah, MD

Cardiovascular Disease, Sub-Saharan Africa, Aging

Tobacco Use and the Cardiovascular Disease Epidemic in Developing Countries: Global Crises and Opportunity in the Making
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-81 - S2-87)

Samira Asma, DDS, MPH; George A. Mensah, MD; Charles W. Warren; Rosemarie Henson

Tobacco Use, Smoking, Global Tobacco Control, Cardiovascular Disease

The Tobacco Industry and Secondhand Smoke: Lessons from Central and South America
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-88 - S2-90)

Joaquin Barnoya, MD, MPH; Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Tobacco, Secondhand Smoke, Central and South America

Optimal Nutrition for the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease: A Worldwide Challenge
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-91 - S2-96)

Richard C. Pasternak, MD

Diet, Nutrition, Prevention, Coronary Heart Disease

Obesity in Adult Residents of Accra, Ghana
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-97 - S2-101)

Albert G. B. Amoah MD, FRCPE, PhD

Obesity, Overweight, Prevalence, Survey, Population, Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa, Urban, Rural, Social Class

Global Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes: Implications for Developing Countries
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-102 - S2-106)

Kwame Osei, MD

Type 2 Diabetes, Beta Cell Function, Insulin Sensitivity, Blacks

Lipid and Lipoprotein Testing in Resource-Limited Laboratories
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-107 - S2-109)

Gary L. Myers, PhD


Prevalence and Determinants of Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataracts in West African Type 2 Diabetes Patients
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-110 - S2-117)

Charles Rotimi, PhD; Harold Daniel, MD, PhD; Jie Zhou; Augustine Obisesan, BS; Guanjie Chen, MD, MPH; Yuanxiu Chen, MD, PhD; Albert Amoah, MD; Victoria Opoku, MD; Joseph Acheampong, MD; Kofi Agyenim-Boateng, MD; Benjamin Ackon Eghan Jr, MD; Johnnie Oli, MD; Godfrey Okafor, MD; Ester Ofoegbu, MD; Babatunde Osotimehin, MD; Fayeofori Abbiyesuku, MD; Thomas Johnson, MD; Olufemi Fasanmade, MD; Ayo Doumatey, MS; Temilolu Aje, BS; Francis Collins, PhD, MD; Georgia Dunston, PhD

Type 2 Diabetes, Retinopathy, Cataracts, West Africa

Lessons From Chronic Renal Diseases in African Americans: Treatment Implications
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-118 - S2-124)

Lawrence Agodoa, MD

African American, Renal Disease

Secondary Glomerulonephritides
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-125 - S2-130)

Sarala Naicker, PhD, FRCP

Secondary Glomerulonephritis, Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Sickle Cell Disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)

Increasing Trends in Pre-Transport Stroke Deaths-United States, 1990-1998
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-131 - S2-137)

Carma Ayala, PhD; Janet B. Croft, PhD; Nora L. Keenan, PhD; Linda J. Neff, PhD; Kurt J. Greenlund, PhD; Ralph S. Donehoo, MPH; Zhi Jie Zheng, MD; George A. Mensah, MD

Trends, Stroke Deaths, Pretransport, Disparities

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Low Resource Settings: Lessons from the Heartfile Experience in Pakistan
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-138 - S2-148)

Sania Nishtar, MRCP, PhD


Non-Communicable Diseases, Political Economy, and Culture in Africa: Anthropological Applications in an Emerging Pandemic
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-149 - S2-157)

Philip W. Setel, PhD

Non-Communicable Diseases, Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Anthropology, Africa South of the Sahara

Education and Income: Double-Edged Swords in the Epidemiologic Transition of Cardiovascular Disease
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-158 - S2-163)

Thomas A. Pearson, MD, MPH, PhD

Cardiovascular Disease, Education, Income, Sub-Saharan Africa

The Role of the World Heart Federation in Cardiovascular Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Developing Countries with a Special Emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa
(Ethn Dis. 2003; S2-164 - S2-166)

Elinor E. Wilson, RN, PhD on behalf of the World Heart Federation

Cardiovascular, Sub-Saharan Africa, Partnerships


Volume 13, Supplement 1 - Phase 1 of the Girls Health Enrichment Multi-Site Studies (GEMS)




Phase 1 of the Girls health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS)
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-i-S1-ii)

Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, Eva Obarzanek, PhD; Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH; Bettina Beech, DrPH

Pre-adolescent, African American, Obesity Prevention, Body Weight, Ethnic Groups

Girls health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS): New Approaches to Obesity Prevention Among Young African-American Girls
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-1-S1-5)

Eva Obarzanek, PhD; Charlotte A. Pratt, PhD

Obesity, Prevention, African-American

Common Design Elements of the Girls health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS)
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-6-S1-14)

James Rochon, PhD; Robert C. Klesges, PhD; Mary Story, PhD; Thomas N. Robinson, MD; Tom Baranowski, PhD; Eva Obarzanek, PhD; Megan Mitchell, MPH

Obesity Prevention, African-American Girls, Eligibility, Outcome Evaluations, Data Management, Statistical Analysis Plan

Collaborative Planning for Formative Assessment and Cultural Appropriateness in the Girls health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS): A Retrospection
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-15-S1-29)

Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD; Mary Story, PhD; Bettina M. Beech, DrPH; Nancy E. Sherwood, PhD; Janice C. Baranowski, MPH; Tiffany M. Powell, MPH; Karen W. Cullen, DrPH; Ayisha S. Owens, BA

Cross-cultural, African American, Obesity, Prevention, Program Planning, Nutrition, Physical Activity

The Fun, Food, and Fitness Project (FFFP): The Baylor GEMS Pilot Study
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-30-S1-39)

Tom Baranowski, PhD; Janice C. Baranowski, MPH; Karen W. Cullen, DrPH; Deborah I. Thompson, PhD; Theresa Nicklas, DrPH; Issa F. Zakeri, PhD; James Rochon, PhD

Obesity, Prevention, Female, African-American, Children, Parent, Diet, Physical Activity, BMI, Internet

Child- and Parent-Targeted Interventions: The Memphis GEMS Pilot Study
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-40-S1-53)

Bettina M. Beech, DrPH; Robert C. Klesges, PhD; Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD; David M. Murray, PhD; Lisa Klesges, PhD; Barbara McClanahan, PhD, EdD; Deborah Slawson, PhD; Cynthia Nunnally, MPH; James Rochon, PhD; Bonnie McLain-Allen, MS; Jasmine Pree-Cary, BA

Weight Gain, Prevention, Obesity, African-American Girls, African-American Families, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavioral Intervention

An After-School Obesity Prevention Program for African-American Girls: The Minnesota GEMS Pilot Study
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-54-S1-64)

Mary Story, PhD; Nancy E. Sherwood, PhD; John H. Himes, PhD; Marsha Davis, PhD; David R. Jacobs Jr., PhD; Yolanda Cartwright, MS; Mary Smyth, MS; James Rochon, PhD

Obesity, African-American, Primary Prevention, Adolescents, Female, Food Intake, Exercise

Dance and Reducing Television Viewing to Prevent Weight Gain in African-American Girls: The Stanford GEMS Pilot Study
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-65-S1-77)

Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH; Joel D. Killen, PhD; Helena C. Kraemer, PhD; Darrell M. Wilson, MD; Donna M. Matheson, PhD; William L. Haskell, PhD; Leslie A. Pruitt, PhD; Tiffany M. Powell, MPH; Ayisha S. Owens, BA; Nikko S. Thompson, MPhil; Natasha M. Flint-Moore; GeAndra J. Davis; Kara A. Emig; Rebecca T. Brown; James Rochon, PhD; Sarah Green; Ann Varady, MS

Obesity, Primary Prevention, Blacks, Female, Child, Family, Television, Dance Therapy, Exercise, Diet

Recruitment of African-American Pre-adolescent Girls into an Obesity Prevention Trial: The GEMS Pilot Studies
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-78-S1-87)

Mary Story, PhD; Nancy E. Sherwood, PhD, Eva Obarzanek, PhD; Bettina M. Beech, DrPH; Janice C. Baranowski, MPH; Nikko S. Thompson, MPhil; Ayisha S. Owens, BA; Megan Mitchell, MPH; James Rochon, PhD

African-American, Pre-adolescent Girls, Obesity, Recruitment, Enrollment

Phase 1 of the Girls health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS): Conclusion
(Ethn Dis.2003;13[Suppl1[:S1-88-S1-91)

Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD, MPH; Eva Obarzanek, PhD; Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH; Bettina M. Beech, DrPH, MPH

African American, Girls, Obesity, Prevention, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Interventions